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A lot of Search Engine Marketing “Experts” will say that a blog is perfect for getting those much-needed keywords onto your website that will help you rank higher and better in search engine organic results. The problem with that is, search engines aren’t actually “reading” your content. They are simply scanning it. And eventually, when you have an actual real person that visits your website, they will read your “content” and realize what a hack you are. They will not pass your content on nor will they visit your website again. This means that all the effort and time you spent writing blog entires stuffed with keywords and anchor text that had nothing important to say may have gotten visitors to your website, but it didn’t keep them there. It didn’t help push people to spread what you have to say via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

When it comes down to it, writing thoughtful, well-written blog entries are the best way to attract steady, relevant users to your website. Sure, they may not have all the “desired” search terms or keywords that you’re hoping to rank for, but it WILL show visitors and potential customers your expertise and make them interested in what you have to say.

In many ways, it’s harder to write for the search engines than it is for real people. Trying to fit in the word “costume” when only “costumes” seems to make sense can be a real challenge and lead to awkward sentences that will repel readers. Writing out your natural thoughts about a subject and teaching others what you have to say seems to roll off the tongue (or off the fingers, in computer-speak) much easier than any well-structured search engine blog post ever could.

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Bethaney Wallace

Bethaney Wallace

Bethaney Wallace is a tea drinking, Amazon loving writer and editor. When she's not working on TSR or her personal blog, she loves reading and looking for new DIY projects.

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  • Jenny

    To: “When it comes down to it, writing thoughtful, well-written blog entries are the best way to …”
    There are several options available to correct the disagreement between the noun and verb. I wi edit ll limit my suggestions to two:
    When it comes down to it, writing thoughtful, well-written blog entries is the best way to … ( The antecedent of “it” = [the act of] “writing” which, being singular, requires the verb “is”. The cross-checking method is to drop the non-essential words leaving “writing are” vs “writing is”.)
    When it comes down to it, thoughtful, well-written blog entries are the best way to … (The antecedent of “it” = “entries” which is a plural noun in agreement with the plural verb “are”.)
    Second needed edit: change “entires” in first paragraph to “entries”.

    I did find your blog interesting, well-written, and convincing. I look forward to reading more of your blogs and hopefully, will learn enough to write my own blogs.

  • Jenny

    The on line version of my comment moved the word “edit” from “To edit” to the middle of the word “will”.
    How peculiar!
    Is this move caused by something in the program, or something I did as an inexperienced user?