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B-Sides 10 Most Annoying Facebook Practices

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In the land of sharing infinity, there’s bound to be a post or two that annoys the ever-living crap out of your online friends. Much like nails on the chalkboard, these social media trends cause others to cringe, ignore, and unfriend their way through a newsfeed.

10. Exercise Updates

Whether you’ve linked your fit app to social media or are posting a billion pictures of you and your friends in matching 5K outfits, please stop. We don’t need to know how many miles you’ve ran each day, or how colorful your outfit became after the next-biggest-trend doused you in neon dye. It may have been tolerable the first time around, but much like the giant wayfarer, if you’ve seen one pair of obnoxious wanabees, you’ve seen them all.

9. The Humblebrag

peewee herman humblebragEnough with the woe-is-me/I’m awesome ju...

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B-Sides: Get Your 4G Out of My Face, Verizon

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verizon 4G LTE lighteningDespite my choice of media – radio, TV, the internet – I’m almost always met with a Verizon commercial. Short and claiming superiority, each is a 30-second slot of teasing, nonsensical marketing crap. I am a Verizon customer – have been since they bought out Alltel in 2008. But in those four-plus years of service, I have yet to experience the phenomena that is “4G.” I’ve never searched the web at head-whipping speeds. I’ve never been given a formal definition of “LTE” – probably because Verizon knows it’s over my Midwestern cell phone abilities.  And yet I’m subject to your frequent nagging as to how amazing it is. With each telling ding, it’s like a chorus of na-na-nu-boo-boo.

Why Can’t I Get 4G LTE?

Your guess is as good as mine … and mine is they think us ...

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B-Sides: Are Acronyms OOC? (Out of Control)

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by Bethaney Wallace

Thanks to technology that limits the bantering once allowed through social media (see MySpace’s lengthy posts for reference), users of all ages and English levels have revolted to an ongoing list of tactics. From acronyms that create a phrase, to abbreviations that save typing space, the Internet is becoming more and more difficult to understand. Shortened words, awkward punctuation in lieu of art, and emoticons out the wazoo – they’re all overtaking my online space. A single surf can send me to Urban Dictionary or slang aggregators multiple times – and being online is my job.

Rather than trying to figure out how all the tweens can read each other’s minds (why is ITYM “I think you mean” and not “I tossed your [junk] mail” or “It’s top Yen market...

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B-Sides: If It Requires a Sign Up, I’m Out

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by Bethaney Wallace

Each day, I dread logging into my email account. An act of necessity, I often exit once or twice before truly diving in. No I didn’t lose my password or get attacked by spam – the culprit is billions of semi legitimate emails, just waiting for my attention. It might be writing contests, bank statements, the Google alerts I signed up for … or something that’s actually necessary, but it’s always there. And rather than waste hours per day reading what others have sent, I delete them. Those newsletters you probably emailed, that sign up stuff that had to be verified, they’re all long gone. Into the depths of Gmail and forever out of my hair.

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B-Sides: SceneTap or Club Creep?

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by Bethaney Wallace

How many times have you been heading to a bar and thought, “I only want to go if there’s 63 percent women, and the average male age group is 20-28?” All the time, right? This thought, the fear of undesirable gender ratios, is what keeps you at home on Saturday nights. Luckily, though, there’s a new app that can provide this very information. With a simple download, you can be on your way to attending clubs and bars with specific demographic stats – every nightgoer’s dream, right?

SceneTap, the culprit, gives smartphone users the opportunity to check out a “scene” before they even show up. Just take a look at the app to find out the male/female ratio, as well as age demographics. But here’s the kicker … users don’t check in to be identified. A camera at the club’s entrance scans faces to determine your sex and age before logging it into a computer. Unlike similar attempts at the club breakdown app, SceneTap is able to scan each and every person in the bar, whether they’re aware or not.

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