What Are Your Favorite Ways to Watch Streaming Content Online?

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crackle streaming movies

By Kelsey Jones

There are a lot of ways to watch video online, offering so much flexibility and options that some savvy users have forgone a monthly cable bill in exchange for an internet connection and a paid video subscription service. This may be a good option for people that are trying to cut their bills and save money; especially if they don’t want much TV anyway.

Hulu Plus: $7.99/month: Hulu Plus offers unlimited TV streaming for only $7.99 a month. It has partnerships with many well-known TV networks, like FOX and NBC. Brand new shows are usually available online the day after they originally aired on TV. Besides new episodes of TV shows, it also offers TV episodes of older TV shows or seasons.


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Are Facebook Invites Kosher?

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In a time where paper is giving way to digital, it seems that online invitations – or rather evites – are taking our virtual mailboxes by storm. Whether through Facebook, Google Alerts, or some other third party, these online businesses are offering users an even easier way to throw parties, showers, and other people-gathering events. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse and almost an entire guest list can be informed, invited, and asked to confirm.

In theory, these evites are the lazy man’s way of getting things done cheaply and efficiently. When looking deeper, however, there’s an entire set of underlying problems to be found. Despite their convenience, evites lack far more then they offer. From lack of a personal touch to unwillingness to answer, evite complaints come in across the board.

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How to Find or Promote Online Deals

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where to find online shopping discounts or promo codes

where to find online shopping discounts or promo codesLooking for special discounts or deals online is a benefit for both customers and businesses, and it can help save customers money and also bring in additional revenue for businesses (e.g. a customer buys something because it is on sale that they normally wouldn’t have).

There are several places online to either advertise or find good deals, depending on if you are the business or the customer.

Coupon Code Sites
Simply googling “business name coupon” or “business name promo code” can bring up several websites that host thousands of discount and coupon codes to various businesses. Many ask users to rate whether or not a code is reliable, so you know whether or not it is going to work. Additionally, some of the bigger sites, like RetailMeNot.com, have exclusive discount codes for their visitors that they negotiated with the business.

Cookie Tracking Discount Site...

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The Viggle Cycle: Points vs. Play

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Only months ago, smartphone users were introduced to the idea of watching TV for rewards. We just hopped in front of our TVs, checked in, and let the points accumulate to numbers with varying amounts of commas. From Burger King, JC Penny’s, and iTunes, to Caribbean cruises and Apple TV – all which could be gained through Viggle, the app that made it all possible – these points were earning us real virtual dollars. And all it took was extra time spent vegging on the couch.  

In what I call the former glory days – the first three or four months that the app was released – TV watching was fantastic. Viggle commercials were regularly shown for points, sports had player bonuses, and trivia or ad quizzes ruled my phone’s feed. Shows were 300 and 400 points each, and many had a play along bonus, providing extra points even when questions were answered wrong. Further, prizes worth $10 took only 14k points, which could easily be reached within a week.

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The Top 3 Current Trends in Technology

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Guest Post

Technology drives everything we do in the digital age. The only thing constant given the current digital landscape is continuous improvement. Whether it’s in the way we interact with each other, the way we work in our jobs or the way we entertain ourselves and consume media, trends in technology are continually changing how we go about our daily lives. So what are the three technologies that are currently having the most impact?


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