Using Pinterest for Business Marketing

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By Kelsey Jones

PrintIf my last post was an indication, I am obsessed with Pinterest. It is a great way to relax while watching TV and it also is a great way to get ideas for home decorating, parties, and new recipes. Pinterest launched in March 2010 and has recently been valued at $200 million (as of August 2011).

A Brief Overview

As explained before, Pinterest is a social-sharing site where users can “pin” images and videos to boards, which are separated into categories. The visual appeal of Pinterest is what makes it so addicting (to me, at least). Users can also connect their Pinterest account with Facebook and Twitter in order to start following their Twitter and Facebook friends on Pinterest. When you follow someone on Pinterest, it is similar to following them on Twitter—when you log in, you are shown the latest pins from people who you have followed:


Screenshot of my view when I log in.

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Technology Growing Pains

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by Bethaney Wallace

Way back when Facebook first started, it was an elitist club. Only those enrolled in a university – a university with @ their domain email address – could join. And they meant it too. Before I transferred up into the Big XII, I went to a tiny college that didn’t believe in distributing its own email addresses. I wasn’t allowed to have a Facebook account. In fact, a fellow classmate of mine hacked a university email address from a man in Kentucky, and received a personal message from Mr. Zuckerberg himself, stating his disappointment. In just a few years, Facebook has gone from personally apprehending those attempting to make a profile, to servicing more than 800 million active users, regardless of education status.

Anymore, it’s no surprise to see a grandmother or...

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Unique Website and Social Media Marketing Opportunities Offline

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By Kelsey Jones

volumeIf you know where to look, there are several opportunities that allow businesses to combine their online and offline marketing campaigns. Any piece of business material can be used as an additional marketing opportunity. Below are some of the common places to increase business awareness in materials that are used every day.

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Gathering Custom Printing Inspiration Online

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By Kelsey Jones

Inspiration is all around on the internet, which offers a variety of blogs and websites that share custom printing ideas and artwork. If you or your business is placing a custom online printing order, it will definitely pay off to scour the internet for examples and inspiration. Looking at photos of what others have done will be a starting point to create an original design. It is important to note that businesses shouldn’t copy others’ work; but most people are happy to share resources and inspiration as long as their work is always attributed to them and a business isn’t copying their ideas. No one likes to have their ideas duplicated without receiving compensation or attribution for their work. If a business does want to use an artist’s work, it is best to contact them first.

PrintIn order to gather insp...

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Social Media in the Movies

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By Bethaney Wallace

Within the past few decades, social media has not only made its debut into the world of Hollywood, but became an A-list star. What started out as a simple mention or quick email has now turned into the subject for entire films. Nowadays it’s the norm for films to feature actors with giant-screened phones that can instantly reach hundreds of followers. Characters check their emails and online profiles where home phones and mailboxes were once checked. Where social media was once the unnamed, unrecognizable actress serving coffee, social media’s big screen appearance now more closely resembles a cameo by Jennifer Aniston or Ellen DeGenerous – recognized and noticed by all.

Even the way we b...

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