Hubspot Isn’t the Holy Grail

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Yep. I said it. Hubspot isn’t the Holy Grail of internet marketing.  Sure, it has great content and I have learned a lot from Hubspot. Heck, I’ve even been published in a few Hubspot e-books in partnership with Who’s Blogging What. But just because you read HubSpot’s features, you download their ebooks and watch their free webinars, it doesn’t mean that you are an internet marketing expert.

Let me explain.

  1. No website knows everything...
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What UK Sites Are Getting Hurt By Google Panda Update?

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This infographic shows how many of the Top 100 UK  Sites have lost search positions since the Google Panda Update, which many search marketers believe may harm sites that have duplicate content.


Graphic Courtesy of Search Engine Watch

This data was visualized for Search Engine Watch (SEW) by Neil Tweddle from Typo-Graphic. You can download the full data visualization here: SEW PANDA UK.pdf


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First Steps for Indexing a New Website

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Guest Post By Brandon Hopkins

Until a website gets indexed, it might as well not exist. Once you’ve gotten your shiny new website up and running, then, it’s crucial to get it indexed as quickly as possible. The longer it sits there without being crawled by spiders, robots and other search engine bots, the longer it will languish in total obscurity. The easiest way to get indexed is to have incoming links – but how do you get the ball rolling on those? The following tips should help.

Answer Questions

Question-and-answer websites proliferate online. Frequent a few of the most popular ones – like Yahoo! Answers or Facebook Questions – and look for questions that you can answer in a few seconds. Always include a link back to your site. When those sites are indexed, yours should be, too.

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Why QR Codes Aren’t Being Used Correctly

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QR codes as they are most commonly called, were initially created by a subsidiary of Toyota in Japan in 1994, Denso-Wave. The QR codes helped track the status of parts that were being shipped. 

These barcodes are big in Japan and South Korea and are just now gaining steam in the United States. However, I believe that marketing campaigns have taken the QR code hostage and are now abusing it. Here are the main qualms about using QR codes in marketing campaigns:


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GetGlue Announces Integration With FourSquare; Partnership with NFL Network and More

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GetGlue announced today that their new updated website and iPhone app now offers the ability to check into FourSquare AND GetGlue simultaneously, so users can post updates that look like this:

  • “I’m watching ‘The King’s Speech’ @ AMC 30″
  • “I’m reading ‘Twilight’ @ Kansas City Public Library”
  • “I’m listening to ‘Weezer’ @ The Midland by AMC”

These types of updates allow for a total user experience that also integrates other features of networks like Twitter and Facebook— including trending TV shows, movies, music, etc.; Suggestions based on a user’s check-in behavior; and more rewards and badges for the most check-ins to a sporting event or TV show.

Another major announcement by GetGlue is their partnerships with the following sports networks:

  • NHL (NHL S...
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