B-Sides: I’m a Mac

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by Bethaney Wallace
After eight years and two computers, I finally did it. I switched over to the dark side and bought my very first Mac. Like Anakin Skywalker fighting Obi-Wan Kenobi in a highly unrealistic lava fight, I had traded sides – a switch that could not be undone.
I first became a Windows fan, when, at my junior prom, they gave me a free computer. Just gave it to me. My name had been drawn from a hat that named winners, and the then-brand-new, 16 lb. computer was mine. Five years later when it was infested with cyber bugs (and probably literal bugs), I purchased a new one. It weighed less, but the principles were the same. You changed the size of programs by clicking in the right-hand corner, and, when minimizing pages, they weren’t sucked into the bottom of the screen by an invisible vacuum.
I wasn’t a complete stranger to Macs; I had used them before. I’d had two bosses who were obsessed with all-things Apple and wanted nothing to do with my PC-loving ways. If I was to work for them, I was to work on a Mac. And so I did. I learned the short keys, the hot corners, the finger pad tricks. But I still preferred my PC. Coming home to my Windows computer was much like sleeping in your own bed after a vacation. It’s not that I didn’t like the hotel beds, but they just didn’t feel like home.
However, like a sneak attack from a group ...
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How to Find a Job Using Social Media

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by Bethaney Wallace

In this new day and age, technology is the focal point of many things we do. Computers are consulted daily in a number of ways: email, checking or comparing product reviews, and of course, social media. So with all of the ways technology and the Internet affect our lives, why not expand it to the areas you’re not using it for: searching for your new job. That’s right, the social media accounts you already have and use daily can help get you a job.

There are obvious sites that are helpful in a job search, LinkedIn, job opening banks, Yahoo’s job board, but what about the sites you already use? By utilizing the availability and marketability of social media, you can help get the word out about your skills. First of all, this should go without saying, but, make sure you’re profiles are appropriate. This doesn’t mean you can’t crack jokes or even show your personality, but leave the pictures of keg stands or “When was the last time you had sex” questionnaires out. Unless you’re applying to be a tell-all blogger or reality star, your potential boss won’t be impressed.

Next, do some serious networking. Facebook, LinkedIn...

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Should Deserted Blogs Still Appear in Search Results?

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If a blog isn’t updated regularly, should it still get a high position in search engine result pages (SERPs)? This is a quandary that every internet user has probably faced when searching for something specific. While some users undoubtedly don’t look at the dates of blog posts, others may find it irritating that a blog hasn’t been updated in the last few months to a year. There are qualifying points for each side of this argument:


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5 Ways Social Media Can Help You Build Consumer Loyalty

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By Robert Bellermine

As a business it is important that you learn how to develop consumer loyalty if you want to succeed. Indeed it is often said that it is far more expensive to get a new customer than to retain a customer. The good news is that social media can be really good in helping you building consumer loyalty and this is what we will be looking at in this article.

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OPINION: Why I’m Glad My Mom Is On Facebook

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And my aunts. And my elementary-aged cousin. And that random really nice lady that I think is my great step-aunt but I’m not sure. Really. I am. Honestly if I was hiding anything from my mom I would have started a long time ago. I never snuck out. I told my mom I drank in college. She knows. So instead of looking at Facebook as another way for her and the rest of my close-knit family to check up on me, I like to think of it as a way for me to keep them up-to-date in my life, and they do the same for me. 

There are so many status updates, information, and photos I would have never gotten to see and experience if there wasn’t Facebook. My aunt never would have emailed us all the video of my cousin dancing at a pep rally for her dance team. Same with the vacation pictures of my cousin and her twin girls when they went to Disneyland for the Disney Marathon. I wouldn’t have known that my mom is feeling under the weather and might stay at home for the day. These are just things we don’t always go out of our way to share in person. And for that reason alone, I’m glad my mom is on Facebook. I like being nosy and knowing how my family is doing, even if it’s just the fact that she is watching ‘Ever After’ for the 50th time.


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