Thoughts on Social Media For Writers

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By Karen Eisenbraun

A while ago, I had my Twitter profile (@HaveANamaste) on my computer screen at my “day job,” and one of my coworkers spied it.

“You have a Twitter?” he asked in a tone that conveyed both disgust and amusement.
“Of course,” I told him. “I’m a freelancer.”Grandma loves Twitter“So? Why do you need a Twitter?” Given that this is someone who spends little time in front of a computer outside of work and refuses to join Facebook, it isn’t surprising that he would fail to see the importance of social media for someone who is, at least part-time, self employed. But what amazes me is when this attitude persists among my freelancing colleagues.

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B-Sides: Why Bing Sucks

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grumpy puppyby Bethaney Wallace

Bing! Bing! When I hear this form of onomatopoeia, I’m reminded of two things. One is an old fashioned cash register that is excited to accept payments. Each time an operator open its drawer, it bings loudly and proud—the kind of register that would have been in a candy store or soda shop. The second thing I’m reminded of is Chandler Bing, “Friends” character and joke enthusiast. A man who co-invented Fire Ball and became an unpaid intern in his late 30s. Neither of these things are something I would ask for advice, let alone help me make a decision. However, “Bing” is what Microsoft chose to name its so-called “decision engine.” Their search engine marketed to help users make decisions—from everyday ones like where to buy the cheapest potatoes, to epic ones, like which wedding venue to book. It’s like a little therapist packed into your computer. Congratulations Microsoft, you’re bringing the world one step closer to getting rid of deductive reasoning skills all together.

The ...

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What is Social CRM?

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wordgram SEOLike anyone else in the business world, you’ve probably heard about social customer relationship management (CRM). Yes, “social CRM” is a popular buzzword right now, but it’s also an important concept that businesses need to understand so they can better serve their customers.

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15 Print & Online Magazines for Online Entrepreneurs

Category: BloggingBusiness Comments: 15 comments – A wealth of daily resources for the entrepreneur. Inc. gives detailed, step-by-step guidelines for starting and maintaining any kind of business. Readers can receive articles that are relevant to current times and feature stories that inspire strategies and approaches for good growth. It really is a one-stop shop for those doing business. With blogs, templates and tools, newsletters and (a video channel that highlights stories of successful businesses), the entire experience is practically made to order.


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Groupon Makes Coupons Cool Again

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Graphic from the magnificent Oatmeal

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