Startup Creates Online Memorial Space … In a Non-Creepy Way

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candle pictureHow many times have you logged into Facebook to see a memorial or in-memory-of page? Smack dab in the middle of your newsfeed and surrounded by an eCard and an offensive meme. Whether the pages was recent or developed to last for the long haul, these memorials offer many a much-needed outlet to cope with a loss. But while the thinking behind it may be solid, in practice it never quite comes off as sincere. Or as if it’s in the right place. “I miss you” posts get jumbled within the rest of the Facebook community, creating an awkward read and a platform that doesn’t do the messages justice. They become just another piece of the Facebook puzzle.

Which is why a new startup,, created an outside, more appropriate place to put them...

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Why it’s Time to Create an Internet Lingo App

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the lingo show with bugsAbout three times per week (sometimes more) I come across a new piece of Internet lingo. It might be an acronym, it might be a hashtag, or just some generalized term that’s been turned into something different. Simply of context from its traditional dictionary definition. Whatever its journey into Internet understanding, however, it’s clear that pretty much everyone else knows what it means. So I look up the phrase (usually on Urban Dictionary), and roll my eyes at how ridiculous it is. Either the term in general or my not having known it.

Personal feelings aside, however, it’s high time someone invented an acronym identifier. Preferably in app form. That way, whenever I look at some rando phrase and have no idea what it means, I’m roughly two taps away from getting an answer...

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3 Apps to Kick Off Your Marketing Strategy and Keep It Organized

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phone apps icons illustration designMarketing is a high-tech proposition in the 21st century. Long gone are the days when just putting an ad in the Yellow Pages, putting up a billboard, and handing out brochures at trade shows were enough to bring customers to your door. Today, you need to reach people in a variety of ways, and most of the really effective methods are online.

If you’re a business owner on the go, like most are today, it may seem like there’s no time for marketing, or that you need to hire someone to do it for you. However, with these 3 apps, you can kick off your online marketing campaign and keep it organized wherever you are, simply by using your mobile device. It’s the 21st century way to do business.

1. Google Docs

With Google Docs, you can share important documents with anyone in your organization, or e...

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Professional Goals – Why You Don’t Need to Conform

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guy climbing latter and viewing over the sunrise

Last week I talked to a group of college students about professional journalism, at which their professor expressed the importance of writing goals down. And while I understand the sentiment, I don’t necessarily agree. So long as you never stop working toward something better, why waste time with a pencil?

When I first started with freelance writing, practically every resource I came to encouraged the importance of goals. Personal goals, monetary goals, deadline goals – in virtually any aspect where expectations could be measured, these experienced writers said to create an expectation. Sure you might not always reach a goal, but having it there allows you to better evaluate where you’re at, and how to can make it happen the next time around.

Despite their insistence, I was hesitant...

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Prepositions Can (And Should) Act as a Sentence Caboose

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“You shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition at.” Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock

Hundreds of years ago, some grammar snob came up with the idea that we should never ever end sentences with prepositions, ever. For whatever reason, he determined these words were the worst possible way to enter into punctuation. And ever since, school-age children have been memorizing lists of prepositions and losing sleep about whether or not they ended papers with the dreaded words. (After spending countless class periods scratching out prepositional phrases with push-to-sharpen pencils.)i love prepositions -- book cover for grammar activities

Yet – much like two spaces after the period – this grammar tactic just might be a myth. While English lovers still disagree on the subject, there’s plenty of evidence saying it’s all just a load of crap...

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