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Runaway Ambulance! Performs its First Show Ever

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This is the home stretch. Runaway Ambulance! performs its first sketch comedy show ever tonight. We hope to have an audience of around 300 people. Getting here has taken seventeen members two months. The hours of effort will culminate in one forty-five-minute presentation. Are you nervous? I am.Runaway Ambulance March Show

The most daunting and exciting part of this process has come in this last week. Everything has been theory up until now. As a writer, you form an idea. You trim and tweak to create a tight final product. However, everything can change as you translate words to the stage. We’ve added entirely new dimensions to characters this week as we prepare for tonight. We’ve changed the show order, the music, the final scene. It feels a bit like driving a sedan after practicing with the remote control version...

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Does Anyone Use Google+?

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If you Google “irony,” the number one result is “Google+.”Google+ logo internet social media

Social media is an oft over-congested realm with a variety of platforms and endless streams of nonsense. And yet, the arguably most relevant web company in the world can’t seem to make their signature networking experience pop. Google is a gargantuan that has cornered the market on email, collaborative digital storage, and video streaming. How many circles are you in?

When I am directed to my Google+ home page it feels as though an accident has occurred. “I didn’t mean to find myself here. I am lonely.” If Facebook is Grand Central Station, Google+ is a bus stop in Whitefish, Montana.

Looking through my stream is like being in a small room in which two other people are talking out loud to themselves...

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Google to Update Rankings – it’s Just as Obscure as Always

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panda eating bambooRecently, Google announced it was – yet again – making adjustments to the way it ranks pages. Specifically, by making its latest update, Panda, less severe for certain websites. The announcement came from Google’s Matt Curtis, and was given at the last installment of SMX West (or Search Marketing Expo), and is slated to help small businesses.

While this may sound like great news to small business owners everywhere (yours truly included), it also comes with the same layers of mystery Google always dishes up. Because they don’t want their methods to be beaten or hacked on even the smallest of levels, the public gains little information about the changes...

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How to Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Customer-Centric

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How to Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Customer-CentricIt’s 2013. Plenty of companies are using different types of marketing strategies to reach out to potential customers. Content marketing is one of them, and this method involves the creation and distribution of written material to appeal to a target audience. Perhaps the central question that all marketing aficionados want to know though, is how can these strategies become more customer-centric? Here’s what you should know:

Speak to the Audience

In formal writing, many people use the third person. Terms such as “their,” “he” and “she” are not uncommon to this style. However, these words feel impersonal when you’re trying to speak to customers. Instead of utilizing this formal style of speaking, switch over to the second person – you...

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Is Pinterest the Best Search Engine?

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In a recent BuzzFeed article (well, not-so-recent in online terms), one writer praised Pinterest for its streamlined results and easy of use. As a long-time Pinterest lover, I tend to agree. The site allows users to quickly and efficiently search any topic, and, so long as it exists on the site, it shows up. Spam is a rare fine, and relevant searches always pop up. Unlink Google, Bing, and other search engines, Pinterest actually shows viewers what they want. And best of all, it has giant, clear pictures to help show us what’s clickable and what isn’t.

pinterest summer searchSo what is it that makes Pinterest’s results “better” than the other guys’? Sure it’s more colorful and picture-heavy, but what about the efficiency of each search? In all but one of the author’s tests, Pinterest searches showed more va...

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