Facebook Friendship: An Argument for Holding On

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Screen-shot-2013-01-24-at-16.44.54A few weeks ago, Danny wrote this blog about wishing Facebook friends happy birthday. How, if you’re not willing to do it, you shouldn’t be “friends” with them at all. But mostly you should be willing to do it. And today, you’re in for a real treat. Because I’m about to write out all the reasons he is wrong.

First off, Facebook friendship shouldn’t come with an obligation. It’s online, impersonal, and has seriously changed the way we view someone as a “friend.” Unfortunately, Zuckerberg didn’t have the foresight to call the connections “acquaintances” and now we’re stuck with the term. (Though, in all likelihood, he probably thought we would actually be friends with the people we associate with online, leaving his intentions intact – he just underestimated his own reach.)

Anyway, even if...

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Crowdsourcing as a Tool for Big Business

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Kickstarter-Website-LogoCrowdsourcing is a revolutionary tool for indie producers that allows anyone to pledge any amount of money to an online campaign. If the campaign’s goal is met, the producer has funding at their disposal to create the project. They can access resources for short films and inventions like never before. The atmosphere is ripe for innovation, and yet, it is interesting to note a change that has stirred in the crowdfunding marketplace.

Major companies are now using these tools for their own projects. GE recently launched a campaign to support “the biggest innovation in ice in nearly twenty-five years.” Within hours of going online, its project, “Opal,” had already raised $300,000.

The idea of major corporations using crowdfunding has roots in the 2013 Veronica Mars Kickstarter...

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Ride-Sharing Takes to the Skies

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JetSmarter-App-RidesRide-sharing apps have undeniably changed the way people move around cities. If you dwell in a metropolitan area (or even a college town) you can’t deny the pervasive power of these on-demand services. Vehicles at your behest that cost less than a taxi? You’re an Emperor! It should come as no surprise then, that copycats continue to pop up across the transportation industry.

A company called JetSmarter states on its website that it is “Bringing aviation back to its roots. Private.”

Aside from the paradox of aviation being grounded by said roots, JetSmarter presents a tantalizing prospect: The transportation startup has made its mission to build the Uber of the skies. Being able to hop a plane whenever you want via an app sounds dope if not unfeasible...

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Different Ways we Use the Internet Today

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Internet icons search enginesThe advent of the Internet is a common concept in modern life. It has changed the way that we see and live in the world today. No matter what you do, the chances are that you use the Internet in at least some aspect of your life – from increasing your productivity at work to connecting with friends who are all over the map.

Social Media

By making communication with people from across the globe easier than ever before, social media has effectively made our planet smaller than ever. With social media, businesses can expand their target market and seek out audiences that they may never have been able to access before...

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Facebook Friendship and Making Cuts

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Delete-Facebook-friendWishing someone happy birthday is a polite gesture that — with the exception of parents and significant others — no one is really obligated to perform. It’s a social courtesy. There might be cake. Hats occasionally play a role. Someone mentions the fact that it’s Amber’s biiiiirthday today! And then you say, “oh, happy birthday!” in a mostly genuine fashion. Had no one pointed out the significance of these twenty-four hours to Amber, they would fall to the floor as just another page of the withering calendar. And that version of “happy birthday” is the hard one.

I refute Extreme’s postulate. It can be difficult enough to say words to a person. The band’s 1990 smash hit comes before the social media era...

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