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Do You Listen to Podcasts?

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podcastsMy college career included a fickle schedule. Each semester brought a different course lineup. Clubs, teaching, improv, friends, and bars kept me busy when I wasn’t in class. I was always busy, but I rarely had a routine.

Since graduation, I have settled into a more consistent schedule. I don’t have to commute 45 minutes to work each day like my girlfriend, but I have dedicated blocks of free time. Since bars are expensive here and my friends have full-time jobs, I have replaced my college hobbies with podcasts. According to SmartAsset, that makes me a typical young, educated male.

Pre-university, I had known about podcasts as a concept. I kept MP4s of my radio shows from KSDB for theoretical future use...

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Podcasts: The Underground Great Media Movement?

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By Kelsey Jones

podcastingI never really started listening to podcasts until this year. I falsely believed that they wouldn’t be interesting or entertaining. I don’t know why, much like I don’t know why I naturally avoid pickles and mustard. It just happens.

Luckily, podcasts became the pickle and mustard sandwich that recently got me through my first five mile training run. Even the most terrible activities, like running, are more enjoyable with a podcast by your side (or, rather, in your ears).

The term “podcast” came from combining the words “iPod” and “broadcasting”.

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