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Most Website Platforms are the Worst and WordPress is the Best

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wordpress-loveAs a sometimes website builder, I often get asked as to which platform is “the best.” Generally after someone has already put money into a project or started the venture themselves. For anyone with future website questions, here’s my answer: WordPress forever and for always. (I might even help you navigate their waters if you’d come to me first next time.)

When it comes to building websites, I’m a real platform snob. WordPress for life. Not only is it what I use each and every day, it’s user friendly, offers an almost unlimited amount of customizations, and there are free resources (and forms of support) all across the Internet. There are built-in stats, the ability to create a website from a visual standpoint or with HTML (you know, if you’re into that type of thing...

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Customized Marketing: What we Can Learn From Google Doodles

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harriet tubman google doodleFor anyone who uses Google as their go-to search engine, you know that one of the best parts of the day is the new Google Doodle. Whether honoring a historic figure, holiday, or worldly event, these Google-shaped designs bring together important dates with an all-new take on (arguably) the most recognizable logo. And they do it almost every single day. Or rather, a majority of days. January hosted 17 out of 31 Doodles, some of which even had to share the spotlight. Because they took place on the same day, Google made each their own design and alternated which was displayed, which was true for Josip Vandot’s 130th birthday and the 255th anniversary of the British Museum. (More on this in a second.)

Sure hosting this many Doodles may be time consuming and expensive, but it’s also a Google ...

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Don’t Mind the Mess

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Don’t mind our mess! We are in the middle of moving to a new design so you may notice some messes here and there until we are up and running.

Let us know if there is anything you need! Shoot us an email by using the Contact form.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones enjoys having dogs for co-workers, making Target runs, and building her Pinterest empire. When she’s not traveling or making questionable dinners, she loves helping clients with content, social media, and SEO.

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How to Create a WordPress Plugin From Scratch

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By Kelsey Jones

Most developers know how to add and install WordPress plugins and even write WordPress themes from scratch, but also learning how to write and develop WordPress plugins can also be an invaluable skill. Many developers release free WordPress plugins to market their own business, while others offer paid plugins to bring in additional residual income.

For whatever reason, any skilled developer with knowledge of PHP can create his or her own WordPress plugin. This tutorial will take you through the basics of WordPress plugin development.

Step One: Make Sure You Have The Most Recent Version Installed on Your Computer.

This tip from Nettuts+ ensures that it is easy to upload your plugin into WordPress once it is finished. Remember, all fields must be filled out in order for the plugin to be recognized in WordPress. This will be discussed in more detail later in the tutorial.

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