How Do You Pluralize That Last Name? A Step-by-Step Guide

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tiny tim muppets unnecessary apostrophesDo you struggle with the apostrophe? That little floating piece of punctuation that is so pointedly used? With its many uses and even more rules, it’s hard to know where to put it, when to put it, and if it should be even used at all. Oftentimes, it’s placed at random, and is perhaps the most misused piece of punctuation in the English language. Especially in scenarios that rarely arise … after elementary school. Such as pluralizing one’s last name. Or even more difficult, someone else’s last name.

As a writer who has seen hundreds of grammatically incorrect nameplates (I’m looking at you, limestone carving companies), I decided it’s high time we have a guide. A go-to document that outlines how to pluralize last names, and why...

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Star Wars VII and Picking Your Internet Battles

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Star-Wars-ImageExtremism rules the Internet. It’s Fury Road. Strong opinions expressed strongly trump moderatism. This ruthless landscape allows anger and vulgarity to triumph. Loud minorities can drown out more passive majorities. You don’t need a sound opinion, you need a Doritos flavor.

This is the setting for stories like the one that unfolded on Monday. The hashtag “Boycott Star Wars VII” gained a footing on Twitter early in the morning. Those carrying the negative banner claimed that the new film was anti-white, with one user adding the label #whitegenocide to their tweet. The third and final trailer for the movie had debuted the night before, and featured a woman and a black man in the lead roles.

Angry Twitter users accused the movie of being a platform for a multi-cultural agenda...

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Twitter Moments Offers Positives and Pitfalls

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Twitter-MomentsOn October 6, Twitter launched a new feature in its application called “Moments.” This is the latest attempt to expand the platform’s user base. Moments allow the reader to swipe through a series of tweets related to a particular news event. For the user, the feature functions almost like a miniature magazine. You flip through pages to hear different perspectives and see different images; each moment only takes about 60 seconds of your time. This gives Twitter a rival (with better organization in my opinion) to the Facebook Instant articles. I enjoy the feature. It’s fun and useful. However, I am not without some apprehension.

My concern is that people will start using Twitter Moments as a substitute for wholesome news coverage...

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Cyber-banging: Communicating Online for Illegal Activity

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bandanasIn any cop show we’ve ever seen, it’s been a terrible idea to brag online. Any teenager who emails their bud about spray-painting a school has gotten busted. Almost immediately. In real life, it’s no different, just with a longer time until the law follows through. Folks get cuffed from their own social media posts. Telling about what they had “gotten away” with, leaving the act – and a full confession – for the cops to see. More often than not, it’s an act that leads toward arrest and a guilty sentence.

But that’s not stopping illegal activity from taking place online. Or rather, it being talked about online. In fact, the interweb is becoming a go-to source for gang communication. And it’s known as cyber-banging.

The act of cyber-banging can vary across the channels of social media...

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Social Media is Television in the 1960’s

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Kennedy-Nixon-DebateIn 1960, television changed the course of American history. John Kennedy squared off with Richard Nixon in the country’s first ever televised debate. Kennedy’s sparkling youth cast a long shadow over the uncomfortable Nixon. Because of this new medium (and possibly some voter fraud), Kennedy won the election, becoming the youngest president ever elected to the office.

It’s easy to overlook the significance of television when you see ads for the latest season of Real Housewives or anything on HLN. However, every major advancement in the field of media (printing press, radio, Internet, etc.) has been responsible for wholesale historical change.

Social media finds itself in this impactful position at the moment...

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