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The Internet Lets Us All Nerd Out

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We live in the age of the nerd. Whether you admit it freely or bury it deep down like so many 80’s movie bullies, each and everyone of you is a nerd in your own right. Regardless of Dr. Seuss’s intent, the term “nerd” now refers to a person who cares about something and wants to learn more about it.

I wrote about fractionalization a few weeks ago. Thanks to the Internet, niche markets have exploded. Fellow LEGO enthusiasts find each other with ease. You realize you’re not the only one who likes that band. With a wealth of available information, online access facilitates nerdiness.

Anyone who denies nerd status essentially claims that they do not care about anything. This seems improbable, nihilistic, and borderline inhuman...

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Social Media as the New Age of Customer Service

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CustomerServiceWith seemingly constant access to the Internet, communication is more prevalent than ever. We can call and text anyone within our phone books, at any time, and we can share our opinions on companies. For all to see. Within a few seconds, we can give an opinion and get it out into the world – forever searchable by the interwebs. Which also means we have more ways to reach companies, and a quicker access at feedback. Companies are looking for those who mention their names, while customers are looking for any outlet possible in which they can talk to a business.

This is a new norm that allows for an efficient line of communication. Where customers can reach out (and vice versa) in real time. Where they don’t have to be put on hold or wait for days at a time for an email response...

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Naming Your Business: When to Avoid Trends

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saveri-future-trendsIn today’s culture, it’s almost nothing to coin a brand. To found an idea for a company where you have all the logistics worked out. Actually taking those steps to move forward is another story, however. But that doesn’t stop thousands of folks from thinking up ideas on a daily basis. Some might even have multiple ideas stocked away, just waiting for the right time to strike out and bring their ideas to life.

In either scenario, it’s time to talk about business names. How people are picking increasingly trendy names for their companies – whether in fruition or beginning planning stages. Names that incorporate “ility,” “ly,” “ology,” etc. Where spaces don’t exist and punctuation is weird and confusing...

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Ride-Sharing Takes to the Skies

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JetSmarter-App-RidesRide-sharing apps have undeniably changed the way people move around cities. If you dwell in a metropolitan area (or even a college town) you can’t deny the pervasive power of these on-demand services. Vehicles at your behest that cost less than a taxi? You’re an Emperor! It should come as no surprise then, that copycats continue to pop up across the transportation industry.

A company called JetSmarter states on its website that it is “Bringing aviation back to its roots. Private.”

Aside from the paradox of aviation being grounded by said roots, JetSmarter presents a tantalizing prospect: The transportation startup has made its mission to build the Uber of the skies. Being able to hop a plane whenever you want via an app sounds dope if not unfeasible...

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Facebook Auto-Play: Arguing with Results

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Facebook-autoplay-videoDo you hate Facebook video auto-play? I can’t decide if I do. Of course there’s the argument that it’s invasive, annoying, and unstoppable. I can commiserate, Dad. The forward-thinking, tech-oriented, idiephile is mumbling “Why are you still on Facebook? It’s 2015,” as she takes a drag from her American Spirit. But the reality is that Facebook has over 890 million daily users. That’s a huge social network. Rather, that’s a huge social marketplace.

An explosion of outrage tends to follow each tweak to the Facebook system: layout, privacy policy, messenger requirements. The introduction of auto-play followed the prototypical 4 Stages of Facebook Backlash: people hated it, then they resented it, then they begrudgingly accepted it, then they zoned out...

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