Internet Marketing Webinars: Staying On Top of Current Trends

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By Kaila Strong

An alarming rate of change occurs in the world of internet marketing. That’s why, as marketers, its important to stay on top of the changing trends in our industry. One way I stay aware is by attending webinars in addition to reading industry blogs, signing up for Smart Brief newsletter e-mails for the industry, checking out handy infographics on a regular basis (like “35 Great Social Media Infographics), and following industry experts on Twitter to hear their daily words of advice.

Vertical Measures, a leader in the world of internet marketing, hosts monthly free webinars to inform a wide range of internet marketers. From beginners to advanced, listeners are able to get a feel for the changes in the industry and what one company is doing to stay on top of the trends.

Last month President Arnie Kuenn presented on a Valentine’s Day themed topic: finding link love. As an expert link builder, Arnie discussed what it takes to build links to your site, and find link love on the internet. Prior webinars included: How to Capture the Other 9 Positions on Google, SEO and Link Building Strategies for 2010, and Does Video Marketing Work.

This month’s webinar, hosted by Elise Redlin-Cook and presented by myself, Kaila Strong, was on a topic many are curious about: social media and search. Utilizing a targeted social media campaign can prove successful when integrating SEO techniques. A targeted campaign concentrates on a couple social media platforms, and focuses on marketing to and engaging with your targeted demographic. The webinar provided practical resources and applications to help you with your social media campaigns, and the follow up blog post “Targeted Social Media Campaigns That Work for SEO details many of the resources found in the slides.

Each of Vertical Measures prior internet marketing webinars are available for viewing on their site, and provide a great resource for users who are interested in staying aware of internet marketing trends. In addition, the site provides SEO tutorial videos, discussing a number of onsite SEO tips and techniques for success.

Like attending webinars? Also check out a few of the below, and feel free to add your recommendations in the comments below.

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Karen is a freelance writer and is currently residing in the Kansas City Metro. She has experience in SEO, content management, website design, and green living. When not working, she enjoys rock climbing, yoga, and occasionally throwing herself out of airplanes.

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  • Alex

    Tips which you shared on the Links is amazing, Thanks a lot for this.

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  • Luigi Fulk

    Excellent post!

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  • Kumar

    Nice article. Lots of information. Thanks for post.

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  • Brett

    Hi, great post. I have been internet marketer for over 8 years now and I can not agree with you more. There are always new things coming up in the internet marketing industry that you need to learn all the time if success is what you are looking for. Still cant believe that many people things that IM is going to make someone quick rich in just couple day or by pressing one button. That is not going to happen. So do not be lazy, learn and put the knowledge into action – that is my advice to anybody wanting to make IM their primary business model

    Webmaster of Automated Forex Trading Blog

  • alilas

    excellent content,thank you!

  • Lee Goff

    HI Brett,

    I love the philosophy behind your blog post. Share and Share alike we always say!! I went out and got some huge marketing and internet marketing names to help out the people on your post here and beyond.

    In the first few weeks, we have had Jay Conrad Levinson, Brad Fallon and Dustin Mathews as special guest, and the list keeps getting better and better.

    Take a look and let me know if we can get a post or two on your blog. I appreciate what yo have going here.

    Nothing but the best,

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    thanks for the post there is an interesting part of this page well done man 🙂

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    To stay on top is a crucial task. Anyway, thanks for the article. It helps a lot.