We’re Over Pop-Up Ads, What’s Next, Marketing Teams?

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NoPopUpsWith more and more users logging online to do their research, entertainment, etc., it’s no surprise that the Internet is also where marketing efforts are focused. Entire teams are devoted to getting more folks to a company’s webpage. With users already online, it’s a lateral move. But one that’s encouraged through any number of efforts. Including banner ads, pay-per-click ads, social media profiles, and more. But lately, it also means pop-up ads. Where sounds and photos – sometimes even entire videos – jump onto our screen without our permission. It’s a move that obstructs whatever we were trying to do, and essentially forces us to pay attention to a brand. That is, until the pre-determined time is over and the ad once again falls to the background.

But here’s the thing, marketing team...

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What Does TSR Do? Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

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question party with confettiWe get it, the mention of robots in The Social Robot can be confusing. And maybe we aren’t that great about marketing our favorite niches sometimes. Two scenarios that, combined, might make it hard to understand what TSR does, or why we’re doing it. To remedy the above, however, we’re making an entire blog dedicated to FAQs – one that explains what we do, where we do it, and why they might need our services. Along with any other questions that might arise along the way.

If you have a question that isn’t answered on the list, feel free to get in touch. You might even see your queue in round two!

What Does TSR Do?

We offer writing and editing services...

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Social Media and Sensationalizing: When Can We Cut the Drama?

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click bait cartoonAlmost every time I log into Facebook, there’s an article about something big and bad that’s taken place. Maybe it’s about something big and good, like someone being cured of cancer. Either way, it’s a topic that’s dramatic and borderline unbelievable – written to gain clicks, not necessarily to inform the reader. Of course there are the rare mediums that have actually done their research and provided fact-checked information. But for the most part, there are titles full of lofty claims with zero-to-little information baking them up. Opinions are blatantly thrown into the writing. And there’s nothing more to the story than the original title – which may or may not have proven itself to be true.

These types of articles are called click bait, and they’ve all but taken over Facebook...

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The Dying Art of Phone Conversations

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talking-on-phoneFor my eleventh birthday party I hosted a sleepover in my family’s newly-finished basement. We had two TV’s, a couch, a bedroom, and a strange glass door with view-obscuring tiles that almost made you think you were looking outside. I would spend hundreds of hours in that basement during the next seven years: watching football, playing Pokemon, and wondering why we had added this befuddling visual feature to our home. Along with the wine cooler and extra sink, the basement included a wireless phone — another thing you could answer and say “Hold on, I’ll see if she’s home,” into.

Post-grade-school, I invested in a deep and meaningful six day relationship with a girl, the highlight of which was screening the movie Dark Water. It ended tragically...

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The Social Robot Will Edit Your 2015 Holiday Card Text, Fo Free

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more-sleigh-bell-cool-mom-picks-funny-holiday-cards_zps379e9a49Are you sending out a holiday card this year? Are you worried about what text will be placed on said card? Do you struggle with apostrophe placement? Or put random quotation marks where they just don’t belong?

Great news, we’re here to help!

This year, to help eliminate all those pesky punctuation mistakes, The Social Robot will edit your holiday cards … for free. No matter what religion or holiday you choose to celebrate, we’ll help you write out the perfect card. The only requirement is that it be in English. (We’re also going to assume you spelled your family members’ names as their birth certificate intended.)

All you have to do is email us the text, and we’ll make sure everything is squared away...

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