Danny Goes Abroad

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I’m in England right now – Oxford to be more specific. I love it here. It makes me feel like the least cool version of myself. It’s not that I feel particularly out of place appearance-wise. I got a haircut before the trip. I dress alright. When I open my mouth, however, I feel distinctly different. I’m sure you’ve heard someone with a British accent speak before, so you understand how cool it is. But until you’ve traveled across the pond, you’ve never been in the minority.Oxford Street

It sounds like a blast: adding the “er’s,” the self-deprecation, the acute politeness. I want nothing more than to join in with my own rendition. I am excluded unfortunately. It’s not that my British accent (whichever incarnation comes out) is terrible by American standards...

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Crushing It with Candy: The Game We Can’t Stop Playing

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If you’re like millions of others (us included), you’ve jumped on board the Candy Crush train. And in all likelihood, the Soda Saga as well. You’re matching and playing your way to the top any chance you get. Whether that means bedtime, while watching TV, or any other spare moment you might happen to get, you’re in the trance. After all, there’s a reason this game is one of the highest grossing of all time. Which is even more impressive considering most of its players opt for free versions. (But maybe accidentally hit the new lives button every week or so.)

For the low-down on your favorite game’s stats (and more), check out this comprehensive infographic.

candy crush saga infogrpahic with stats

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When Social Media Titles Have Morphed into Interesting-Sounding Lies

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pinnochio nose growingSomething new has started happening online. And it’s making me want to stay off of the Internet all together. It keeps me from clicking on links, liking posts, or even trusting online friends’ judgment. No longer can I rest at ease with their web-based decisions. Why? Because there’s an abundance of crap. Articles that promise you’ll “never believe” what comes next, or that something “amazing,” “incredible,” and “absolutely breathtaking,” is about to be seen. Only the content – video or blog – is never any of those things.

It sucks in comparison to their titles.

The first few times, of course, curiosity got the best of you. You clicked. We all did. Only to be disappointed...

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Runaway Ambulance! Performs its First Show Ever

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This is the home stretch. Runaway Ambulance! performs its first sketch comedy show ever tonight. We hope to have an audience of around 300 people. Getting here has taken seventeen members two months. The hours of effort will culminate in one forty-five-minute presentation. Are you nervous? I am.Runaway Ambulance March Show

The most daunting and exciting part of this process has come in this last week. Everything has been theory up until now. As a writer, you form an idea. You trim and tweak to create a tight final product. However, everything can change as you translate words to the stage. We’ve added entirely new dimensions to characters this week as we prepare for tonight. We’ve changed the show order, the music, the final scene. It feels a bit like driving a sedan after practicing with the remote control version...

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Degrees in a Modern Setting: Pros and Cons

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images (3)Years ago, obtaining a degree was an absolute necessity. Unless you were working in a position of labor or planning on being a stay-at-home something or other, obtaining an education was imperative. It’s just what people did; very few questioned the process. But in today’s terms, are those same requirements absolutely necessary? Schools have changed, and so do the ways we take on careers and specialties. As well as the types of specialties that are available.

Students are no longer required to attended in-person classes six days a week. (Yep, college used to be on Saturdays, too.) They can take online classes, attend votech colleges, apply for internships or apprenticeships. Some even earn on-the-job credits...

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