My Cell Phone is Old, Get Over It

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“The app for my phone I want is phone.” Rodney Ruxin, The League

iphone 4s info sheet with photosMore than three years ago, I bought an iPhone. And it’s still the phone I use today. Because it’s not broken and still functions as a talking, app, and data-using device. Obviously.

It’s not like it was a conscious decision to keep ancient technology around. Especially as it began dying without reason and became incredibly unresponsive to button pushing. It all just happened so gradually that I didn’t notice. Like when you yourself get old. One day everything is super laggy and in need of a constant re-charge. Sure you wonder, “When did this even happen?” but then you just keep living life and dealing with the pressures of aging. By joining a local gerontology club. Or going to bed earlier.

At multiple points ...

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We Don’t Need to Know About Typing, Snapchat

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snapchat-push2Like all Snapchat users, I get a lot of notifications. Because of social media. And for whatever reason, half of those notifications are people typing. Not the actual message, Snapchat just wants me to know that my friends are almost (or accidentally) sending me a message. Because obviously that’s super important. In reality, however, it’s just twice and many pop-ups for half as much action. I don’t need to know someone is typing until they’ve actually sent something. Maybe they’re “typing” with the seat of their pants, or maybe they take forever to send a message – whatever the scenario here, I really don’t care unless there’s something to look at.

So what’s the deal, Snap? Why are you letting us know so many people are typing throughout the day? Is there some type of ...

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Halloween Candy Stats — The Sweet and the Sour (infographic)

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halloween candy infographic stats

Infographic courtesy of

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Don’t Forget to Look Up

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Two months ago I was leaving the bank when I ran into a guy I knew casually but hadn’t seen in about a year. We had a fifty-five-second exchange during which we shared appropriate, cordial information and then mutually agreed to leave things at that. We didn’t even screw up the post-game handshake too badly. As I walked outside and stopped at the driver’s-side door of my mini-van, I thought, “That was nice. That made my day.” Then I realized that I couldn’t recall a single thing we’d talked about.

My generation, we’re a bunch of weird, clumsy people. Our lives are made much easier by the technologies we’ve embraced in the last twenty years, and yet, we’re awkward. We’re not good at making eye contact. We have bad posture and bad eye sight from staring at screens all the time...

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5 Signs Your Startup is Set for Smooth Sailing to Success

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Post by Dave Landry

It takes a real risk-taker and adventurer to take the journey as an entrepreneur and start a new business. Unfortunately, according to Forbes, 9 out of 10 startups go out of business because they fail to prepare themselves for the multiple challenges that lie ahead.

While starting a completely new venture in this economy can be tough, there is no denying that we have seen a lot of success tumble out of businesses that started out in their own garages. Amazon, Apple, Google, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft — all started in a garage.

revenue chart, studying profits and ROI

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Bad timing might be one reason for the failure of a small business or new product, but there are numerous reasons why some ventures are unsuccessful...

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