The Cost of Slow Typing

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Who knew that typing slow could cost so much money? Maybe it’s time to fire up Mavis Beacon again. I’ve used Dragon before for dictation and it’s great. You can find older versions of the software on ebay that are cheaper than the current version. – Kelsey Jones 

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Mixing Business with Pleasure: Why Facebook Friends Might Find you Annoying

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Guest post by Lauren Bailey

Rebecca was a really good friend of mine from high school. After graduation I went to a college out of state and we grew apart, but when she looked me up and friend requested me on Facebook just weeks shy of our five year reunion, I was extremely excited. This might be our chance to rekindle our friendship, I thought.

Unfortunately the excitement was only short lived.

Only days after accepting Rebecca’s friend request, she started flooding my stream with promotional status updates about her real estate business. “If you’re looking for a house in the midtown area, I’m your girl!” “Looking for deals on homes? Just contact me.”

It was annoying. So annoying in fact that I wasn’t the only one who noticed — mutual friends started to complain about her excessive promotional updates too.

I considered unfriending Rebecca altogether. I just couldn’t stand seeing her updates anymore. But instead I chose the lesser of two evils — I just hid her from my stream.

Drawing the Line

Unfortunately many new budding small ...

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Where to Find Online & Offline Discussion Groups For Marketers

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By Kelsey Jones


I recently read an article in one of my magazines I subscribe to about this goal-setting women’s group that met once a week. They would bring their goal list, have a scone, and check up on everyone else to make sure they were completing their goals.

The idea of a goal-setting, discussion, or mastermind group work on the same principle—that working with a group of like-minded people to share ideas, get feedback, and provide support can be invaluable to marketers and other working professionals.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has tons of great, active groups to participate in. Many can give you feedback and advice within 24-48 hours, once you post a new discussion. There are groups that cover several different areas that may be of interest to marketers, including groups specific to your local area, Social Media Marketing, SEO, etc.

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Boosting Social Media Momentum Through Philanthropy

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Guest post by Katheryn Rivas

The Millennial Generation – those ranging anywhere from 18-to 30-year-olds – can sometimes be viewed as some of the hardest consumer target group to tackle, especially when it comes to social media marketing. The millennial generation was the first group to utilize social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and thus they’re really picky when marketers try to make leeway on their playground. They are unfazed by traditional marketing techniques and get annoyed when marketers saturate their timelines and Twitter feeds with too many updates. In fact, doing so is the quickest way to become unfollowed or unliked.

But while dealing with this particular generation is tricky, studies have shown that millennials are more willing to support businesses that have a mission to make the world a better place. That’s because this particular generation is extremely eco-conscious and philanthropic. Maybe that’s why so many young consumers are willing to pay $50 for a pair of TOMS shoes that only cost a few dollars to make. For every pair of TOMS shoes purchased, a small child in Africa receives a pair of shoes too.

While you’re entir...

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Five Mistakes Bloggers Make When it Comes to Being Social

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Social media has made everything a much more open and level playing field. People who would have never even had a chance at connecting before are now regularly interacting with one another, and marketing your website has become a cinch. This is especially helpful for bloggers, whether you run a largely success blog or one that’s still in its humble beginnings. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone has mastered the art of being social; make sure you aren’t making these mistakes on the social scene:

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