How To Get A Good Reputation When You Have None

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Guest post by Dana Rasmussen

whispering newsStarting a business of any kind is difficult, but what’s perhaps even more difficult is establishing a reputation, especially a good one, when the general public and target demographic are not fully aware of what you can do, who you are, what it means to them, etc.

So how does one establish a good reputation from the ground up? First, take a look at what makes up one’s background.

Thanks to the Internet, a reputation can be broadcast far and wide – great for businesses with a good one, but horrible for those with a bad (deserving of the status or not).

Take a look at some facts about how much the Internet, especially social media, plays a role in reputation management here.

As you can see by the link, 70% of people hear about a consumer’s experience online...

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Why My Grammar is Slipping

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by Bethaney Wallace

Every few months or so, I get a real itch to write about grammar. Mostly how everyone else is doing it wrong. I’m usually inspired by the incredible failures of others, and writing a good “you are ridiculous” post just makes you feel better. In the process, however, I’ve also gotten schooled myself. While pointing out others’ flaws, I recreated the very same (or slightly different) mistakes. Like a real hypocrite.

After years of copy editing and more years of writing, it’s not because I don’t know better, it’s because the odds are just against me. A perfect track record is impossible to keep up, no matter how knowledgeable you are (and I’m by no means on the list of most-knowledgeable grammarians.) And here’s why.

numbersSheer Numbers

When you type thousand...

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Recipe for a Viral Twitter Account

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spreading virusIn an online marketer’s ideal world, social media would follow a simple recipe. With a dash of work, a helping of new followers, and an appropriate amount of baking time, each account would grow and prosper. Sure they’d need maintenance to continue to thrive – much like wine, cheese, or an extremely long-term version of bread – but said maintenance would also make the outcome that much better. After all, it’s a recipe; follow the directions and the final product will be a favorable one.

IRL, however, social media recipes are more of a hodgepodge of knowledge and tasks. In general, what works works, but some profiles might need more – or at least different – tweaking than others...

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Internet safety for kids: What parents in 2014 have to know.

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Guest post by Scott Todd of Mobi Data

keyboardThe Internet, while being one of the most useful tools available, can also pose potential dangers to our children when used carelessly. As parents we want to ensure our children are safe while they do research for school projects online or enjoy multiplayer games but in order to achieve this parents have to be in a knowledgeable themselves regarding computers and the web.

Parents versus the challenges of the internet

The online community of the parenting forum “” have been voicing their concern about e-safety for their kids, and rightly so. A parent’s quest to keep kids safe online is futile when kids know more about the Internet than parents, who should know as much about the online world and its “cheats” as their children...

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Drowning in Emails: The Post-Holiday Curse

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gmailEvery Monday, I’m met with tens of emails that are complete crap. This is on top of an incredibly strict junk filter and random check ins to delete the filth. Yet, still, the start of every week is met with almost an hour of deleting, responding, and putting off for a later date. For legitimate emails, it’s a task I’ll happily take on – it’s also a necessary one. But all the spam or email lists that I never signed up for are something else. They’re a waste of time.

Then, a break like the holidays comes along, and the email delay is increased rapidly. Chains are sending out holiday tips, many emails are sent with an auto reply, and sales have never been higher. There are pre-holiday sales, post-holiday sales, celebrate-it’s-a-Monday sales, and sneeze-and-get-20%-off sales...

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