Best Internet Time Killers

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Guest Post By Jordan Mendys

clockIf there is one thing that the internet has solidified in its rich history, it is the ability for its users to find creative ways of wasting time. While Youtube is maybe the most celebrated viral outlet, there are many websites that offer users amazing content that will get you through any slow day. Below are not solely the best sites to go to, but also a mix in content for everyone. This is sure to break any entertainment slump.


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How Online Customer Service Can Hurt

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take a number

As an online shopping aficionado, I consider myself well versed in all that is email customer service. I know how to contact a company, what details to include, and how to receive shipping refunds when a package is more than a few days late. In the same sense, because there are so many companies that have it together (Amazon, iTunes, etc.), I’m equally appalled by those who, well, don’t. Rude emails, late responses, and no option of a survey are all signs of amateur sites … and I’m willing to bet their sales are a clear reflection.

Who wants to buy from a company who belittles, ignores, or just simply tells you you’re wrong? Not this online shopper, especially when the same items can be found on hundreds of other sites. When competition has never been higher, customer service is one of the few details that helps put you over the edge.

Automated Responses Behaving Badly

Whether or not it’s true, the-customer-is-always-right mantra is a good rule of thumb. Even when said customers are clearly wrong, type gingerly and offer positive suggestions. It is not customer service’s job to assign levels of stupidity, only to help fix the issue so future shopping can commence. Oftentimes, however, the former is the case.

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Don’t Mind the Mess

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Don’t mind our mess! We are in the middle of moving to a new design so you may notice some messes here and there until we are up and running.

Let us know if there is anything you need! Shoot us an email by using the Contact form.

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Computer Nerd Since 1991

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By Kelsey Jones

While taking photos of children’s artwork (specifically, my artwork) for Crappy Kid Art, we came across this gem (Childress is my maiden name):


Guess I have been nerding out on computers since 1991. I’m assuming this is all the credentials you need to hire us for search and social media marketing. If it seems like a certificate-holder in Disk Drive and Space Bar for hire seems too good to be true, feel free to check out our Portfolio and About Us pages.

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How to Find Free Online College Courses

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By Kelsey Jones

studyingAfter my cousin, a biochemist with his doctorate, posted a link to a free nutrition class from Coursera,I knew I had to share this great resource. Coursera is an organization that works with top universities, like Stanford, the University of Michigan, and the University of Pennsylvania is teach real college classes online to anyone. For free. The majority, if not all, of the classes feature recorded lectures or videos that students watch each week. Some classes require reading and students take quizzes, finals, or midterms—just like a regular college course.

Here are some of the the classes currently open to sign up that might be of interest to internet marketers or others working in the digital industry.

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