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Are You a Passive Aggressive Emailer?

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Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 8.55.45 AMDo you regularly send emails with question marks at the end of non-question sentences? Do you respond without explaining yourself – or anything? Do you only address the points you wish to discuss, while avoiding the rest? If so, along with a few other key factors, you just might be a passive aggressive emailer. One of the worst forms of communicators, IMO.

Why? It’s a practice that places blame, creates controversy, and often causes more confusion than necessary. Besides, you’re typing, not texting – take three extra seconds to spell out what you’re trying to say. It will save everyone confusion in the long run, and therefore, time spent on a single email.

Passive Aggressive Signs

If you email saying, “I saw the blog on the front page?” it pretty much takes everything in me to not reac...

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Drowning in Emails: The Post-Holiday Curse

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gmailEvery Monday, I’m met with tens of emails that are complete crap. This is on top of an incredibly strict junk filter and random check ins to delete the filth. Yet, still, the start of every week is met with almost an hour of deleting, responding, and putting off for a later date. For legitimate emails, it’s a task I’ll happily take on – it’s also a necessary one. But all the spam or email lists that I never signed up for are something else. They’re a waste of time.

Then, a break like the holidays comes along, and the email delay is increased rapidly. Chains are sending out holiday tips, many emails are sent with an auto reply, and sales have never been higher. There are pre-holiday sales, post-holiday sales, celebrate-it’s-a-Monday sales, and sneeze-and-get-20%-off sales...

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Amplify Your Email Marketing Ripple Effect

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email marketingGuest Post by Claudia Somerfield

In this fast growing world of technology, every company has been trying hard to triumph over their strategy of email marketing of their products and services. Email marketing is all about sending emails to a large number of people at the same time which generally get stored in the bulk or spam folder of our email inbox. But here I am about to mention some of the most important methods through which you can drive your email marketing to new heights of response and interest, without such emails being delivered to the bulk/spam folders of the in boxes of your target audience-

· Firstly, always make sure that you send clean data to your target audience. In addition to this, you should also keep a note of deliver ability rates and message activity...

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