Cord Cutting Crosses Over to Sports

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NBA-League-PassBasketball ranks as one of the more divisive professional sports. Some find the 84-game season too long, others prefer the college version. Personally I love the NBA, and I can produce more than a few posts-worth of arguments as to why the professional product is superior. (Would you watch the freshman B-team over varsity?) Alas, this is not a sports blog, so consider yourself spared. But in the era of binge watching, even the non-fan can appreciate a quality viewing experience.

NBA League Pass is Netflix for basketball aficionados. And much the way streaming services are changing the television-watching experience, on-demand sports packages change our relationship with the teams we love...

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Content Marketing Changes to Implement in 2016

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Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.05.27 AMWith the New Year comes new goals to put into place. Simple to elaborate changes that can streamline everyday responsibilities – as well as those that simply make you feel better about how things are done. That goes for your personal life, your business, and of course, your marketing tactics. While there was plenty that was to be adjusted in 2015, and which helped business of all sizes to grow their reach, it’s once again time to look at how content helps you advertise.

Check out the latest predictions on how 2016 will change how we see online text, as well as what steps will help provide the biggest impact.

Focus on Quality

Still coming from changes where Google (and other search engines) are cracking down on spam, it’s time to focus on the quality of website writing...

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Coffee Shop Behavior: Do You Trust Others With Your Belongings?

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As a lover of free wifi, I’m often on the lookout for the next greatest work spot. (I love my home office and all, but sometimes you just need some people watching; it’s a proven fact.) That means working at favorite coffee shops, libraries – I hold memberships to four right now, with addresses that may or may not be current – restaurants, friends’ houses, and sometimes, elementary schools. So long as the server’s accessible, I can work from pretty much anywhere. It’s also a welcome change.

However, mobile working also brings along some interesting challenges. For one, I can’t give the “I’m not at my desk” excuse. Sure I don’t carry my computer 24/7; that thing gets heavy. But it’s also quite easy for my “office” to move with me...

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Tips for Keeping a 2016 Journal

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Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 9.44.11 AM

As the current year shrinks smaller and smaller, we start looking to the months ahead of us, and how we can use 2016 as a springboard for improvement. That might be a personal goal, with our job(s), relationships, or ourselves as a whole. And while some certainly look to broad goals in order to create their resolution, others prefer to focus on something in particular. Like running a marathon, reading X number of books (which is my goal, BTW), and so on.

One of our favorites, however, comes in the form of keeping track of live events … in a medium other than social media. By writing a journal instead. It’s a hobby we readily encourage, and are asked about on a regular basis. And with the start of the year coming our way, what better time to commit to writing?

Reasons to Start a Journal

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We’re Over Pop-Up Ads, What’s Next, Marketing Teams?

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NoPopUpsWith more and more users logging online to do their research, entertainment, etc., it’s no surprise that the Internet is also where marketing efforts are focused. Entire teams are devoted to getting more folks to a company’s webpage. With users already online, it’s a lateral move. But one that’s encouraged through any number of efforts. Including banner ads, pay-per-click ads, social media profiles, and more. But lately, it also means pop-up ads. Where sounds and photos – sometimes even entire videos – jump onto our screen without our permission. It’s a move that obstructs whatever we were trying to do, and essentially forces us to pay attention to a brand. That is, until the pre-determined time is over and the ad once again falls to the background.

But here’s the thing, marketing team...

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