Social Media Without Borders: UN Promotes Human Rights Day Online

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by Bethaney Wallace

Last week we discussed (yet again) the ever-growing popularity of all that is social media. First it was the presidential candidates wanting to get in on the action – they’ve seen what a frenzy teenagers with access to internet phones can cause. (Examples Rebecca Black, Angry Birds, and #BreakingDawn.) Why not politics as well, they thought. But, it seems as though it wasn’t just the Oval Office hopefuls that have seen the potential that social media can bring. In just a few weeks, the United Nations will join the list of government entities to join the social media trend.

On December ...

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Creating a Rate Sheet

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By Kelsey Jones 

Rate sheets are a common necessity for many marketing agencies, service providers, and even retail stores. These PDF or one sheet documents list common services and their respective prices. Rate sheets are a good idea because they give perspective clients or customers an idea of what a business charges.

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Politics, Meet Social Media

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by Bethaney Wallace

If you’re anything like me, you could really give a crap less about the upcoming presidential race. Yes I vote, but it’s still a year away; I’m not spending my free time looking up potential candidates or what celebrity will run for office this year (Roseanne Barr). I’ll wait until they’ve debated and fingernail scratched their way to the top of their respective parties’ bids. But, in light of a website I recently found, one that integrates politics with social media, I thought it’d be worth giving politics another look.

The website,, is dedicated to monitoring presidential candidates’ social media profiles...

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An Easy Guide to PPC Traffic Remarketing

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salePPC campaigns can be big traffic drivers to a website; however, what makes that eventual click into a conversion is making sure that the content on the website is targeted to the user. This means that whatever the user was looking for when they clicked to a website, the content and information needs to be there. Having relevant information increases trust in a website and can increase user loyalty (e.g. unique return traffic and page views). For instance, if an ad is offering Free Shipping, then users expect to get free shipping once they click into the website.

However, even though users may find exactly what the PPC ad promised, it doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed to complete a sale. For whatever reason, they may leave the website without completing the final conversion step (whether that is purchasing a product, filling out a contact form, or signing up for an email newsletter). This is why company marketers need to set up a remarketing strategy, especially when it comes to PPC. The great thing about PPC is that many programs allow for additional tracking and remarketing opportunities, such as ads on websites hosting Google Network ads from companies whose websites the user has visited in the past. These banner and image ads are based on cookies via the Google Search Network or via other portals and attempt to drive previous traffic back to a company’s website, completing the conversion and bringing it all full-circle.


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GIVEAWAY and REVIEW: Kingston DataTraveler urDrive Software

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Thank you to Kingston for sponsoring this review. Please click here to learn more about Kingston. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own. –Kelsey

Kingston was kind enough to send me an 8gb DataTraveler pre-loaded with the urDrive software to review. They are also giving an USB gift pack to one lucky Social Robot reader! Read the review and then scroll down to get the details on how to enter to win!

urDrive_ImageThe UrDrive software is pre-loaded software that works on PCs. According to Kingston, “The urDrive is a free, pre-loaded application for organizing and exploring apps, games, and music. It transforms Kingston USB drives into active storage devices– rather than the ‘old school’ device used only to store and transfer data.”


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