Social Media is Television in the 1960’s

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Kennedy-Nixon-DebateIn 1960, television changed the course of American history. John Kennedy squared off with Richard Nixon in the country’s first ever televised debate. Kennedy’s sparkling youth cast a long shadow over the uncomfortable Nixon. Because of this new medium (and possibly some voter fraud), Kennedy won the election, becoming the youngest president ever elected to the office.

It’s easy to overlook the significance of television when you see ads for the latest season of Real Housewives or anything on HLN. However, every major advancement in the field of media (printing press, radio, Internet, etc.) has been responsible for wholesale historical change.

Social media finds itself in this impactful position at the moment...

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Is It Possible to Decline Invasive Privacy Policies?

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privacy-policy-1Virtually every time we sign up for a new service, compliance is required. It might be agreeing to a new iTunes update, letting Snapchat inform you of ongoing privacy policies (or lack thereof), or signing your life rights away your bank pin number. About every time we sign up for something new – or update our current services – we’re pretty much listing our names on the dotted line. If only metaphorically.

The problem, however, is that we’re rarely aware of what we’re actually signing. What rights we’re waiving and what can (legally) be done with personal information. Because, more often than not, we’re actually agreeing to terms that are above and beyond “normal” personal boundaries...

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Cyber Crime Should Have You Suspicious

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Experian-Logo-BreachHacking made the news again yesterday. This time cell provider T-Mobile and credit institution Experian fell victim. High-profile data breaches are nothing new — I wrote about cyber security in February — but that doesn’t make the increasing risk associated with providing your personal information to institutions any less unsettling. It seems that at this time it is perfectly rational to be a suspicious, paranoid conspiracy theorist when it comes to life on the Internet.

Perpetrators in this most recent cybercrime obtained the data of approximately 15 million T-Mobile customers via a hack of Experian, which handles the cell company’s credit applications. Social Security Numbers, driver’s license numbers, and Passport information are among the encrypted data stolen by the hackers.

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Cons of Selfie Sticks, and Why It’s Time to Move On

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selfie sticksSelfies. Ugh. They are seriously one of the worst trends that’s ever gone mainstream. People taking boring photos of themselves and posting them multiple times per day. Just because they can. But now (actually a few years ago), that trend has gone a step further with the selfie stick. A device that helps achieve a more efficient selfie and the capability to snap from a further angle.

What’s worse is that the product was invented because of a need. People were taking so many pictures of themselves that they needed a better way of obtaining self portraits. Which is also why it’s been dubbed the “narcisstick,” a play on words describing the product perfectly. It glorifies vein boredom.

Not only are selfie sticks a thing that exists (which I’m still not over, BTW) – where pictures are taken wh...

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Do You NaNoWriMo?

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national novel writing month badge logoThis November marks the 16th annual novel writing month. Where, in 30 days, thousands of participants will pen an entire book, from start to finish. A marathon event that’s known as National Novel Writing Month. And it’s taking the Internet by storm.

Sure it’s quirky and it’s fun – that is, if you think writing 50,000 comprehensive words sounds fun – but it’s also grown into far more than that. The event is an online community, a support system for writers and laymen alike. And an outlet where someone can involved in something new (for free) in an incredibly intense, short-lived fashion. It’s a thriving writer’s workshop.

What is NaNoWriMo?

A non-profit organization, NaNoWriMo is an online resource where writers can announce and share their novel. From start to finish...

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