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Relentless Pinging: Notifications are Losing Their Umph

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facebook notificationsLast week I logged into Netflix and saw a pile of notifications. A growing number of little red flags, letting me know about new shows that were being released – shows that I had never even seen or heard of. That’s what Netflix thought was worth sharing with me personally.

Other sites are no better. This weekend I didn’t check Facebook for hours and tallied up 15 notifications, a number that doesn’t seem too crazy anymore, considering all they ping about. Except not one of them had anything to do with me. It was all mutual pages that had been posted on and random views … nothing that needed immediate attention. Yet I scrolled through each and every one of them...

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Facebook Adds “Reactions” to Compliment the “Like”

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Facebook-Like-Button-ClickWhen someone shares difficult news with you, your empathetic, human reaction is usually to express concern and caring. Hearing about a sick family member doesn’t typically prompt an awkward silence followed by a reticent thumbs up.

If you use Facebook (Despite your inability to see the links I share to these posts, I do use Facebook), you will no doubt have noticed a recent change to the platform. After years of the singularity known as the “like button,” you now have an array of options from which to choose when responding to a post. Like, love, haha, wow, sad, and angry lend versatility to what has always been an emotionally diverse experience.

The evolution is a natural one. Facebook functions like a diary for many people — a catalogue of (sometimes important) life events...

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Facebook Messenger May Introduce Advertising

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Facebook-Messenger-AdsDuring my final year of high school in 2009 I had to write a “senior paper.” It was a 2,000 word research document about a topic of my choice. As someone interested in journalism, I decided to write about the advent of the tablet — which was just about to hit the market — and the disappearing print edition newspaper. It was a contentious time for traditional journalism. How could a news organisation make money with a website?

Social media platforms were still in their infancy as well. Most businesses didn’t know how to use Twitter or Facebook to their advantage. And yet whispers that this would be the way of the future echoed in the hallways of major corporations. Of course, today, the idea of a two-way communication platform with a target audience is the Holy Grail.

Not only ha...

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Apps Advertise During the Super Bowl Now

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superbowl-SundayDuring my last year of college, my roommates and I hosted a number of parties. A staple at each one of our shindigs was something we called “hot cheese.” Also known as cheese dip or queso, hot cheese was the flavorful, savory appetizer that made our parties memorable. Its combination of browned ground beef, fresh pico de gallo, and Velveeta delighted the taste buds with every bite. Often times it took over conversations throughout the party. If it was missing from even a small gathering, our guests commented on the absence.

Hot cheese eventually found itself center stage for our Super Bowl party. We made a double batch. Having a spread of food was vital because, of course, few people ventured to our house that evening to watch a football game between the Patriots and Seahawks...

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Social Media Pairs Perfectly with Entertainment

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Royals-Social-Media-ConnectWhen I was eleven I bought the pre-sale of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. As part of that purchase I received a 200-page strategy guide. A perusal of the book’s contents revealed loads of screenshots, a comprehensive walkthrough, and a list of where to find all the heart pieces. It even came with a pull out sea chart (you sailed island-to-island to complete quests) which had markings to indicate which plots had what treasure. It added extra dimension to a game which, at age eleven, I probably could not have beaten in its entirety.

Social media have become the ultimate companion. Not in a Her way, but in a strategy guide way.

Most of us imbibe in sports, pop culture, or both. We, as a society, love TV, and sports make for some of the best programming...

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