Interview with a Dungeon Master

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I began an ambitious quest a couple months ago. During my travels I haven’t always known which way to turn or to whom I should speak, but I have grown in experience throughout the journey. This adventure has required grit, stalwartness, and a war hammer. My friends and I play Dungeons and Dragons about once a week. For these few hours, I am Cleft, a level-2 dwarf-fighter with a vicious swing and an armor class of 17.

For those who have never hurled a D-20 and followed it down the rabbit hole, you’re missing out. D&D has a nerdy reputation, but it’s much more than a numbers game: participation includes role-playing, puzzle-solving, and improvising. It’s collectively imagining a limitless video game based on a fantasy novel...

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3 iOS Aps to Help Make Writing Easier

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By now, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that there’s an app for absolutely everything. Even those that we’ll never get to because they’re so beyond our understanding in any particular subject (or just beyond our phone’s storage capacity). But when it comes to writing (like any other subject of apps), there are those that are better than others. In order to get the most out of your keyboard strokes (or lack thereof), test out these voted faves.

ULYSSES III writing app

Ulysses III

Ready for an all-in-one writing platform? Look no further. It costs, but Ulysses III is far worth the fees ($1 for phones and $20 for iPads). Docs are stored in a simple-to-use lineup so users can scroll and click with ease. Writers can also take notes on documents and gain easy access to their keyboard...

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Companies Should Watch What They Tweet

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Twitter’s dope. It’s a great social media platform. You can customize your timeline to get the exact content you want. Unlike Facebook, Twitter doesn’t come with obligatory friends or follows. You sat one desk over from a guy for the first half of third grade. On Facebook: you’re keeping up with his family trip to Branson. On Twitter: What guy? Who cares? You owe him NOTHING. Furthermore, your mom isn’t on Twitter (sorry Susanne), so your edgy views on parking meter attendants can fly uncensored. You can “like” the fan page of a celebrity/athlete/comedian on Facebook, but Twitter gives you a direct line from the person’s brain. If you’re not enjoying your tweeting experience, you’re not discriminating enough when it comes to who you follow. You have total control over your timeline...

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Tips for Thinking Up Creative Blog Topics

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creative idea lightbulb full of colorsBlogging can be a necessary evil. (That is, for those who don’t love blogging.) It gives content out to readers, helps raise clout and search position with engines. It also gives customers something to subscribe to and learn from. But in order to host that content, of course, you first have to come up with original ideas.

And, as it turns out, there’s a certain flair to topic creation. Which I’m about to explain … at least how I do it. Of course there are multiple ways to do anything, and every tactic will work better for each person. Which is why I encourage any blogger to take this list with a grain of salt. And it adjust it to your own liking, kind of like actual salt.

Start by Brainstorming

Come up with as many ideas as possible, and write them down. (Or type them out...

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What’s the Average Computer Age?

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oldcomputerThis June, my MacBook Pro turns four. An age that seems, in electronic ages, like an antique. Four entire years of service, during which it’s used eight-plus hours per weekday and sometimes on weekends. Because of Netflix.

In its many years, however, sketchy things have begun to happen. Sometimes it turns itself off. Before which, lights and colors flash in warning. Other times the screen just goes black. Once I opened it for the day only to have 50+ word documents open themselves up, with no ability to click or close the program. However, once the computer turns back on, it works great. Word loads, Chrome pops up at my disposal, and so on. Except it also clears its own cache. (I love a good and used cache! Who wants to search terms or type in entire URLs when they don’t have to?)

My b...

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