The Power of Sitcoms: Everyday Terms From Seinfeld

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1035x888-seinfeld1800-1404318388If you were anywhere near a remote in the 90s, chances are you happened upon Seinfeld. The situation comedy staring its namesake, Jerry Seinfeld, and a slew of other iconic actors. All of whom are known almost exclusively as their famous characters from the show. But faces and mannerisms aren’t the only things NBC’s creation brought us, in fact, when considering all of the sayings, phrases, and pop culture references, they’re well down the list of Seinfeld legacy.

This continued attention is a tribute to great writing, an incredible fan base, as well as a show that was able to make it – and gain incredible rankings – for a decade-worth of seasons. A pretty impressive feat, especially considering it’s terms are still usable (and recognized) today, 20-some years after the fact...

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Free is Temporary, the Internet is Forever

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paywall-imageEveryone loves free stuff, right? Coupons, buy-one-get-one-free, it comes in many forms. The Internet has been the great purvayor of “free” since its origins. Open-source contributions built what we know and love today. YouTube allows one to stream trillions of hours of content for no charge. WordPress offers free accounts to construct personal websites and blogs.

In fact, because “free” is the standard, it takes a rather immaculate product to get consumers to open their digital check books. For $8/month, Netflix presents mountains of high-quality TV shows and movies, and even its own original programming.

Part of what helped the streaming service succeed was its early adoption paywall. A paywall, for those who are unfamiliar, is essentially a barrier to content...

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Naming Your Business: When to Avoid Trends

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saveri-future-trendsIn today’s culture, it’s almost nothing to coin a brand. To found an idea for a company where you have all the logistics worked out. Actually taking those steps to move forward is another story, however. But that doesn’t stop thousands of folks from thinking up ideas on a daily basis. Some might even have multiple ideas stocked away, just waiting for the right time to strike out and bring their ideas to life.

In either scenario, it’s time to talk about business names. How people are picking increasingly trendy names for their companies – whether in fruition or beginning planning stages. Names that incorporate “ility,” “ly,” “ology,” etc. Where spaces don’t exist and punctuation is weird and confusing...

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The Value of Internet Backlash

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Vanderbilt-Tweet-BacklashI’ve written about Twitter before. It’s of course a great way to start conversations about emerging topics. It’s also a repository for Internet runoff. An environmental hazard in the wrong hands. Twitter can function as an avenue to engage customers or fans, but it’s often a dual-edged sword (like most swords). The Vanderbilt University football program used this weapon unsuccessfully on Thursday.

As I wrote before, companies and organizations need a heightened sensitivity in regards to the content of their media. Vanderbilt football made a mistake tweeting “we don’t need your permission,” as part of a promotional slogan for the upcoming season. Twitter users were upset by the perceived flippant attitude toward rape culture. The tweet was rash, insensitive, and ultimately dumb...

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Facebook Friendship: An Argument for Holding On

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Screen-shot-2013-01-24-at-16.44.54A few weeks ago, Danny wrote this blog about wishing Facebook friends happy birthday. How, if you’re not willing to do it, you shouldn’t be “friends” with them at all. But mostly you should be willing to do it. And today, you’re in for a real treat. Because I’m about to write out all the reasons he is wrong.

First off, Facebook friendship shouldn’t come with an obligation. It’s online, impersonal, and has seriously changed the way we view someone as a “friend.” Unfortunately, Zuckerberg didn’t have the foresight to call the connections “acquaintances” and now we’re stuck with the term. (Though, in all likelihood, he probably thought we would actually be friends with the people we associate with online, leaving his intentions intact – he just underestimated his own reach.)

Anyway, even if...

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