The Five Hottest Social Media Jobs

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social media jobs

Guest post by Clarissa Wilson

The social media skills are today among the most demanded qualities on the labor market. This can be considered a good thing by anyone who’s searching for a job, because it opens a truly wide area of different possibilities to enter almost every industry that exists. If you are social media and online savvy, maybe you would want to reconsider your current career choices:

Social Strategist: If you ever wandered who are the people who decide the “big picture” of the whole social media communication of a particular company, here’s your answer – social strategists are the ones who decide the entire framework of the organization’s social media efforts as well as deciding upon the budget for the campaigns, types of outlets to be pursued in each campaign, etc.

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Why Providing Free Content Gets More Return Visits

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By Kelsey Jones

I was reading an article online, and came across this:

I guarantee you I will not be visiting this website again (even though they have awesome sloth advertisements). A big yellow box telling me that I only have so many free articles left makes me feel trapped. And on the internet, that is the last thing I want to feel. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ”full access” subscription plan is making this website’s visitors run away in droves.

After all, whenever a website tries to make me pay for content (or take dumb surveys to see the rest of the article), I can’t hit the back button fast enough...

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How to Use Social Media to Build a Fan Base

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by Bethaney Wallace

For many, their job is a rewarding profession. It’s what calms them, allows them to produce a creative outlet, and getting paid is just an added bonus. After all, who wouldn’t love to get paid for what they love? For example, in the writing world, from blogging, to commenting, to sharing newsletters, copy creates a number of specialized professions. Getting paid, however, generally depends on sales, exposure, and more. From growing a fan base in any profession to finding new outlets that will help your cause, collecting a paycheck can be several variables away.

Luckily though, there are ways to help spread the word about your company and/or stance. And they can be done for free. Whether or not you are a marketing expert, outlets can be taken to get others involved and excited about your products. Follow these simple steps to help make the most out of your marketing efforts, experience aside.

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Best Practices for Instagram Marketing

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By Kelsey Jones

Instagram is the hottest thing to hit social media since…the last hottest thing, and as social media marketers it is important to take advantage of any popular online platform that you can.

First and foremost, it is important to remember that Instagram is based on photographs, not texts in an image promoting your products or services. Being successful online means taking full advantage of what each separate platform is meant for and why users actually use it.

Show the Personal Side of the Company

Use Instagram to showcase employees, new products or products in development, company events (like conference booths or the company picnic), or other personal moments that would be better captured via an image rather than a lengthy, unappealing blog post or news item. Be sure to have a succinct but descriptive caption to the photo and use filters that help enhance the photo, not make it cheesy or harder to decipher (For instance, if you want to promote your new purple sport performance leggings, you wouldn’t use a sepia or black and white filter).

Engage User...

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Photography via Smartphone: How the Game is Changing

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leather smartphone case

by Bethaney Wallace

Several years and camera models ago, taking a quality picture took equipment, knowhow, and a few tricks up one’s sleeve. Whether the lighting needed adjusting, props helped enhance the photo, or some professional background was used, photography wasn’t just for the layman. It took experience and several loads worth of equipment.

With today’s technology, however, a quality photograph is just a new gadget away – smartphones. Even more threatening, these electronics are portable … and the majority of the population has them. Now, a phone with a decent camera can create vintage, specialty, and customized photos from their mobile devices. No professionalism needed.

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