Prepositions Can (And Should) Act as a Sentence Caboose

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“You shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition at.” Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock

Hundreds of years ago, some grammar snob came up with the idea that we should never ever end sentences with prepositions, ever. For whatever reason, he determined these words were the worst possible way to enter into punctuation. And ever since, school-age children have been memorizing lists of prepositions and losing sleep about whether or not they ended papers with the dreaded words. (After spending countless class periods scratching out prepositional phrases with push-to-sharpen pencils.)i love prepositions -- book cover for grammar activities

Yet – much like two spaces after the period – this grammar tactic just might be a myth. While English lovers still disagree on the subject, there’s plenty of evidence saying it’s all just a load of crap...

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Social Media isn’t so Black and White: The Fading Concept of Privacy

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Post by Layla Davis

black and white social media iconsBecause of its ability to put you in contact with millions of interesting (and not so interesting) people from around the world, social media is fun and enlightening.

Our uses of social media aren’t so black and white …

The Light Side

We have all made blunders when using the web. Sometimes we share too much information. It can be embarrassing, but for the most part, we write it off as just being silly.

Tongue-in-cheek websites such as provide readers with entertaining pieces about individuals sharing their phone numbers and information. The individuals are then trolled via text messaging...

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Facebook and the its Page-View Blockade

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talk to the hand imageAs Facebook grows its paid marketing platform, companies are rapidly seeing their views shrink. At least those they didn’t pay for. With a slick (slick like a pick-pocket) upgrade of algorithms, and a decrease in sharing pages that don’t pay, Facebook users have gotten a significant adjustment in their newsfeeds. Sponsored posts are making the cut, while unsponsored ones show up few and far between. A like or comment might gain them some extra ground, but even then the share level is drastically lower than it once was.

Why? Because Facebook wants to make money. By essentially post-blocking those who don’t cough up a budget, they’ll able to hinder results of companies and businesses with free pages...

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Google to Update Rankings – it’s Just as Obscure as Always

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panda eating bambooRecently, Google announced it was – yet again – making adjustments to the way it ranks pages. Specifically, by making its latest update, Panda, less severe for certain websites. The announcement came from Google’s Matt Curtis, and was given at the last installment of SMX West (or Search Marketing Expo), and is slated to help small businesses.

While this may sound like great news to small business owners everywhere (yours truly included), it also comes with the same layers of mystery Google always dishes up. Because they don’t want their methods to be beaten or hacked on even the smallest of levels, the public gains little information about the changes...

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How to Avoid 3 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

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homer the simpson's tv showPost by Robbert Taylor

In the land of social media there are so many ways to go wrong, and for marketers this can often be the end of the road. Many companies have failed to realize the impact of social media and how a simple tweet or Facebook post can go viral within minutes, damaging a brands reputation almost irreparably. From a marketing perspective, here are some of the most common marketing mistakes that need to be avoided.

It’s Not All About You

Online casino brands know that their players are their most important asset and when creating social media pages it’s imperative a brand interact with its clients, offers feedback and encourages their opinions. This is relevant in all industries and if your brands marketing is entirely one sided it becomes stale, fast...

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