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The Biggest Enemies of Efficiency and Productivity

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In the workplace, efficiency and productivity are necessities for survival and profit. Unfortunately, these qualities can be sometimes hard to find. For many employees, both efficiency and productivity can require immense training, practice and determination to acquire and perfect. Fortunately, there are a few rules we can all abide by to keep things running smoothly. If you’re trying to make your workplace a better environment, what do you need to watch out for? Here are the biggest enemies of efficiency and productivity:

Major Distractions

Adults should be able to stay focused on their tasks even when distractions exist. However, they’re only human. If you have a lot of construction going on or painters coming in to do a job, working efficiently can become difficult...

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How to Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Customer-Centric

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How to Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Customer-CentricIt’s 2013. Plenty of companies are using different types of marketing strategies to reach out to potential customers. Content marketing is one of them, and this method involves the creation and distribution of written material to appeal to a target audience. Perhaps the central question that all marketing aficionados want to know though, is how can these strategies become more customer-centric? Here’s what you should know:

Speak to the Audience

In formal writing, many people use the third person. Terms such as “their,” “he” and “she” are not uncommon to this style. However, these words feel impersonal when you’re trying to speak to customers. Instead of utilizing this formal style of speaking, switch over to the second person – you...

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Facebook News Feed Algorithm Updated to Increase User Engagement

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facebook algorithm news feed update

Facebook knows I love RHONJ and Perez.

The Facebook News Feed team announced a few changes to the News Feed algorithm yesterday that they are hoping will help increase user engagement with Page posts and status updates.

At the event, Facebook’s Lars Backstrom reported that they are hoping to give users an experience that goes beyond the real-time updating that Twitter provides. By constantly working on the algorithm, Facebook is hoping that they can provide a News Feed experience that is customized for each user, giving them the posts they want to see each time they log onto Facebook.

Building the Best Possible News Feed For Users

Facebook reports that when a user logs into Facebook, there are approximately 1500 posts they can view on any given day...

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Throwback Thursday: How To Find Hidden SEO Opportunities On Twitter

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For this week’s blog post, I thought I’d feature a throwback post I wrote for Search Engine Land on ways to SEO your Twitter profile. Here’s one of the “hidden” SEO opportunities on Twitter from my column and you can read the entire post here: How To Find Hidden SEO Opportunities On Twitter

The SEO’d Twitter Profile

The profile is the starting point to any successful profile. Incorporate as many keywords as possible, because when a Twitter profile shows up in search results, Google will sometimes use the bio portion of the profile for the description. Utilize the best keywords available by creating a list of specialties or services.

bloomberg twitter bio

As you can see from Mayor Bloomberg’s bio, he lists his main interests and job responsibilities and makes himself easy to find...

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New Social Apps Are Cool … If Other People Are Using Them Too

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social networking apps

Because I am a writer for Gazelle, I’m frequently looking for the latest technology news and trends that will give me good content for articles. I often come across articles about new available apps that promise to do anything from be my personal assistant to help me find better links online.

However, two recent experiences left me wondering just how useful social apps are, especially if no one is using them (yet).


42413-PheedLogo“You have to get on Pheed!” my aunt texted me, excited that she had gotten my uncle’s band on the site. Since I hadn’t heard about it before, I asked her for more information and also googled it to find out more myself...

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