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Crushing It with Candy: The Game We Can’t Stop Playing

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If you’re like millions of others (us included), you’ve jumped on board the Candy Crush train. And in all likelihood, the Soda Saga as well. You’re matching and playing your way to the top any chance you get. Whether that means bedtime, while watching TV, or any other spare moment you might happen to get, you’re in the trance. After all, there’s a reason this game is one of the highest grossing of all time. Which is even more impressive considering most of its players opt for free versions. (But maybe accidentally hit the new lives button every week or so.)

For the low-down on your favorite game’s stats (and more), check out this comprehensive infographic.

candy crush saga infogrpahic with stats

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Degrees in a Modern Setting: Pros and Cons

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images (3)Years ago, obtaining a degree was an absolute necessity. Unless you were working in a position of labor or planning on being a stay-at-home something or other, obtaining an education was imperative. It’s just what people did; very few questioned the process. But in today’s terms, are those same requirements absolutely necessary? Schools have changed, and so do the ways we take on careers and specialties. As well as the types of specialties that are available.

Students are no longer required to attended in-person classes six days a week. (Yep, college used to be on Saturdays, too.) They can take online classes, attend votech colleges, apply for internships or apprenticeships. Some even earn on-the-job credits...

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Keeping Email Under Control: Why it’s a Necessity

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drowning in unread email messagesThe other day I helped my Mom print something from her email … a Yahoo account. And she had thousands of unread messages. Thousands – most of which were probably junk and simply needed to be deleted. But instead of unsubscribing or kicking the unimportant messages to the curb, she let them compile and grow into an unmanageable level. Where she had become so overwhelmed, she didn’t even know where to start. Where it stressed me out, even though I had zero ties to the account.

In her defense, she rarely uses email. But it’s not as though she’s the only person who handles electronic correspondence this way. I’ve seen and heard about countless others who communicate under the same circumstances...

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I Don’t Have a Phone … and it’s Oddly Satisfying (for now)

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cracked iphone 6 screenLast week I dropped my phone. Face down. On a cement parking lot. The results of which created a very cracked phone screen. All four corners and most of the in-between as well – which, apparently, is very difficult to do. Luckily, the phone still functioned just as well as it always had. It’s just harder to see said functions actually happening.

So I thought I’d get it fixed. So I can actually see what my phone is doing while I’m doing it. But as it turns out, having your phone repaired also means it can’t be in your possession at the same time. Something about not having one’s cake and eating it, too.

Which means, since the repair-deciding incident, I’ve been phone-less. People can’t call me and I can’t call them. I haven’t played Soda Crush in days!

But as it turns ou...

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I Just Created an Instagram Account, No Really

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instagram camera logoHold the phone guys. I just made an Instagram account. For myself. And I’m not even lying. (Or at least I won’t be lying by the time this post goes live.) If you’re wondering why this is a big deal, check this out. Also, I’m a long-time advocate against the selfie; retracting now would be of serious hypocrite status. As well as an advocate against spending one’s life on social media … which is one of the reasons I’ve never ventured into this territory before.

But as more and more of my friends are opting for the photo-based site rather than Facebook, the safe and familiar place with which I’ve held an account since 2006, it’s time for me, too, to follow suit. Not getting rid of Facebook; that’s crazy talk, just revoking the previous Instagram ban.

It feels like the rig...

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