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I Don’t Have a Phone … and it’s Oddly Satisfying (for now)

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cracked iphone 6 screenLast week I dropped my phone. Face down. On a cement parking lot. The results of which created a very cracked phone screen. All four corners and most of the in-between as well – which, apparently, is very difficult to do. Luckily, the phone still functioned just as well as it always had. It’s just harder to see said functions actually happening.

So I thought I’d get it fixed. So I can actually see what my phone is doing while I’m doing it. But as it turns out, having your phone repaired also means it can’t be in your possession at the same time. Something about not having one’s cake and eating it, too.

Which means, since the repair-deciding incident, I’ve been phone-less. People can’t call me and I can’t call them. I haven’t played Soda Crush in days!

But as it turns ou...

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I Just Created an Instagram Account, No Really

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instagram camera logoHold the phone guys. I just made an Instagram account. For myself. And I’m not even lying. (Or at least I won’t be lying by the time this post goes live.) If you’re wondering why this is a big deal, check this out. Also, I’m a long-time advocate against the selfie; retracting now would be of serious hypocrite status. As well as an advocate against spending one’s life on social media … which is one of the reasons I’ve never ventured into this territory before.

But as more and more of my friends are opting for the photo-based site rather than Facebook, the safe and familiar place with which I’ve held an account since 2006, it’s time for me, too, to follow suit. Not getting rid of Facebook; that’s crazy talk, just revoking the previous Instagram ban.

It feels like the rig...

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Black Friday is for Black Friday, Not Thanksgiving

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black friday sales shoppers standing in line for retail dealsRemember the olden days? When Thanksgiving was for, well, giving thanks? Where relatives travel for miles around in order to see those who are most important in their lives. Spending the day with family and friends, eating, playing cards, or whatever other types of traditions you save on this tasty Thursday.

It’s a tradition that’s been going on for centuries in order to celebrate our country’s origins.

But somewhere along the line, we started shopping the next morning. (Yes, I’m already getting emails.) Extremely early, where there’s plenty of sales were to be had. And it’s become a way to boost the Christmas shopping season just as soon as the previous holiday has come to a close...

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My Cell Phone is Old, Get Over It

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“The app for my phone I want is phone.” Rodney Ruxin, The League

iphone 4s info sheet with photosMore than three years ago, I bought an iPhone. And it’s still the phone I use today. Because it’s not broken and still functions as a talking, app, and data-using device. Obviously.

It’s not like it was a conscious decision to keep ancient technology around. Especially as it began dying without reason and became incredibly unresponsive to button pushing. It all just happened so gradually that I didn’t notice. Like when you yourself get old. One day everything is super laggy and in need of a constant re-charge. Sure you wonder, “When did this even happen?” but then you just keep living life and dealing with the pressures of aging. By joining a local gerontology club. Or going to bed earlier.

At multiple points ...

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We Don’t Need to Know About Typing, Snapchat

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snapchat-push2Like all Snapchat users, I get a lot of notifications. Because of social media. And for whatever reason, half of those notifications are people typing. Not the actual message, Snapchat just wants me to know that my friends are almost (or accidentally) sending me a message. Because obviously that’s super important. In reality, however, it’s just twice and many pop-ups for half as much action. I don’t need to know someone is typing until they’ve actually sent something. Maybe they’re “typing” with the seat of their pants, or maybe they take forever to send a message – whatever the scenario here, I really don’t care unless there’s something to look at.

So what’s the deal, Snap? Why are you letting us know so many people are typing throughout the day? Is there some type of ...

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