Why QR Codes Aren’t Being Used Correctly

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QR codes as they are most commonly called, were initially created by a subsidiary of Toyota in Japan in 1994, Denso-Wave. The QR codes helped track the status of parts that were being shipped. 

These barcodes are big in Japan and South Korea and are just now gaining steam in the United States. However, I believe that marketing campaigns have taken the QR code hostage and are now abusing it. Here are the main qualms about using QR codes in marketing campaigns:


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GetGlue Announces Integration With FourSquare; Partnership with NFL Network and More

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GetGlue announced today that their new updated website and iPhone app now offers the ability to check into FourSquare AND GetGlue simultaneously, so users can post updates that look like this:

  • “I’m watching ‘The King’s Speech’ @ AMC 30″
  • “I’m reading ‘Twilight’ @ Kansas City Public Library”
  • “I’m listening to ‘Weezer’ @ The Midland by AMC”

These types of updates allow for a total user experience that also integrates other features of networks like Twitter and Facebook— including trending TV shows, movies, music, etc.; Suggestions based on a user’s check-in behavior; and more rewards and badges for the most check-ins to a sporting event or TV show.

Another major announcement by GetGlue is their partnerships with the following sports networks:

  • NHL (NHL S...
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Ten Reasons I Didn’t Follow You Back on Twitter

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Twitter ComicWhenever I get a new Twitter follower, I always check them out. I don’t automatically follow everyone who follows me. I save up my e-mail notifications and make a few moments to look at them when I’m in between other tasks or need a break. I look at their most recent tweets, maybe check out their blog, see if I want to network with them in another way or add them to a list.

So if I don’t follow someone back, it’s because I’ve determined that doing so would not add any value to my Twitter experience (or they are clearly spam). Here are the most common reasons I don’t follow my followers:

  1. Your tweets are nothing but retwee...
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5 mistakes that bloggers make that can lead to lawsuits

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By Charles Borromeo
The majority of bloggers are more concerned about how much traffic they can get and fail to consider some of the issues that may be associated with blogging. Indeed there are some legal issues that may be associated with blogging and it will be interesting for you to protect yourself from these problems.
courthouseCopyright Infringement
How many times have we been tempted to use Google Image Search as a source for images? We should not forget that these images have owners and that we will be putting ourselves at risk by using them on our blog posts. As far as possible go for images that are released under the Creative Commons License (make sure that you read the license well) if you are looking for quality images to post on your blog. If you use images on a regular basis it might also be a good idea that you sign up with a stock photography site such as Fotosearch.com.

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How to Find Great SEO Keywords

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By Lance Williams

A little bit of research will reap large rewards when deciding on what keywords to target for your website or blog. It may be just a difference of a few words that will take you from a low ranked site to a high ranked one. But the key is finding the right keywords. Follow these tips to find the best keywords and ultimately increase your web traffic by connecting with targeted traffic.

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