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Case Study: Snapchat vs. Facebook (Infographic)

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Ever wonder how these two social media monsters stack up? Especially in relation to one another? The tech-savvy folks over at DPFOC did the math — and the research — in order to give us the DL. Check out their stats to learn just how Facebook and Snapchat work in relation to one another, and who might be on top in some areas vs. others.

Snapchat Versus Facebook Infographic
Courtesy of :DPFOC

Infographic by Eddie O’Driscoll, managing director of DPFOC.

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Social Media isn’t so Black and White: The Fading Concept of Privacy

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Post by Layla Davis

black and white social media iconsBecause of its ability to put you in contact with millions of interesting (and not so interesting) people from around the world, social media is fun and enlightening.

Our uses of social media aren’t so black and white …

The Light Side

We have all made blunders when using the web. Sometimes we share too much information. It can be embarrassing, but for the most part, we write it off as just being silly.

Tongue-in-cheek websites such as provide readers with entertaining pieces about individuals sharing their phone numbers and information. The individuals are then trolled via text messaging...

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Top Content Marketing Trends of 2014

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Guest post by Gerald Brown

Vector internet marketing conceptContent marketing isn’t going anywhere. If anything, it’s going to become more integral to business marketing. The Content Marketing Institute notes that 58 percent of business-to-business marketers and 60 percent of business-to-consumer marketers plan to increase their content marketing budgets in 2014.

This budgetary expansion is being driven by trends that increase the value of the content itself. Looking ahead at the next year, businesses and products of all shapes sizes — from global consumer products like laptops down to your local clothing boutique — will be wise to leverage these market changes to improve exposure and sales quality. Here are the top trends that will change content marketing in 2014:

Conversational tones will proliferate

Using a conv...

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How Twitter Branding Helps Entrepreneurs

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guest post by Sarah Brooks

twitter birdsIf you’re an entrepreneur, can engaging on Twitter really help you and your business? The short answer is yes. Surprisingly, many entrepreneurs still hesitate about social media because they think it’s a waste of precious time. Some “success gurus” advise staying away from social media altogether for the same reason. However, engaging with potential customers (or investors) on social media can actually be one of the smartest things you can do to grow your business. Fail to engage, and you could be cheating yourself.

Branding Isn’t What it Used to Be

These days it’s never too early in development to start thinking about branding – and social media engagement has become a crucial component of branding...

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What’s The Problem With Facebook’s New News Feed?

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Guest post by Daniel Page

facebook problemIn recent weeks, Facebook has been tweaking its news feed, ostensibly to improve the quality of the posts that it delivers to users. Facebook has long used a set of algorithms to determine which content appears in the stream – the algorithms are referred to as EdgeRank (although that’s probably a somewhat obsolete term at this point). In a move that has worried Facebook marketers and others, the social network has tweaked those algorithms so they surface more news and less “junk.”

The goal of improving the content of the news feed is a laudable one, but brands on Facebook have frequently complained that by “curating” the feed, Facebook is artificially limiting their reach...

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