Buy an Apple, Just Hope it Doesn’t Break

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blue imacI had an iMac with the blue shell on the outside.

After serving as the family computer for a number of years, I was allowed to house this machine on my personal desk. It ran slowly, taking eight minutes on average to boot up. It could browse the Internet, sort of. It didn’t feature a true word processor, but TextEdit allowed me to get by. Ultimately, at age 11, it was awesome to have my own computer.

My parents had moved on to the iMac model with a circular base and flexible arm attached to the screen. After that it would be a G5 tower, and then a new iMac. My dad runs a monitor hooked to an old macbook in the upstairs office. I’m typing this post on an iMac...

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The Retail Shopping Experience is Changing

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Amazon-LogoFor Christmas this year I got my girlfriend (and myself) a DVD player. Amongst the boxes of dishes, clothing, and appliances we lugged to Dallas when moving, we failed to bring with us this integral piece of technology.

Between the two of us, we subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Go, so a DVD player may seem both dated and extraneous. However, we possess a collection of physical movies and television shows not readily found on the big streaming services.

Included in this group are all of the James Bond movies. I love 007. I have since pre-pubescence. The mystery (the plots are unwittingly confusing), the stunts, the settings: they’re understandably enticing to a 13-year-old. On a recent day off from work I decided to pop in a few Bond films for background noise.

I’ll admit, like...

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The Best Book-Based Apps

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Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.27.43 AMReading can be rough … as can tech. With both subjects, there is simply too much to navigate. Too many books that have been written, too many aps to explore – so many choices that it’s overwhelming to even know where to begin. Which is why we rely on the advice and reviews of others who have tried them out first. Expert advice from fellow book nerds, and opinions from others who were there already … hence, the best and most useful book apps around.

Out of all our reading days and tested tech experience, here are our favorite models.


Not only is this app great for looking up reviews and determining whether or not you’ll like a book, it’s ideal for keeping track of what you’ve already read. If you’re into that type of thing...

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Cord Cutting Crosses Over to Sports

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NBA-League-PassBasketball ranks as one of the more divisive professional sports. Some find the 84-game season too long, others prefer the college version. Personally I love the NBA, and I can produce more than a few posts-worth of arguments as to why the professional product is superior. (Would you watch the freshman B-team over varsity?) Alas, this is not a sports blog, so consider yourself spared. But in the era of binge watching, even the non-fan can appreciate a quality viewing experience.

NBA League Pass is Netflix for basketball aficionados. And much the way streaming services are changing the television-watching experience, on-demand sports packages change our relationship with the teams we love...

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Content Marketing Changes to Implement in 2016

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Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.05.27 AMWith the New Year comes new goals to put into place. Simple to elaborate changes that can streamline everyday responsibilities – as well as those that simply make you feel better about how things are done. That goes for your personal life, your business, and of course, your marketing tactics. While there was plenty that was to be adjusted in 2015, and which helped business of all sizes to grow their reach, it’s once again time to look at how content helps you advertise.

Check out the latest predictions on how 2016 will change how we see online text, as well as what steps will help provide the biggest impact.

Focus on Quality

Still coming from changes where Google (and other search engines) are cracking down on spam, it’s time to focus on the quality of website writing...

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