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No, I Don’t Have Instagram: This is Why

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instagram logo photoPretty much every time I’m with my friends, the term “I’m going to put this on Instagram” comes up. Then they start typing away on their phones, give me a look of disgust, then keep typing. This look of disgust is because I don’t have an account and therefore, they can’t tag me. Like that is somehow affecting their profile. (Are there points involved? Do they get downgraded for not tagging everyone in the pic?) Or whatever it’s called on Instagram – linking? grabbing? Forcefully outing for doing unattractive things? Despite their pleas, however, I’ve remained strong. Even as a somewhat tech-y, online marketer who regularly blogs about social media.

Does this make me a hypocrite? Probably. But it’s also not making me create an account.

Why? Because it’s too much social m...

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Startup Creates Online Memorial Space … In a Non-Creepy Way

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candle pictureHow many times have you logged into Facebook to see a memorial or in-memory-of page? Smack dab in the middle of your newsfeed and surrounded by an eCard and an offensive meme. Whether the pages was recent or developed to last for the long haul, these memorials offer many a much-needed outlet to cope with a loss. But while the thinking behind it may be solid, in practice it never quite comes off as sincere. Or as if it’s in the right place. “I miss you” posts get jumbled within the rest of the Facebook community, creating an awkward read and a platform that doesn’t do the messages justice. They become just another piece of the Facebook puzzle.

Which is why a new startup,, created an outside, more appropriate place to put them...

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Who Needs Tools When They’ve Got the Internet?

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scientific calculatorJust a few years ago, school children were stuck using their imagination. A technology gap of which I, too, was a victim. Books were required of lessons or for pleasure-based reading. Indoor recess time (for days it was too cold or too rainy) meant tag or board games, not tablets or computers. And grades wouldn’t be learned until days later – auto electronic grading had yet to become a thing.

For one, this meant learning was more authentic. Rather than searching terms or methods, we had to discuss with teachers or fellow students. It also meant things were more expensive. Sure tablets and computers come with a large price tag, but considering that books are $100+ a pop (vs. their $20 electronic counterparts), the savings are almost immediate...

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Yes THIS Is My Job – FAQs about Being a Professional Writer

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A few weeks ago I took a quiz – a classic Buzzfeed one – to identify which Friends character I am most like. Twelve completely random questions later, it was revealed that I “am” Chandler, my second-favorite actual character. (Phoebe wins.) But when reading the description, I realized I really am Chandler. I tell jokes when I’m uncomfortable. I (maybe) have a heart of gold. And most tellingly, no one knows what I do for work. Sure I’ve told them – repeatedly – but for the most part, folks have no idea what I do every day.chandler bing friends

So to save all of us some heartache, I decided to craft this nifty little blog. Where I answer all the FAQs about my job. (Or at least, what I want to tell you about my job...

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How Electronics are Making Communication Impersonal

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eyes looking at screensby Bethaney Wallace

With a screen in front of your eyes and a keyboard at your fingertips, it can be hard to determine the last time we had a face-to-face conversation. One where the TV was off, the phones away, and those involved looked each other in the eye. Once an everyday courtesy, offering respect and common sense with every interaction, these types of conversations rarely take place in today’s time. As technology continues to advance, the quality of conversation becomes less and less personal.

Why? Because it’s easy. Who wants to pick up the phone when they can send a quick work email? Why stop by a friend’s house when you can just follow up with a text? They’re tactics that allow us to get more done each day, and in less time.

But what about human interaction? When we fail ...

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