Social Media Trends: #tbt

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Biscuit_Thursday_Trends_Social MediaHope y’all are enjoying the muck of this mid-May spring teaser outside. The weather’s nasty, but I’m excited. I’m downright giddy. I’m pink in the cheeks because this is one of my favorite days of the week: #tbt. That’s right, I love me some “Tasty Biscuit Thursday.” Every week I find a photo of one of my favorites and plaster it all over the social medias. This Thursday it’s a gem from Aunt Liza’s Christmas Bake a few years back. Hot dog! (or should I say “hot butter”) Just look at the way those suckers browned up perfect on the edges.

Shoot-darn, if it weren’t for all these #trends every day I dunno what would get me outta bed in the morning. When the sun rises I spring from my slumber, ready to tackle the day’s topic...

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Is There a “Right” Way to Write a Diary?

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dear diary picture days of the weekLast night I was watching Gilmore Girls (a great show), during which one of the characters admitting to having taken a “diary-writing course.” Where he (yes it was a he) learned how to “properly” jot down thoughts, even if they were private. He then said that he’d enjoyed the course very much. It was worth taking and even encouraged others to do the same. (To my knowledge there is no real such class, but if you’re willing to sign up, I’m willing to teach it. Probably.)

There’s no denying that episode was weird. They all are, it’s one of the reasons I love the show. But it did get me to wondering about diary writing, and whether or not people think there’s actually a way they should be doing it.

As a taker of many creative writing classes, I’ve done some seriously quirky...

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Tips for Getting your Phone Fixed: A Cautionary Tale

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smartphone-iphone-repairAs I may have written, a few months ago I busted my iPhone 6 screen. (Really, in Internet terms, who can remember that far back?) And getting it fixed was the longest, most stressful experience of my life. So as a warning, if you do what I did – if you break your iPhone 6, or any smartphone for that matter – don’t cheat. Don’t try and cheap out. Pay the smart folks, the ones who know what they’re doing, and let them fix it right.

You’ll only save money in the long run. And stress, in infinite amounts.

Rather than taking care of it that day – which is OBVIOUSLY what I should have done – I ordered online. I found the cheapest screen available, and I ordered it. I thought they were all the same. They are not all the same; it was cheap for a reason.

Since being installed, my sc...

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Improvisation as a Writing Tool

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Improv_Danny_Stage_PerformanceA portion of my bio on this website includes a bit about me performing improvisation. It occurs however, that without a concrete definition, you the reader are left to presume what exactly that entails. The most instinctual picture is probably one of Drew Carey and his friends playing with ridiculous props. Or perhaps it’s a lame 20 minutes from a corporate get-together. (This one time, at an all-night church volleyball tournament, an improv troupe featuring an Aristotle-looking dude in his early sixties performed at 1 AM. The senior member made at least five poop jokes in 15 minutes.) However, improv is more than goofy voices and flailing arms. It’s a tool, an outlet, and a stand-alone performance medium.

The word “comedy” is often added just behind improv. This is another misnomer...

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Citizens Are Shaping Baltimore Coverage

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The events taking place in Baltimore garner attention for obvious reasons. The instances of police brutality undeniably have been at the forefront of national conversation for the better part of a year now. Just as it did in Ferguson, public response has raised questions and commentary from those participating and those thousands of miles away. The wrinkles formed by the duality of protesting and rioting are being ironed out with the blunt instrument of point-of-view. Through all of the commotion, an interesting phenomenon is occurring at the ground level, and it’s all thanks to social media.

Baltimore_Fox News_JournalismFor the first time in the case of a large-scale American public protest, it feels as though the people are shaping the narrative as much as major media outlets...

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