The Future of Social Media: How Will It Affect Your Business?

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Guest post by Hilary Smith

It’s obvious that social media is here to stay, and it’s become nigh impossible to find any individual or business that isn’t participating in some form of it. The benefits for any business are clear to see as you can communicate publicly with customers, combining advertisements and customer support into one organic, transparent conversation. The entire process opens up brand images to people as something that they can interact with the same way as they do their friends, which allows marketing to take a much less aggressive stance and instead be interesting and emotional.

facebook and the worldOne thing that gives businesses fits about social media, however, is its constantly changing landscape...

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Who Needs Tools When They’ve Got the Internet?

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scientific calculatorJust a few years ago, school children were stuck using their imagination. A technology gap of which I, too, was a victim. Books were required of lessons or for pleasure-based reading. Indoor recess time (for days it was too cold or too rainy) meant tag or board games, not tablets or computers. And grades wouldn’t be learned until days later – auto electronic grading had yet to become a thing.

For one, this meant learning was more authentic. Rather than searching terms or methods, we had to discuss with teachers or fellow students. It also meant things were more expensive. Sure tablets and computers come with a large price tag, but considering that books are $100+ a pop (vs. their $20 electronic counterparts), the savings are almost immediate...

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The Effects of Technology in Jobs (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Guest post by Jenny Beswick

In the social world we live in, technology is crucial and vital to surviving. Every day we see new developments being born, advanced technology being enhanced and this all helps to keep our world evolving. So how exactly is technology affecting jobs and productivity?

The data graphic below  you an insight into how transformation is taking place. In the UK alone, IT jobs has been one of the most improved jobs sectors alongside scientific jobs, manufacturing jobs, catering and hospitality jobs , and accounting and finance jobs. It is interesting to see that with improvements there are still declining job sectors; trade, construction, retail, travel, HR and graduate jobs all took a hit between 2012 and 2013.

So where do we currently stand in 2014 and what is the f...

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Yes THIS Is My Job – FAQs about Being a Professional Writer

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A few weeks ago I took a quiz – a classic Buzzfeed one – to identify which Friends character I am most like. Twelve completely random questions later, it was revealed that I “am” Chandler, my second-favorite actual character. (Phoebe wins.) But when reading the description, I realized I really am Chandler. I tell jokes when I’m uncomfortable. I (maybe) have a heart of gold. And most tellingly, no one knows what I do for work. Sure I’ve told them – repeatedly – but for the most part, folks have no idea what I do every day.chandler bing friends

So to save all of us some heartache, I decided to craft this nifty little blog. Where I answer all the FAQs about my job. (Or at least, what I want to tell you about my job...

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Top Content Marketing Trends of 2014

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Guest post by Gerald Brown

Vector internet marketing conceptContent marketing isn’t going anywhere. If anything, it’s going to become more integral to business marketing. The Content Marketing Institute notes that 58 percent of business-to-business marketers and 60 percent of business-to-consumer marketers plan to increase their content marketing budgets in 2014.

This budgetary expansion is being driven by trends that increase the value of the content itself. Looking ahead at the next year, businesses and products of all shapes sizes — from global consumer products like laptops down to your local clothing boutique — will be wise to leverage these market changes to improve exposure and sales quality. Here are the top trends that will change content marketing in 2014:

Conversational tones will proliferate

Using a conv...

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