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Adopting is Like Being a Vegetarian

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Note: This post is a first in TSR’s new creative series. In an attempt to explore our writing ventures, rather than just business perks, we’re offering a new variety of interesting, thought-provoking topics. Enjoy.

No really… stay with me on this one.

veggie heartMy wife and I have talked, and talked, and talked and talked about the incredible amount of children across the globe who need a good home.

It’s not that we are saints, we are – in my humble opinion – great people, but that point is not made by our wanting to provide a home to a child we did not create. I should mention we have never attempted to have children of our own: so we don’t know whether biological procreation is an option for us.

And so we are judged – either openly, or in conversations beyond our ears – for our decision t...

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How to Use Social Media in a Crisis [Infographic]

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There’s no set standard as to how social media should be used in an emergency — until now. To best utilize the Internet and it’s reach, follow this guide the next time an unfortunate event takes place.



Inforgraphic courtesy Social Barrel.

Bethaney Wallace

Bethaney Wallace is a tea drinking, Amazon loving writer and editor. When she's not working on TSR or her personal blog, she loves reading and looking for new DIY projects.

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Good job, Target!

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dinosaur in shopping cart

targetWhen wronged technology-wise, I love a good scathing blog post. Just to show companies who they’re dealing with (ie not someone who forgives and forgets – at least when money is involved.) So when someone does something amazing, I feel an even stronger need to shout it to the world. To show I’m not someone who always complains, just that a lot of complaint-worthy situations pop up.

A few weeks back I wrote how fabulously I was treated by Kroger, the grocery store king. And today I’d like to add another kudos to one of my regular shopping stops, Target.

As a female 20-something, I fall squarely into their target audience, and I’ll admit it’s hard to leave with only the items I came for...

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The “Safe Sexting” Tool: Here is the Possible Dangers of Snapchat

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snapchat dangersIn this technological age, it seems as though one trend gives rise to the next on an almost weekly basis. In the world of social media, Snapchat is one of the most recent and fastest growing trends to hit the Internet. More than 150 million messages are sent and received daily with the instant-messaging service, and its popularity continues to rise. Snapchat’s closest competitor is Instagram, but it’s a distant second in terms of the number of users. “Sexters” who appreciate the anonymity that the impermanence of Snapchat’s sent messages provides have flocked to it in droves.

The Disappearing Snapshot

What is the Snapchat service, exactly? The free app is used to send pictures, and short video clips that vanish within 10 seconds — it has been called “Instagram without regrets...

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How to Stay Secure Online

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online security

How to stay secure onlineSo how does one stay secure online? With all of the cybery-hacks out there you need to take care of yourself and be safe.

Watch What You Say

Be responsible for what you are doing and saying online. You are part of an online community and you need to take other people and their privacy into account. be respectful of someone and what they are looking to do. Also by sending out hate messages you are opening yourself up to a wide world of pain. Everything comes back to you in the end.

Use Anti-Virus Software

You must use anti-virsus software on all your computers, for your own protection. If you don’t have it, then you need to do some research and find some protection. Even basic protection will do- Microsoft Security Essentials is a free anti-virus software you can download for PCs.

Be Carefu...

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