15 Print & Online Magazines for Online Entrepreneurs

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Inc.com – A wealth of daily resources for the entrepreneur. Inc. gives detailed, step-by-step guidelines for starting and maintaining any kind of business. Readers can receive articles that are relevant to current times and feature stories that inspire strategies and approaches for good growth. It really is a one-stop shop for those doing business. With blogs, templates and tools, newsletters and Inc.tv (a video channel that highlights stories of successful businesses), the entire Inc.com experience is practically made to order.

Forbes – The target reader for Forbes magazine is the affluent. Even struggling entrepreneurs can gain something valuable from its content, though. How else to get from where you are to where you are going unless you can speak the language of the people in the land where you are going. Sheer numbers alone tell volumes about the sphere of influence of Forbes. It circulates to 900,000 readers and the online version averages 18 million visitors per month.

Fortune – A staple read among the business community, Fortune magazine has earned its solid reputation for ranking the best known U.S. companies by gross revenue and desirable work climates. Fortune monitors real-time happenings in business in order to recommend better strategies for those in the leadership positions.

Entrepreneur – Ideal for both existing business owners and startups, Entrepreneur magazine has gained its staying power for tackling the topics that are unique to small and medium-size businesses. Its terrain is the business venture and its focus is in teaching readers not only how to launch a strong business model, but also how to grow one. Those who are interested in franchises get some special attention with the “Franchise 500” list, which ranks the top franchising opportunities.

Business.com – Experts at Business.com share their knowledge in the form of how-to guides. A business search engine and web directory, it helps entrepreneurs answer their most pressing questions from a variety of perspectives.

Success – Focused on the emerging entrepreneur, home-based business owner and small business niches, Success magazine offers some financial advice, but keeps its eyes of the building up of the holistic achievements of a person launching a new venture. With articles on subjects like leadership, health, building relationships and strategies for increasing wealth, this magazine scores for helping to make the business type well-rounded.

BizJournals – In order to keep up with what is going on in one of the 41 business communities that BizJournals covers, it is important to find your city and find local business news from around the nation. The Los Angeles market has an online-only version of the magazine. Follow the features in these journals to do some heavy duty local networking in your own back yard.

Liberate Magazine – Liberate Magazine caters to entrepreneurs in their first five years. It gives reports on new technology, ideas for going green, tips for balancing work and family and updates on the latest trends in the world of commerce. Of particular note is the inspirational column called “Entrepreneur’s Journal.”

Home Business Magazine – Home-based businesses have experienced a boom in the 21st century. Home Business Magazine caters to that growing sect of the business community. The range of article topics include: e-commerce, telecommuting, home office, sales, marketing, and management. A special section is dedicated to profiles of home-based entrepreneurs whose stories give ideas for new businesses. There is also a searchable directory of franchises and business ideas.

Fast Company – The name of the game is creativity for Fast Company magazine, which focuses on the most innovative people sparking change in the business world. They are trendsetters and rule breakers, mostly, but they inspire the entrepreneur to move with courage in the pursuit of his out-of-the-box ideas.

CEOWorld Magazine – Exactly what its name implies, CEOWorld is written just for CEOs and can be helpful for the solo entrepreneur. It features business, finance and a technology articles and offers leaders ways to help build some of the most powerful corporate entities in the world. Since it focuses on larger organisations, it may not be ideal for business owners who have no plans for large expansions in workforce or operations.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek – If ever a daily grind needs a spark of inspiration, brave business souls need look no further than Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Boasting more than 4.7 million readers in over 140 countries, the unique offering of this magazine is that it connects creative thinkers all of the world and moderates conversation among them. The focus is to move away from simply having ideas and focus on turning those ideas into something tangible and impressive.

CNN Money – What free enterprise dream can ever see reality without the proper management of money? CNN Money gives tips on business and personal finance. Readers find subjects like refinancing homes, taxes, retirement and the stock market. Advice is given in a very straightforward, no-nonsense manner making a subject that is usually accompanied by anxiety one that the most anxious reader can approach with ease.

Black Enterprise – The intended reader for Black Enterprise is the African-American entrepreneur, who faces many unique challenges in the current economy. Some of those challenges are cultural; others have been brought on by historical socio-economic barriers. Many articles, however, are written for a universal audience. Articles on money, investing, home ownership, economic policy and business news are beneficial to everyone.

Time – Not exactly the first magazine that comes to mind for business, Time magazine gives the growing entrepreneur a global view of our evolving world. The magazine addresses: politics, world and entertainment news, tech reviews, health and science. It keeps the reader informed on just about everything.

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