The Blogger’s Cheat Sheet Guide: Grammar on the Fly

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Punctuation-faceIt’s long since been argued that blogging grammar and print grammar are two different things. Despite being written in the same language. One is permanent, while one is easily changed. One is delivered to your front door, and one is browsed on your cell phone in passing. But just because blogs are read in the virtual world rather than the physical one, doesn’t mean that punctuation rules can be thrown to the wind. Sure, it may not be life shattering if a comma is misplaced in a blog (then again, it might be), but what about bloggers who never learned grammar rules at all? Rather than taking a crash course before receiving a license, they jump in headfirst. And oftentimes, no one tells them their tactics are wrong.

If you’re that blogger, or if you’re just looking for a cheat sheet the ...

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What’s The Problem With Facebook’s New News Feed?

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Guest post by Daniel Page

facebook problemIn recent weeks, Facebook has been tweaking its news feed, ostensibly to improve the quality of the posts that it delivers to users. Facebook has long used a set of algorithms to determine which content appears in the stream – the algorithms are referred to as EdgeRank (although that’s probably a somewhat obsolete term at this point). In a move that has worried Facebook marketers and others, the social network has tweaked those algorithms so they surface more news and less “junk.”

The goal of improving the content of the news feed is a laudable one, but brands on Facebook have frequently complained that by “curating” the feed, Facebook is artificially limiting their reach...

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Customized Marketing: What we Can Learn From Google Doodles

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harriet tubman google doodleFor anyone who uses Google as their go-to search engine, you know that one of the best parts of the day is the new Google Doodle. Whether honoring a historic figure, holiday, or worldly event, these Google-shaped designs bring together important dates with an all-new take on (arguably) the most recognizable logo. And they do it almost every single day. Or rather, a majority of days. January hosted 17 out of 31 Doodles, some of which even had to share the spotlight. Because they took place on the same day, Google made each their own design and alternated which was displayed, which was true for Josip Vandot’s 130th birthday and the 255th anniversary of the British Museum. (More on this in a second.)

Sure hosting this many Doodles may be time consuming and expensive, but it’s also a Google ...

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In Business, It’s Not What You Say But How You Say It

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Guest post by Kimberly Laws

Businesses–big and small–are as different as the people that run them. Your company possesses special qualities that sets it apart from the competition and its level of success depends on how well you communicate these differences to the public. Yes, in order to thrive, your brand must do more than simply “market” itself. It must have a story.

A great storyteller can take a barrage of sleep-inducing facts and mind-numbingly boring information, identify the parts that would interest the public, and present them in a way that will have readers riveted and begging for book

Become their Hero

All good stories have a lovable protagonist that conquers the forces of evil and saves humanity from some horrible plight. Your company needs to be cast in this heroic role...

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What Social Media Platforms Could Do with a Mascot

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mascotsPractically every sports team ever has been accompanied with some sort of mascot. A character that embodies what type of team they are – and what type of punishment they wish to inflict on their opponents. At least as far as intimidation tactics. Some team mascots far more threatening than others, but each is still there to rile and energize players through game completion.

But that’s not the only task of the mascot. They’re also there to pump up the fans. To get them hooping and hollering through every painful – or joyful – play. They perform favorite cheers, give away t-shirts and other forms of swag...

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