“I’m an intern, and you will treat me with disrespect!”

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devil_wears_prada_meryl_streep_2I’m disappointed with things in my life. Not in like a 45-year-old kind of way, but there’s some things that just didn’t go as planned: I’m not a knowledgeable car guy, I never won a spelling bee, I still don’t know what to do with broken glass. These shortcomings sting (or bleed when mishandled), but the biggest disappointment I’ve suffered in my time on Earth has been my experience as an intern. I’ve done it twice prior to this, and it’s been disgustingly pleasant.

Growing up, every reference to being an “intern” I ever encountered suggested that the arrangement was similar to that of indentured servitude. You were supposed to work tirelessly, scrounging for mere minutes of sleep every night...

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Six Ways to Create a Brilliant Blog

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crossroads picGuest post by Monica Flintoff

Creating a brilliant blog requires dedication, creativity, and patience. If you want to create a brilliant blog, you should examine the best ways to accomplish this goal. Over the years, experts have studied the most effective ways to craft a blog that captures an audience and keeps them coming back to the website.

Here are six aspects you should implement today.

1. Always Have a Clear Business Goal

When you have a clear goal in mind, you will attract more business leads. Keep in mind that when you have a clear goal, you can write in a way to encourage your readers to buy or subscribe. It’s not a difficult process, but it does require work...

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The Need for Quality Photos

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Images are important. There’s just no way around it. As the reach of Internet-based posts continues to grow, so does the importance of using photos that won’t blur or pixelate on a web page. The same goes for printed materials, which can easily smudge as soon as ink hits paper. And as cameras continue to advance, even those that are built directly into our phones, there’s really no excuse for hosting a bad photo. (That is, unless you’re taking screen shots from a favorite 90s TV show, which is itself blurry.)

But with clear images also comes the need for quality poses and facial expressions. (When a questionable picture is clear, it just means you’ll look that much more awkward when making a face...

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How to Use Social Media to Elevate Your Subscription Business

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tablet with floating iconsThe software as a service (SaaS) market grew from $12.2 billion in revenue in 2011 with an expected $21.3 billion by 2015, according to E-Founders. While those numbers are enticing for startups looking to get in on the revenue, it doesn’t give clues for how to build your SaaS empire. Start with a relatively low cost marketing tool like social media to boost subscription sales and recurring revenue. Here’s a roundup of how to break the code on social media marketing and get more signups.

Launch a Webinar on LinkedIn

Tap into the power of webinars to sell subscriptions. Spend a few weeks building up your LinkedIn contacts and your email list before announcing your webinar directly on your LinkedIn account. Solve a problem for your clients in the webinar...

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Facebook’s Ridiculously Ridiculous View Blockade: What Gives?

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The following is based on recent feedback from my personal, business, and client-owned Facebook pages.

facebook meh handBy now it’s no secret that Facebook, the seemingly end-all-be-all of social media, its preventing users from seeing pages. Due to whatever algorithm changes it recently put into place, account owners only see a certain number of posts each day, rather than a combination out of all their likes. Even though “liking” the page should mean an automatic update of posts. (Right? Why else would someone like a page unless they actually wanted to see what was going on?)

Instead, most likely in an attempt to get others to pay for ads or sponsored posts, they’re putting the kibosh on shared content. And page owners are feeling the effects. Hard...

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