Does Anyone Use Google+?

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If you Google “irony,” the number one result is “Google+.”Google+ logo internet social media

Social media is an oft over-congested realm with a variety of platforms and endless streams of nonsense. And yet, the arguably most relevant web company in the world can’t seem to make their signature networking experience pop. Google is a gargantuan that has cornered the market on email, collaborative digital storage, and video streaming. How many circles are you in?

When I am directed to my Google+ home page it feels as though an accident has occurred. “I didn’t mean to find myself here. I am lonely.” If Facebook is Grand Central Station, Google+ is a bus stop in Whitefish, Montana.

Looking through my stream is like being in a small room in which two other people are talking out loud to themselves...

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Social Media and SEO Teams Join Forces for Awesome Content

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If you aren’t utilizing SEO with your social media or vice versa, you are falling behind in the world of online content. And when I say falling behind, you are actually miles behind! With the ever increasing trend of people getting on board with different social media platforms and sharing information, it is important that social media and SEO teams are working together. In order to create “share-worthy” content. Share worthy content can be based on a number of factors:

  • Seasonal trends
  • Changes in your current market
  • Demographic factors
  • Society
  • Search traffic – duh!

Google Trends is a great way to find out what is popular at the moment; it shows the very terms people have been searching for...

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Not Everyone Knows What Blogs Are … Or Where the Term Came From, Including Me

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blog image dialogue bubblesAs a blogger (for fun and for money), I tend to assume everyone knows what I do. Everyone. Because of exposure and it being 2015. Even those who don’t deal with the Internet in the slightest. It’s likely the same way others feel about their obscure jobs, except that mine is more relevant and better known than theirs. (You know, because of technology.) But as intern Danny once said, I pulled the wool over my own eyes. No, not everyone knows what blogs are, what blogging is, and what would be the point to such a practice. Even the young ones.

And I need to get over it. So some people in the South don’t know what blogging is – it’s not the end of the world. They’re just too focused on sweet tea to keep up on technologies...

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The People Behind the Biggest Apps in the World (Infographic)

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The People Behind the Biggest Apps in the World, Infographic

Infographic courtesy of

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Can You Afford to Avoid Reputation Management?

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Guest post by Dave Landry, Jr.

In the modern age of social media, it can be very important to maintain a strong and positive reputation. We live in a world where viral content often determines success or failure for online and offline businesses. If you’re not prepared to present your company accurately and effectively in this digital landscape, there could be trouble on the horizon. In order to avoid sending the wrong message, you might want to consider the benefits of reputation management.

Specifically, because the Internet gives everyone the power to speak out about negative experiences, and that negativity has the power to reach millions of eyes...

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