GIVEAWAY and REVIEW: Kingston DataTraveler urDrive Software

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Thank you to Kingston for sponsoring this review. Please click here to learn more about Kingston. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own. –Kelsey

Kingston was kind enough to send me an 8gb DataTraveler pre-loaded with the urDrive software to review. They are also giving an USB gift pack to one lucky Social Robot reader! Read the review and then scroll down to get the details on how to enter to win!

urDrive_ImageThe UrDrive software is pre-loaded software that works on PCs. According to Kingston, “The urDrive is a free, pre-loaded application for organizing and exploring apps, games, and music. It transforms Kingston USB drives into active storage devices– rather than the ‘old school’ device used only to store and transfer data.”


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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Blog Full of Fresh Content

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Guest Post by Frank Anderson

Readers regularly go to and bookmark blogs that consistently deliver fresh content. So, the conclusion is pretty simple: Blogs that provide quality content on a consistent basis are most likely to enjoy the greatest success.

But, consistently providing fresh, informative content is probably one of the biggest challenges you as a blogger will face, especially if you publish posts daily or even several times a week. Keeping your readers interested and your content current are both possible if you’re willing to put in the work.

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Using Twitter as a Press Release Outlet

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by Bethaney Wallace

Earlier this year, after logging into my Twitter account, I learned that Bin Laden had been killed. It was the highest-trending topic of the week. Just days ago I learned, yet again through Twitter, that Kim Kardashian was getting divorced. (Another No. 1 trend.) Both pieces of information were taking with a grain of salt, but they got my attention – enough so that I did some internet research for proof. And as any Washington, D.C. citizen would say, both were true facts. Twitter has outgrown its initial purpose of “What are you doing?” and grown into a much larger pair of shoes: acting as the future of the press release.

Have strangers’ hasty tweets also lead me to question whether or not Justin Bieber was starring in the debut season of Teen Dad? Or whether or n...

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How to Tweak Your Internet Marketing Efforts for the Holidays

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By Kelsey Jones

In Wal-Mart yesterday, they were already playing Christmas music. While I personally oppose Christmas music playing outside of November 25th-January 1, this is a great example of how merchants and businesses are already gearing up for the bustling Holiday season. Many started setting out their Christmas-themed merchandise in the beginning of October. This may be a little excessive, but any business should at least begin entertaining the thought of holiday marketing strategy starting in September or October (or even earlier, if you need to get items like custom gift cards printed or produced). The following are some of the ways that businesses can begin tweaking their existing marketing and advertising to promote their holiday offers and products without going overboard.


Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages are basically miniature websites that specifically promote one campaign or product. They usually tie into a postal or electronic mailing campaign. However, they could also be used to specifically promote a temporary holiday campaign. Squeeze pages that are sub domains of a business’ main website may be able to help the website with its overall SEO. Squeeze pages can have a unique domain that simply automatically re-directs to a subdomain. They are an easy way to promote a specific holiday, product, or sale without putting it all over the main website. This makes it much easier to take down after the sale is over.

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The Most Spooky Source of Information Yet: The Internet

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by Bethaney Wallace

In honor of Halloween, I thought it would be appropriate to focus on the spooky, the quirky, and possibly even the mad: people’s social media accounts. Whether revealing or off the wall, a person’s social media accounts are a reflection of their personality, and more importantly, their ability to filter their thoughts. However, even Halloween, a day of complete identity relief can’t make up for a certain category of social media sharing, where users post their thoughts and feelings every day, all day.

Anyone who has ever gotten bombarded with Facebook notifications knows the type of people I’m referring to. Their statuses tell just what they’re doing and when they’re going to do it – as if they are providing their stalker with a Staples easy button...

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