New Facebook Feature: Recommending Places

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By Kelsey Jones

fb-recommendationIn an attempt to catch onto the online review craze (that includes bigwig websites like and UrbanSpoon) Facebook’s latest feature for Pages is the ability for users to recommend a page to others. This recommendation appears on their news feed and contains a direct link to the page itself.

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Not so fast, Apple fans

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Mac vs PC sords

By Bethaney Wallace

A few months ago I wrote a post on switching my former PC-loving ways to the world that is Mac. Now a trimester deep into my Mac ownership, I’m not so sure it’s all that it’s cracked up to be.

For years I’ve been hearing about the greatness that Apple has created. How their products are so much better. How owning one will change my life. And from the other end, I hear about the constant updates of PCs, how their products will save me money – the war between Macs and PCs is arguably more heated that the one between Republicans and Democrats. All I want to do is stay an independent voter and I’m being pulled from each side to give them my support. But, now having been behind both lines, I’ve reached a decision...

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Do You Need a Break From Social Media?

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By Kelsey Jones

I found this image by googling "obsessed social media". Creepy.

How many times do you check your Facebook every day? What about Twitter? Even though The Social Robot mainly focuses on social media and writing, it doesn’t mean that we advocate that it should take over anyone’s lives.

Social media in moderation is really key, mainly because moderation usually equals better quality. When immersed in something as draining and time consuming as social media can be, more isn’t always better. I would much rather follow a Twitter account that has 3 hilarious or interesting tweets a day that one that re-tweets 50 tweets by other users, even if they are interesting. RTs can be interesting, but it’s important to make it your own. And to do that, it takes time and attention that doing it 24/7 just can’t provide.

One way t...

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The Importance of Targeting on Facebook Ads

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By Kelsey Jones

A few days ago, this ad showed up on the advertising sidebar of my Facebook:


This is hilarious to me because I’m married, which I also mention in my Facebook profile. When Facebook advertisers set up their campaigns, they can target their ads to certain profile demographics on Facebook, based on the information in each user’s profile. Areas include location, age, gender, education, etc.

It also includes dating status, which should have focused on when setting up their campaign.

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Drowning in the Internet: The Curse of Technology

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by Bethaney Wallace

Each time I set down to get some work done, I run into the same problem: I get distracted. I might find an interesting blog to read, get lost in the glorious site that is Etsy, or I could be 11 pages deep into my guilty pleasure, The point is, no matter how good my intentions or how motivated I am, something more interesting always comes up. This, of course, is probably a testament to my inability to focus. I was never officially diagnosed with ADD, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be on Ridalin like thousands of other hyper American children (… but that is a rant for another day). I could blame my unpreparedness, my being easily distracted. But in all reality, the internet is just an overwhelming place. Where else can you start looking up shoe sales and end on Shark Week viewing statistics? Never, other than on the internet, have I spent hours jumping between Wikipedia links, learning facts that would only be useful in an intense game of trivia.

Because my ...

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