New Website Launch: Crappy Kid Art

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by Bethaney Wallace

The Social Robot is proud to announce its brand new sister site, Crappy Kid Art ( Built with the premise of celebrating, yes, crappy art, CKA will host an outlet for bad artists everywhere. Although the word “kid” is in the title, we hold no age limits to those with no talent … ourselves included.

Each day, we will examine the ugly creations that adults were once forced to compliment us on. Remember giving your grandparents self-portraits? Even though it was a smudged mess, in no way resembling yourself, and they still said thank you?

Perhaps you created animals by Elmer’s gluing leaves to construction paper. Your parents accepted it graciously and with pride. “Look what an artist we have!” they swooned...

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Podcasts: The Underground Great Media Movement?

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By Kelsey Jones

podcastingI never really started listening to podcasts until this year. I falsely believed that they wouldn’t be interesting or entertaining. I don’t know why, much like I don’t know why I naturally avoid pickles and mustard. It just happens.

Luckily, podcasts became the pickle and mustard sandwich that recently got me through my first five mile training run. Even the most terrible activities, like running, are more enjoyable with a podcast by your side (or, rather, in your ears).

The term “podcast” came from combining the words “iPod” and “broadcasting”.

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Get More Done Online – IFTTT Productivity Tips

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Guest Post by Chris Dyson

There are so many social networks and so few hours in the day. As an online marketer I make my living online, I spend an unhealthy amount of time reading blogs, networking within internet based communities and helping my clients websites to make more money for them. 


Just about every week I see one of my online buddies say: “Wow, Chris, you know this new social network is amazing! If you want your business to grow you need to divert your time here.” But sadly time is not a commodity it’s a finite irreplaceable resource, something we can never get back. And, that is why I love tools that can make my time online more productive and help me to get more things done.

For the last couple of years I have followed David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology to manage my online profiles, so when I discovered IFTTT it just put even more of my world on autopilot. IFTTT (pronounced “ift” as in lift) stands for If This Then That, it’s a very easy to use tool to help “put the internet to work for you”. By creating recipes based on online triggers and then assigning actions,  IFTTT allows you to connect two web services or applications together to perform tasks on auto-pilot thereby you can be more effective with your online marketing. Getting all of the different channels to talk to one another is very easy all you have to do is authorize the services to connect with IFTTT. One of the great things is that you can use recipes devised by other users so there are lots of very cool ideas on the site.


Sharing ...

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How Internet Searches Can Raise Money for Charity

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by Bethaney Wallace

When it comes to web browsers, I’m rarely willing to compromise. Internet Explorer has caused more headaches than I can count, and Bing ranks in the top 10 of things I hate most in the world. While once swearing by Safari, ever since the invention of Chrome, I’ve been using it every day and often. There is the occasional site that forces me to convert back to Safari or use the Fox, or when I’m doing research Blekko is handy, but Chrome is still my go-to browser. Google rarely lets me down, and, if I’m being completely honest, sometimes I’ve just too lazy to switch from the search bar to the address-typing bar; Chrome combines these features into one, convenient place.

BUT, I recently came across a completely new type of browser. One that donates money to charities every time you search. Even those searches for “discount designer shoes” or “how to braid” – this outlet allows users to do good even when being completely selfish.

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How to Use the Internet to Make a Difference

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By Kelsey Jones

If you haven’t watched the short film Caine’s Arcade, drop what you’re doing and do so now:

Caine’s Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.


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