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Saying No: How to Manage Take-a-Mile Clients

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construction hatThere’s an old term about being a pushover, one who lets people do as they please, no matter the request or effort to make it happen. Known as a “yes man,” these agreeable folk come in all genders, ages, and sizes. They go to too many present-buying functions, they often have their items borrowed indefinitely, and they put themselves in questionable situations just to make others happy. They are regularly taken advantage of.

Yes men, it’s time to say no.

It’s important to be helpful or agreeable, but when it’s constant and self-sacrificing, the “yes” answering has to stop. Especially when you own a business.

Finding a Solution

As writers, editors, or whatever other type of freelancer, clients will try to take advantage of your services on a regular basis...

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Tips for Setting Up a Freelancing Business

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bookAs anybody who is a freelancer knows quite well, branching out into the world of freelance work is a very exciting decision. From writers who create articles for a variety of publications and photographers who capture special moments at weddings, to the many other types of work that is available, freelancing can be a wonderful way to make a living.

Becoming a freelancer also takes a certain amount of pre-planning that can help keep things organized and prevent any issues from occurring later on. People who are thinking about becoming a freelancer should consider the following topics ahead of time, before they get too deep in their new line of work:


Keep your business finances separate from your personal expenses. Pinnacle Financial warns that the Internal Revenue Service is very ...

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Easing the World into Freelancing

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colorful question marksTo many, the idea of writing or marketing online for pay is a new prospect. People can write and they can market, but can they do it all from their home office? And make a living off of it? Yes, we can. Thanks to the Internet and an “I can do anything you can do” attitude, millions of freelancers across the country are making a viable career out of writing from home.

This may mean an inconsistent schedule, paying for health insurance out of pocket, forever explaining what it is “we do,” but that doesn’t make it any less of a career. And like any Pinocchio fan will tell you, just because something is real doesn’t mean there aren’t skeptics. The more times you explain, “It’s a real job, it’s a real job,” the more times shady circus managers are after your skillz.

You Do...

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What’s Your Bottom Line?

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In the world of writing professionally, you will come across budges of all shapes and sizes. There are those with a pea-sized content bubble, those with more funds than you can possibly charge for (morally at least), and the rare baby bears of fees – those who have your exact fees allotted for their writing needs. But more often than not, you’ll be low balled beyond belief. If you ask for 40, they’ll offer 15, until you’ve met in the “middle” – and the company still spends less than needed.

Whether these businesses don’t understand how much good writing can cost, or they actually can’t afford it, they’ll try every tactic in the book to doc your fees. Sure not every writing job will attempt to be shady, but I’ve yet to be offered more money – that’s only a luxury tha...

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What Freelancers Shouldn’t Do

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Freelancing – a term that is often associated with the brave, the hard up, or the unemployed – is a growing trend across all markets. From construction, to reporting, to Internet-based entities (such as TSR), freelancing is showing brick and mortars they’re not the only successful market available.

And considering all the perks, it’s no surprise why. Other than not receiving health insurance or a matched retirement plan, it’s a pretty sweet gig. Having been freelancing full time for some time now, I’ve decided it’s more than a great call. If I don’t want to take a project, I don’t. If I want to take a day off, I do it. Sure there’s a few down sides, like forever chasing down payments from clients who assume you’re born with a trust fund or stash of jewels. And then there’s the occasional unpaid bill that’s returned with a summons. But for every client that threatens with legal action, there’s 10 more good guys, just waiting to compliment your work and pay within the hour.

Every day is a real crapshoot, and I’ve yet to have a workday resemble another – an aspect I consider the biggest perk of all.

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