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Give Out Your Best Ideas … On a Blog

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Everyone is an expert in their own field. They’re immersed in a topic, learning everything there is to know about it … for roughly eight hours a day. Sometimes those topics even run into your personal time or after hours. The point is, however, that you know a whole lot. People come to you with questions, and if you don’t know the answer offhand, chances are you can get it very quickly.

During all of that brainstorming, you’re likely to come up with some new ideas.

So why not share them? No, not in the way that everyone can steal what you thought up, but in the way where you can get others talking and show your expertise.

And you can do so on your blog.

trust fall activity with men in suitsThe days of marketing for marketing’s sake are over. Customers are looking for value in your content...

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The Rise of User-Generated Content

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Millennials-Love-UGCI’ve been watching lots of Facebook live recordings lately. They’re completed videos from  previous live streams. Usually it’s a friend or group of friends just hanging out, responding to the comments of other friends. It sounds  ridiculous as I type it out, but so does all user-generated content (UGC) consumption. It’s just stuff we throw out there without the production value or calculation of a professional content producer. Yet we spend an ever-growing amount of time with this form of media via our social networks.

I work in a creative bubble. I spend all of my free time around writers, comics, and improvisors — people who want other people to pay attention to them. I realize that may create a bias in my social media experience, but a Crowdtap poll from 2014 suggests that m...

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The Benefits of Working from Home as a Freelance Writer

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TSR 03-04-16While I’m not a full-time freelance writer, I do get to spend a day or two per week scrawling blog posts for hire. I work from home, and that means I’m operating out of a studio apartment. It’s cozy, sure, but the perks are amazing. If you’re considering dropping your stuffy day job, I’ve got just the motivation you need. Here are some of the incredible benefits of working from home in a 545-square-foot apartment.

All you can drink

A famous economist once said, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Well, that’s not necessarily true. My apartment complex has a coffee machine in it that I don’t have to pay to use. I realize that the device is built into the cost of this complex — that’s where economic analysis comes in...

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Facebook Adds “Reactions” to Compliment the “Like”

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Facebook-Like-Button-ClickWhen someone shares difficult news with you, your empathetic, human reaction is usually to express concern and caring. Hearing about a sick family member doesn’t typically prompt an awkward silence followed by a reticent thumbs up.

If you use Facebook (Despite your inability to see the links I share to these posts, I do use Facebook), you will no doubt have noticed a recent change to the platform. After years of the singularity known as the “like button,” you now have an array of options from which to choose when responding to a post. Like, love, haha, wow, sad, and angry lend versatility to what has always been an emotionally diverse experience.

The evolution is a natural one. Facebook functions like a diary for many people — a catalogue of (sometimes important) life events...

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Content Marketing Changes to Implement in 2016

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Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.05.27 AMWith the New Year comes new goals to put into place. Simple to elaborate changes that can streamline everyday responsibilities – as well as those that simply make you feel better about how things are done. That goes for your personal life, your business, and of course, your marketing tactics. While there was plenty that was to be adjusted in 2015, and which helped business of all sizes to grow their reach, it’s once again time to look at how content helps you advertise.

Check out the latest predictions on how 2016 will change how we see online text, as well as what steps will help provide the biggest impact.

Focus on Quality

Still coming from changes where Google (and other search engines) are cracking down on spam, it’s time to focus on the quality of website writing...

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