The Best Way to Get Noticed Online

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By Kelsey Jones

Many people ask me how I got “famous” on the internet. It reminds me that fame is all relative, because I only have about 1,900 twitter followers and just because my name shows up on Google Search, it definitely doesn’t mean I’m a big deal when it comes to all other internet marketers out there. But to others who only get on the internet to check email and go on Facebook, I can see how they view me as an internet celebrity. After all, I make my entire living off of internet marketing for clients.

When a new marketer or writer wants to know how to get noticed online, whether it be their blog, content, ideas, or just their persona—I always tell them one thing—Keep Having Amazing Ideas. While this seems simple initially, the desire and drive it takes to make everything you put online unique and interesting is certainly a hard task. But there are several internet marketing geniuses out there (like Jason Falls and Chris Brogan) that prove it can be done.

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5 Recommended Productivity Tools For Social Media & Online Marketers

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By Kelsey Jones

Because most social media or online marketers like myself or Bethaney use the internet 8-15 hours a day, I thought I’d share some of the tools I use regularly to stay productive, even when the internet doesn’t want me too. (Replace ‘research paper’ with ‘work’ in the following cartoon)

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Should you erase your social media history?

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By Bethaney Wallace

Throughout my years with a Facebook profile, I have seen it be used for many things. I’ve seen business pages achieve great success with many followers. I’ve seen college students sell their unwanted textbooks or furniture. And I’ve seen it used as a stockpile of photos, where users of all ages upload photos and tag any captured friends as soon as their internet connection is found. Are one of these tactics more acceptable or more widely used than another? Not necessarily. Facebook and other social media sites were meant to connect people, which all of these examples do. However, with the ever-spanning access to profiles and increased exposure, that also means that any decisions made via social media are likely to be permanent ones.

So in a world whe...

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Have You Tried Triberr Yet?

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By Kelsey Jones

Triberr is an up and coming social networking and reach site that allows members (who have to be invited) to be part of tribes. Tribes promote each other’s tweets, therefore vouching for them and hopefully driving traffic to their website. Triberr members can choose to automatically re-tweet their tribe-mate’s tweets or to approve each one manually.

The idea behind Triberr is to increase a single person’s reach on twitter. By combining networks (how many followers a person has), each person individually has more of a reach than they would if they were simply tweeting their own content without the guarantee of it being re-tweeted by others.


As wi...

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Different social network, different content

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This guest post is brought to you by Charlie Davidson, a UK-based blogger focused on internet technology and sharing thoughts on films and novels.

I’m often asked about social networks and the relationship between them. People ask how they fit together and what’s the best way to sync your accounts together –allowing one update to be shared through multiple social network sites. I myself have tied Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn together; surely one update is easier than three, right?

While in theory it makes sense, this isn’t always a good tactic. While on Facebook, I recently saw a friend’s comment that made me chuckle, and gives a perfect explanation as to why.

Was just told man’s ...

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