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Twitter Fiction

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Twitter is not just a journaling of events; Twitter is theatre.Read More

Lady Gaga and Social Media

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If there is someone out there who shows the potential of the union of social media and celebrity, it is Lady Gaga.Read More

221B – Social Media and Storytelling at their Finest

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Sherlock Holmes from Warner Brothers was part of the single largest holiday season box office ever, holding a solid second place in earnings behind James Cameron’s Avatar.Read More

Fandom and Social Networks: the Key to Evergreen Franchises

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A strong fan base provides word of mouth advertising and a staging point where viral marketing campaigns can quickly launch. These fans can also sustain a property long term, like fans of Star Wars, who remained zealously loyal to the brand for decades between films.Read More

Transmedia Storytelling

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By Caitlin Burns

Social Media and New Media go hand in hand in the entertainment industry, but for years what people have seen presented is the same material, be it a commercial, TV program, film or short simply repurposed again and again from big screen to cell phone to YouTube to Facebook. While that repurposed content may be brilliant and entertaining, it has a fairly short shelf life, easily displaced by the next viral fad.

So what is the next step? How does content, branded or not, create enough of a following to sustain a fanbase in the new media climate where people go from format to format with an ease never before seen, and click away quickly when they’ve seen the same things before? One concept that is essential to the creation of evergreen content and extending social media pres...

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