Mobile Monitoring Software For Tracking Kids

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kids mobile cell phone security

kids mobile cell phone securityEnjoy this guest post by Cynthia Tolliver while we are at SMX East!

Smartphones are the craze with kids. The multiple uses of smartphones have kids being glued to them. Apart from using for their academic related activities, the smartphones are being used by them for entertainment activities also. In the process of downloading games and watching movies and cartoons, they unknowingly visit suspicious and fraudulent websites, which thrive on exploiting the kids. In order to protect kids from such mobile and internet threats, it is advisable to install mobile monitoring software on their mobile phones. By installing the mobile monitoring software, parents can keep a track and monitor their kid’s activities.

Most of the monitoring software currently available have parental control software. You can choose from the many cell phone spy software like Mobile Spy, My Mobile Watchdog, Phonesheriff, Mobistealth, Stealthgenie that offer features that help a parent to monitor his kid. Install the software by downloading it from the vendor website.

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How to Create a Great LinkedIn Bio

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Enjoy this guest post by Kerry Butters while we are at SMX East!

As many of you will already know, LinkedIn is the choice of professionals when it comes to social networking. Whilst Facebook and Twitter are a great marketing tool, LinkedIn is a professional networking tool where you can find like-minded people within your industry, as well as search for jobs and connections which are valuable to your working life.

With around 150 million users, the demographics on LinkedIn are very different to the ones you will see on other social media sites and is predominantly used by males between the ages of 25 and 57 years, although this is something that is changing.

What isn’t changing though, is the ethos of the site and so if you really want your profile to make a professional impact, then it’s worth spending some time on your bio. This will ensure that you show up in search results and you can really use the site as a platform for showcasing your professional interests.

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What Freelancers Shouldn’t Do

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freelance stamps

Freelancing – a term that is often associated with the brave, the hard up, or the unemployed – is a growing trend across all markets. From construction, to reporting, to Internet-based entities (such as TSR), freelancing is showing brick and mortars they’re not the only successful market available.

And considering all the perks, it’s no surprise why. Other than not receiving health insurance or a matched retirement plan, it’s a pretty sweet gig. Having been freelancing full time for some time now, I’ve decided it’s more than a great call. If I don’t want to take a project, I don’t. If I want to take a day off, I do it. Sure there’s a few down sides, like forever chasing down payments from clients who assume you’re born with a trust fund or stash of jewels. And then there’s the occasional unpaid bill that’s returned with a summons. But for every client that threatens with legal action, there’s 10 more good guys, just waiting to compliment your work and pay within the hour.

Every day is a real crapshoot, and I’ve yet to have a workday resemble another – an aspect I consider the biggest perk of all.

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What Are Your Favorite Ways to Watch Streaming Content Online?

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crackle streaming movies

By Kelsey Jones

There are a lot of ways to watch video online, offering so much flexibility and options that some savvy users have forgone a monthly cable bill in exchange for an internet connection and a paid video subscription service. This may be a good option for people that are trying to cut their bills and save money; especially if they don’t want much TV anyway.

Hulu Plus: $7.99/month: Hulu Plus offers unlimited TV streaming for only $7.99 a month. It has partnerships with many well-known TV networks, like FOX and NBC. Brand new shows are usually available online the day after they originally aired on TV. Besides new episodes of TV shows, it also offers TV episodes of older TV shows or seasons.


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Are Facebook Invites Kosher?

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Old School Seals design

In a time where paper is giving way to digital, it seems that online invitations – or rather evites – are taking our virtual mailboxes by storm. Whether through Facebook, Google Alerts, or some other third party, these online businesses are offering users an even easier way to throw parties, showers, and other people-gathering events. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse and almost an entire guest list can be informed, invited, and asked to confirm.

In theory, these evites are the lazy man’s way of getting things done cheaply and efficiently. When looking deeper, however, there’s an entire set of underlying problems to be found. Despite their convenience, evites lack far more then they offer. From lack of a personal touch to unwillingness to answer, evite complaints come in across the board.

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