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Second Screen Viewing Is the New Normal

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second screen viewingTake a second and think of all the television shows you watch. Now trim that list to include only the show’s you’ll watch straight through. Shows of which you can watch an entire episode without checking your phone. It’s probably a short list. For me: Game of Thrones. Today, uninterrupted viewing is rare.

Practices like second screen viewing and watching with a companion device have increased in popularity. In fact, in America, 56% of viewers engage in a secondary digital activity while watching TV (Kantar TNS).

Viewing cycles extend beyond episodes themselves

Our shrinking attention spans encourage us to browse Instagram or answer an email while soldiering through a 52-minute HBO offering. However, social media activity related to specific shows has increased as well...

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Television Shows Are As Good As Old Friends

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golden-age-of-televisionThroughout my life I’ve found it easy to make friends. (This boast is part of a larger illustration, I promise.) I mean that everywhere I’ve lived, I’ve always had a volume of friends. (Trust me.)

Some people just have one or two buddies with whom they are truly intimate. I don’t think it’s possible to really be close to 40 or 50 people, but I have a long list of guests I’d let crash on my couch for a couple days.

I’ve retained a core group of friends from elementary and high school with whom I will probably always share a bond, but I don’t get to see any of them on a daily basis.

When I moved to college I made new friends living in the dorms, at improv practice, and at other universities (where we would sometimes do improv).

I moved to Dallas a little over a year ago...

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Apple Is Making a Television Show

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Apple Television ShowApple is making a foray into the television programming business (as are all companies even remotely adjacent to media). Apple tends to put everything in a sleek, stylish package so hearing this news got me excited. Then I read that the show’s concept is an unscripted series about apps and app developers. I get that not everything can be Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, but watching app developers geek out over something they made (that Apple benefits from you downloading) isn’t exactly my idea of scintillating television. You can read more about the fledgling television project here. I don’t mean to be too hard on the maker of my computer, phone, and streaming device, but here are five app-related show ideas I’d rather see Apple invest in.

American Gladiators ft...

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Awesome Content Idea: The Report-a-Typo Tab

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Typos happen. Sometimes they’re dumb, a miss-stroke of the finger, and sometimes they’re downright blatant. You wonder how anyone could have made such a glaring error. I make them too. Sure they’re mindless and embarrassing, us writers are supposed to have our crap together, after all. That’s what we get paid to do. But the thing about editing your own work is that your brain eliminates typos. You know what you meant so you skim over what’s missing or what’s wrong without even realizing everything is not as it should be. It’s also how I talk.

Then, once these typos are posted, emails start pouring in (or texts or comments or phone calls), letting you know what error was made...

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Are You a Passive Aggressive Emailer?

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Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 8.55.45 AMDo you regularly send emails with question marks at the end of non-question sentences? Do you respond without explaining yourself – or anything? Do you only address the points you wish to discuss, while avoiding the rest? If so, along with a few other key factors, you just might be a passive aggressive emailer. One of the worst forms of communicators, IMO.

Why? It’s a practice that places blame, creates controversy, and often causes more confusion than necessary. Besides, you’re typing, not texting – take three extra seconds to spell out what you’re trying to say. It will save everyone confusion in the long run, and therefore, time spent on a single email.

Passive Aggressive Signs

If you email saying, “I saw the blog on the front page?” it pretty much takes everything in me to not reac...

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