The Importance of Targeting on Facebook Ads

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By Kelsey Jones

A few days ago, this ad showed up on the advertising sidebar of my Facebook:


This is hilarious to me because I’m married, which I also mention in my Facebook profile. When Facebook advertisers set up their campaigns, they can target their ads to certain profile demographics on Facebook, based on the information in each user’s profile. Areas include location, age, gender, education, etc.

It also includes dating status, which should have focused on when setting up their campaign.

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Drowning in the Internet: The Curse of Technology

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by Bethaney Wallace

Each time I set down to get some work done, I run into the same problem: I get distracted. I might find an interesting blog to read, get lost in the glorious site that is Etsy, or I could be 11 pages deep into my guilty pleasure, The point is, no matter how good my intentions or how motivated I am, something more interesting always comes up. This, of course, is probably a testament to my inability to focus. I was never officially diagnosed with ADD, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be on Ridalin like thousands of other hyper American children (… but that is a rant for another day). I could blame my unpreparedness, my being easily distracted. But in all reality, the internet is just an overwhelming place. Where else can you start looking up shoe sales and end on Shark Week viewing statistics? Never, other than on the internet, have I spent hours jumping between Wikipedia links, learning facts that would only be useful in an intense game of trivia.

Because my ...

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Is Google+ Too Much?

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After reading a post on The Next Web entitled, “48% of Google+ users have never made a public post” I wondered aloudto myself on my Twitter Feed about whether or not I had made a public post on Google+, of which I’ve been a member of for about a month already.The answer still is, I’m not sure. I think I posted a link a few weeks ago, but the Next Web article got me wondering. Did everyone join Google+ because it was the next big thing? Who is actually engaging and utilizing Google+ on a daily basis? I still log onto Facebook multiple times per day (both for business and personal reasons) and haven’t logged into Google+ for at least 2 weeks. Granted, I was out of the country from August 4-13, but I had managed to log onto Facebook at least once a day while I was gone, why didn’t I care as much about Google+ (or Twitter, for that matter)?

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Leaving your Social Media Footprint

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by Bethaney Wallace

Now more than ever it is becoming apparent that once something is on the internet, it stays there. While many of you might say that’s been obvious for some time now, the popularization of social media has streamlined the process of making internet content permanent. For example, say, ten years ago, you wrote a drunken email you wish you could erase, or a poorly-made ad campaign was posted online. Yes, these things were hard to get rid of, forever stuck in the metaphorical corners of search engines. BUT, it’s rare anyone would find them unless they were really looking. Perhaps a thorough employer or stalker-ish ex, but the average Pat searching for your work would only find what you wanted them to. And, assuming the recipient of said unfortunate email was kind enough to dispose of it, it was gone for good.

However, we ...

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Social Media Helps Sell Homes

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by Bethaney Wallace

With all the growing popularity of social media, it’s hardly a surprise to stop and think about all of the things it is used for. Sites like Facebook and Twitter aren’t just for making friends or keeping in touch anymore, they’re also used as a personal sales pitch. With the ability to constantly be in contact with one another and upload pictures instantly, social media has revolutionized the ability to make a sale.

With the large success...

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