Blogging is Underrated

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Content is important. It’s a standard website staple that tells visitors who a company is, what they do, and what it is about them that makes them important. And that’s only the beginning. Yet, despite those perks (or rather, basic website protocol), content is regularly overlooked by companies of all sizes. Whether they simply don’t understand the value, or don’t have the know-how to keep an impressive operation up and running, content is one of the most cost-friendly ways to bring in traffic and inform users. Yet it’s continually botched. Sometimes even on and blogging cartoon

Why the Hesitation?

For most businesses, tactics are measured in dollars. If something isn’t benefitting the ROI – or return on investment – it’s placed on the back burner while other options are explored...

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Snapchat is My Jam

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snapchat-ghostsIn the past, I’ve made no secret about my hatred of excessive social media. Especially those platforms which are photo-based. But like every rule, eventually there will be an exception. And mine is Snapchat. The amazing app that allows users to send photos to friends, before it’s deleted forever. (Not true but this post isn’t about politics, so deal.) It’s free to use, lets you pick and choose who you send photos to. It even keeps track of points, as well as BFFs. Not that either of those variables matter … but they also definitely matter. More points = more being awesome, and so on.

Other glorious things about Snap:

  • You can draw on pics
  • You can choose a timeline
  • You can see who viewed your pictures, and when
  • There’s even a texting feature
  • The combination of it all

funny-snapchat-ariel-little-mermaidSince add...

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From Microsoft to Apple – How My Allegiance Changed

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IM-A-MAC-laptop-vinylI’m a Mac. Have been since 2010, when, after purchasing my third computer in five years, I decided to upgrade and save myself the hassle of pouring money into Dell. Also, my computer-nerd brother is a layman Apple spokesperson and had been nagging me about making the switch for a year. So I gave in.

Yes, it was more expensive, but I’ve now had the same MacBook for four years, and the same iPhone for two and a half. (Much to Verizon’s dismay.) Overall, the extra funds were worth paying upfront. Not only have I not had to purchase a new computer, I’ve saved hundreds in anti-virus software and repair bills. And also Tylenol.

Besides, my Mac is fast, compatible, and runs Chrome – and everything else Google –like a champ. Its battery life is even running strong...

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Are Selfies Over Yet?

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phone taking a selfie of itself with a mirrorThe selfie. The photo taking practice that has now turned into an everyday event. One that started out of a necessity – when there simply was no one else to snap a pic – has now become a daily occurrence. Faces are made, poses given, and other events that don’t necessitate the need for a photo. And yet they still take place each and every day. Worse, they’re blasted all across the Internet with hashtags like #selfieSaturday. It’s enough to make this pre-smartphone-er sigh uncontrollably.

Remember back before everyone was carrying a camera at all times? Or when they were, it took only pixelated crappy pics that couldn’t be shared online? Now, with the help of technology, those primitive days have taken a very sharp turn toward ample picture taking, and ample picture sharing on any...

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Protect Your Company From Social Media Commerce Security Threats

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Post by Carla Martin

thumbs down facebook stock photoThe inevitable integration of e-commerce with social media has given businesses an easier way to reach their targeted audience. A 2013 study by Mobstac–compiled into this infographic – found that 75 percent of e-commerce sales came from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest alone. With millions of consumers relying on social media to guide their purchases, it’s more important than ever to be aware of social commerce security threats. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your company from online criminals with the following proactive solutions.

Decrease the Risk of Internal Security Breaches

Although it’s easier to believe that security breaches occur at the hands of external hackers, oftentimes the company’s employees are actually to blame...

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