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Key Social Media Advertising Impacts Explained

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Dr. Pepper cartoonGuest post by Robert of Jaguar PC, a company that provides managed VPS hosting.

The use of social media as an advertising tool for businesses is growing every day.  So widely known and accepted is the power of social media that numerous global brands are committing more resources to this platform than ever before. A main leader in this respect, the Dr. Pepper brand, has in the last year vowed to dedicate 100% of all future marketing efforts toward social media. While they are definitely jumping onto a winning marketing plan, any risk is probably curtailed by lending inspiration from their own slogan, “What’s the worst that can happen?”

Of course, it is all well and good saying, “Oh, social media advertising is great,” but what are the impacts that it actually has for and across a b...

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Twitter Fiction

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Twitter is not just a journaling of events; Twitter is theatre.Read More

Lady Gaga and Social Media

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If there is someone out there who shows the potential of the union of social media and celebrity, it is Lady Gaga.Read More

221B – Social Media and Storytelling at their Finest

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Sherlock Holmes from Warner Brothers was part of the single largest holiday season box office ever, holding a solid second place in earnings behind James Cameron’s Avatar.Read More

Narrative Experiments in Social Media: Valemont and Circle of 8

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Fall 2009 has been a fascinating one for narrative endeavors on social media, three high-profile gaming experiments stand out as the vanguard of both social media and branded entertainment. Valemont by MTV and Verizon, Circle of 8 by MySpace and Paramount Digital are each standout examples of narrative storytelling rolling out utilizing social media to tell its story, create fan communities and market products.
MTV-Valemont-2009Valemont is a webseries whose driving platform is television, first airing as Two minute thirty second spots during commercial breaks for MTV’s The Hills and The City. Valemont artfully utilized an alternate reality game (ARG) through the website,, to create a fictional world...

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