My Terrible, Awful Experience with Verizon … Yet Again

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verizon logoA few weeks ago I ordered a new phone. And I thought it’d be fairly painless experience. Like the last time when I ordered my phone online, and the only shade Verizon threw was asking me too many times if I was sure about not getting insurance. (Yes I’m sure, it lasted three+ years and isn’t really cost-effective seeing as you still have to pay to get a new phone, while paying every month.)

But I was wrong. This time around things went terribly wrong. Ridiculously and frustratingly wrong. It’s not like Verizon and I haven’t had our issues in the past, but events were to only happen few and far between. This time, however, the hits just kept coming.

Not only did I have issues with ordering, I had problems with my delivery address, confirmation, delivery date, and activation...

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Case Study: Snapchat vs. Facebook (Infographic)

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Ever wonder how these two social media monsters stack up? Especially in relation to one another? The tech-savvy folks over at DPFOC did the math — and the research — in order to give us the DL. Check out their stats to learn just how Facebook and Snapchat work in relation to one another, and who might be on top in some areas vs. others.

Snapchat Versus Facebook Infographic
Courtesy of :DPFOC

Infographic by Eddie O’Driscoll, managing director of DPFOC.

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I Just Created an Instagram Account, No Really

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instagram camera logoHold the phone guys. I just made an Instagram account. For myself. And I’m not even lying. (Or at least I won’t be lying by the time this post goes live.) If you’re wondering why this is a big deal, check this out. Also, I’m a long-time advocate against the selfie; retracting now would be of serious hypocrite status. As well as an advocate against spending one’s life on social media … which is one of the reasons I’ve never ventured into this territory before.

But as more and more of my friends are opting for the photo-based site rather than Facebook, the safe and familiar place with which I’ve held an account since 2006, it’s time for me, too, to follow suit. Not getting rid of Facebook; that’s crazy talk, just revoking the previous Instagram ban.

It feels like the rig...

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Tools for the On-the-Go Blogger

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SEO web design concept: Blog on smartphoneGetting content posted regularly is crucial for successful blogging, which means a lot of bloggers post on the go. More and more, the phone is replacing the laptop as bloggers take photos, share on social media and even compose their blog posts with mobile apps. On WordPress alone, there are nearly 65 million blog posts each month, according to its official website. For blogging on the go, these top mobile tools help you write content, edit photos and publish posts from anywhere in the world.

Camera and Photo Editing

Bloggers often use images from their phones for their social media and blog posts. Before investing in a new phone with a camera, make sure it can get the job done. If you’re thinking of upgrading, you may want to do a side-by-side comparison of the models in question...

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For “Slowy”: An iPhone 4S Eulogy

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In the wake of my phone’s recent passing, I thought it would be appropriate to share some words on its behalf. It’s never easy to lose a friend. Thank you for allowing me to grieve.

My iPhone 4S, you leave me now, but you are not forgotten. Maybe that video is for real and I’ll end up bending my 6 — then we can be reunited. For now, I want to remember you. I want to remember all of you: the young, vibrant phone you once were; the struggles you overcame; even the later months, when it got hard to take care of you. You were always there.

I recollect first bringing you home from the Sprint store. I downloaded Instagram, cause I thought I’d be into that. I took like twelve pictures and don’t remember my log-in.

Only weeks later we headed north to Green Bay to work for the summer...

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