How to Get More Clicks on Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

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By Kelsey Jones

Dan Zarrella recently published this amazing infographic on his blog. Click on it to view it full-size on his website.

Important points of interest were middle link placement and less tweets per hour equaled a higher CTR (click-through rate), and tweeting on the weekends may be a good idea.

Graphic is after the jump (click on read more to view).

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How to Create a WordPress Plugin From Scratch

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By Kelsey Jones

Most developers know how to add and install WordPress plugins and even write WordPress themes from scratch, but also learning how to write and develop WordPress plugins can also be an invaluable skill. Many developers release free WordPress plugins to market their own business, while others offer paid plugins to bring in additional residual income.

For whatever reason, any skilled developer with knowledge of PHP can create his or her own WordPress plugin. This tutorial will take you through the basics of WordPress plugin development.

Step One: Make Sure You Have The Most Recent Version Installed on Your Computer.

This tip from Nettuts+ ensures that it is easy to upload your plugin into WordPress once it is finished. Remember, all fields must be filled out in order for the plugin to be recognized in WordPress. This will be discussed in more detail later in the tutorial.

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Get an Organic Traffic Adrenaline Boost with Keyword Research

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Guest Post By Shelly Harrison

Generating reliable and consistent traffic is one of the biggest challenges faced by blogs, websites, and content publishers. Having a great idea for a story or article is one thing, but getting people to actually read it is another. Of course we all know about the usual channels: social media distribution, RSS feeds, and so on. But there are several different ways to give your content the best chance of being read, and one of the best ones is the right keyword research.

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The Social Robot’s Favorite Things: iPhone Apps

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By Bethaney Wallace

In honor of Oprah – who invented sharing favorites through media – I’ve decided to write a blog post listing my most-handy iPhone applications. Whether work related or just for fun, my phone helps me get through the day with a sense of ease that pre-smartphone me never knew could exist. Google searches are at my fingertips, songs can be identified with a single tap, and I always know the chances of rain.

Unlike Oprah, I’m not going to provide you with your own copy. But I’ll list out the links so any interested parties can download a version for themselves. And the best perk of all: every one of them is free.

First up, Viggle

Viggle is a Shazam-type application that allows users to earn free things while watching TV. (Take a few seconds to reread that if you must; I did when I first stumbled upon their website.) All you have to do is watch TV – “check in” by letting the phone record a few seconds of each program – and collect points. More rewards are given for featured shows (listed on the app’s home page), and users can then redeem rewards. Choose from gift cards, restaurant dollars, movie tickets, and donations to a featured charity. It’s the version of an arcade childhood me always wanted.

Easy Writer

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How to Create a Website Content Development Plan

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Guest Post by Sara Lancaster

hands-keyboardYou’re a web developer, not a website content writer. Sure, you could probably hammer out a few lines of text or pages of content if you had to, but you don’t want to. It’s not your expertise.

You get that, but getting your clients to understand that is a whole other story. As a web designer and/or web developer you have a few ways to overcome this obstacle.

  1. Suck it up and write the content yourself.
  2. Ask the client to write the content.
  3. Create a website content development plan with your client at the get-go and outsource the writing to a content writer you trust.

We’ve already tou...

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