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Amazon Gets Into the Grocery Game With Its Own Products

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Amazon-FreshIn its latest bid to take over the (consumer) world, Amazon is slated to offer private label groceries. The retail monolith already sells home essentials like toilet paper, so adding food could be seen as the next step toward biological vertical integration. Selling in-house groceries might mean a tricky adjustment in product standards and shipping. However, the value of the Amazon brand doesn’t come from the quality of its inventory, but the quality of the buying experience. Customer service is Amazon’s product, and it’s a good one.

Sure, #PrimeDay will always feature prominently in the Seattle retailer’s blooper reel, but the good experiences have far outperformed the bad for me personally. In fact, it’s not even close. The disparity looks like a Cavaliers-Raptors box score...

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Bandwidth is the Modern Currency

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Facebook Messenger Group ChatWhen I was 9 my family took a vacation to Colorado. I fell on Pike’s Peak and scraped my knee. After a few days in Vail, we spent the end of our trip exploring the state’s capital city. The Denver Mint ranked chiefly on our list of sights to see. I spent a good chunk of the visit in the bathroom dealing with stomach issues, but I remember my fascination with the idea of making money from scratch. Perhaps they had some to spare — after all, $5 was like $50 to a 3rd grader.

In the years since, I’ve learned about economics and inflation, I’ve held nearly a dozen jobs, and I understand the value of limited resources. Yes, in the dystopian post-apocalypse we’ll surely fight wars over clean water. But for now, in the civilized world, bandwidth reigns as the modern currency.

Facebook ...

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The Retail Shopping Experience is Changing

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Amazon-LogoFor Christmas this year I got my girlfriend (and myself) a DVD player. Amongst the boxes of dishes, clothing, and appliances we lugged to Dallas when moving, we failed to bring with us this integral piece of technology.

Between the two of us, we subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Go, so a DVD player may seem both dated and extraneous. However, we possess a collection of physical movies and television shows not readily found on the big streaming services.

Included in this group are all of the James Bond movies. I love 007. I have since pre-pubescence. The mystery (the plots are unwittingly confusing), the stunts, the settings: they’re understandably enticing to a 13-year-old. On a recent day off from work I decided to pop in a few Bond films for background noise.

I’ll admit, like...

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Cyber Crime Should Have You Suspicious

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Experian-Logo-BreachHacking made the news again yesterday. This time cell provider T-Mobile and credit institution Experian fell victim. High-profile data breaches are nothing new — I wrote about cyber security in February — but that doesn’t make the increasing risk associated with providing your personal information to institutions any less unsettling. It seems that at this time it is perfectly rational to be a suspicious, paranoid conspiracy theorist when it comes to life on the Internet.

Perpetrators in this most recent cybercrime obtained the data of approximately 15 million T-Mobile customers via a hack of Experian, which handles the cell company’s credit applications. Social Security Numbers, driver’s license numbers, and Passport information are among the encrypted data stolen by the hackers.

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Wifi Proliferation is a Super First World Problem

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First-World-Problems“First world problems” has been a quip, a hashtag, and a general attitude that found its legs on the Internet. Having more food than you can eat or your insurance premium going up because you got a new car, what a tough life. However, as the income gap increases both nationally and globally, the ease with which the privileged (including myself, big time) can be inconvenienced inflates dramatically.

I walked into a restaurant to kill some time and write this article. I asked if they had wifi. They said “no.” I was disgusted. #FirstWorldProblems didn’t do that situation justice. It was more like #ProblemsThatDidntExist5YearsAgoAndOnlyApplyToWhinyJerks. I don’t think that’s gonna stick though.

Free wifi has become such a standard feature of the modern world that it can genuinely...

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