Social Media Early Announcers: They Must Be Stopped

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There are times in life when you go through big or exciting events. Like getting engaged or announcing the birth of your new child. Or when your daughter gets engaged or announces the birth your new grandchild. There are milestone anniversaries, job promotions, retirements – a never-ending list of big days to celebrate. And sometimes – depending on personal preference – that means letting everyone know on social media. Where you tell the world what you’ve been up to, like the layman’s version of a press release.

Only there are almost always those who beat you to it.

Someone’s great aunt or that girl from high school who you don’t talk to anymore, who comments on your wall. (Or tweets or photo tags you on Instagram.) BEFORE YOU’VE HAD THE CHANCE TO TELL EVERYONE YOURSELF...

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Are Facebook Events Binding?

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facebook invite everybodyWe’ve long-since passed into a time where “Facebook invites” are a thing. And often more received than formal, in-the-mail invitations. They’re easier, faster, and allow access to all of your friends without looking up their address. Even better when you have acquaintances who frequently move.

But with generational gaps and a growing social norm where it’s ok to cancel on anything – at any time, this calls the whole Facebook invite to question. What’s formal? What’s required? And how are we to act when our only interaction toward an event is done online?

The Death of the Formal Invite

We get it, sending out paper invites is a pain. And kind of expensive. It makes perfect sense why folks only save it for big events anymore. No complains there...

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Are We Too Reliant on Electronic Maps?

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Maps_google_mapI recently went on a road trip, where I drove for 19 hours, then 9, and then 13. Before I was back home. It was all done without the help of a paper map. My iPhone led through half of the trip, while vehicle GPS led the other. It was convenient, mostly accurate, and only sometimes infuriating. (Like when maps tells you to do the exact same thing 14 times in a row or when they make you go through construction even when you tell them to avoid it.)

But the whole thing got me thinking: are we too reliant on electronic maps? Do we need them to travel? Or could we do it the old fashioned way, if needed? What if our data were to stop working? Or the roads suddenly closed and Google had yet to update? Could I even read a paper map? Sure I like looking for fun or to see which states have the weirde...

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The Snapchat Emojis’ TRUE Meaning

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Snapchat-Ghost-EmojiSnapchat emojis be crazy y’all. I’m talkin about the baby boy faces that pop up next to the people you been picto-textin. Where did these lil buggers come from and what do they mean? They’re like alien symbols from a cave wall somewhere in super-Saharan Africa (that means above). Like they were left on your phone by some lil green men who knew the first Pharaoh in-person. They’re tryin to teach us or warn us or sumthin. We should be listenin! Smiley face with sunglasses, blushy dude, sly guy– these cryptic lil drummer boys keep me awake at night wonderin what I done to deserve seein ‘em. Maybe they’re a passed relative tryin to reach out to me; maybe I’m asleep in a pod riding on a crazy robot right now. I can’t much say what they mean to communicate...

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Social Media’s Influence on News Coverage

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Caitlyn Jenner-Media-ConversationNo doubt, if you have watched television or paid attention to absolutely anything on social media in the last three days, you’ve experienced someone’s take on the transition of Caitlyn Jenner. Don’t worry, this post does not aim to persuade, but only to comment on the conversation.

Social media radically changes the dialogue about every major (and impossibly insignificant) news story. Content emerges as rapidly as the acute reactions which regard it. A few weeks ago, I wrote about how citizen journalism created swell in Baltimore that traditional media sources failed to capture. By contrast, Caitlyn Jenner’s ascension to the Internet Hall of Fame has included a lot less news gathering and a lot more eye-rolling.

Jabbing responses to a person’s choice have taken over the conversatio...

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