Danny Forms a Sketch Comedy Group

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We started a sketch comedy group called “Runaway Ambulance!” and our first show is in two weeks. Yikes.


Runaway Ambulance 02.18.15I recently came into a wealth of time (I’m in one credit hour at K-State, don’t tell my parents) and have decided to pursue some interests. I called together a group of awesome people who happen to be my friends, and we’ve been making magic for the last three and a half weeks. Whether that magic belongs on a Las Vegas stage or at an ill-fated birthday party remains to be seen. And that’s the fun in all this.

Someone recently asked me, “how do you write and produce sketch comedy?” I dunno. How does anyone do anything? Free time and coffee. I must stress this point: we don’t know what we’re doing, and I think that’s what’s made this so fun...

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Keeping Email Under Control: Why it’s a Necessity

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drowning in unread email messagesThe other day I helped my Mom print something from her email … a Yahoo account. And she had thousands of unread messages. Thousands – most of which were probably junk and simply needed to be deleted. But instead of unsubscribing or kicking the unimportant messages to the curb, she let them compile and grow into an unmanageable level. Where she had become so overwhelmed, she didn’t even know where to start. Where it stressed me out, even though I had zero ties to the account.

In her defense, she rarely uses email. But it’s not as though she’s the only person who handles electronic correspondence this way. I’ve seen and heard about countless others who communicate under the same circumstances...

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Cyber Security: A Modern Day Joke

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bank_robbery_security_moneyAs it stands, commercial cyber security looks about as staunch as bank security in the 1920s. Robberies will happen, and there’s not much the bespectacled man behind the counter can do about it. The size of the company doesn’t matter either. It may even hurt. This calendar year alone — all five weeks of it — has seen the compromise of titans like Sony and Adobe. Home Depot, Target, and a number of celebrity iCloud accounts have been subject to recent hacking as well.

This is made all the more terrifying, given that we are soldiering toward an age of digital currency. Chase Bank now lets you pay with a phone and fingerprint. No thanks. I’ve seen too many heist movies.

In these trying times, it’s important to turn to those with experience...

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I Don’t Have a Phone … and it’s Oddly Satisfying (for now)

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cracked iphone 6 screenLast week I dropped my phone. Face down. On a cement parking lot. The results of which created a very cracked phone screen. All four corners and most of the in-between as well – which, apparently, is very difficult to do. Luckily, the phone still functioned just as well as it always had. It’s just harder to see said functions actually happening.

So I thought I’d get it fixed. So I can actually see what my phone is doing while I’m doing it. But as it turns out, having your phone repaired also means it can’t be in your possession at the same time. Something about not having one’s cake and eating it, too.

Which means, since the repair-deciding incident, I’ve been phone-less. People can’t call me and I can’t call them. I haven’t played Soda Crush in days!

But as it turns ou...

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Web Design Can Make or Break Your Image

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“The times, they are-a changin.” Bob Dylan, of course, was referring to the way one presents one’s self in the Information Age. Now they say 57 is the new 48.5, and that the website has superseded the power suit. That’s right Mad Men, the tie and the cufflinks are being replaced by the tabs and the font scheme. Your avatar is your identity. People work from home; I’ve got a corner office, and it’s in the basement. I’m not saying everything has changed (I still have a 9 A.M. scotch each day), but certainly web presentation has become at least as important as attire when it comes to professional image.

This being the case, I need to put together a site of my own. I want to like the way I look, but alas, tracking down the Men’s Warehouse of web production has not been easy...

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