Use Twitter as a Customer Service Tool

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By Kelsey Jones

Last week, my husband mistakenly spelled my middle name wrong on our airfare reservation for our delayed honeymoon to Jamaica. After berating him for not knowing the correct spelling of my middle name, I got to work trying to correct the problem. After dealing with Orbitz, where the only solution included a fee of some kind, I thought about Twitter, which has solved my problems in the past.

I tweeted to @DeltaAssist asking for help. They responded within the hour through a Direct Message asking for my flight number. After passing on the information and explaining my situation, here is what happened:




@DeltaAssist to save the day (and our trip)! This is a prime example of great customer service over Twitter...

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B-Sides: I’m Kind of a Mac

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by Bethaney Wallace

About two months ago, I went from slowly tipping my toes into the edges of a pool to jumping in – a full on giant-splashing cannon ball. I got an iPhone. A few B-sides posts ago I shared how I finally purchased a Mac, that after years of being cheap and angry, I wrote the big check and started closing Word tabs from the left. Now, just a few months later, I bought my second Apple product and became a card-carrying member.

It wasn’t some revelation that made me betray my former PC ways. I was never for either side – Macs and PCs just floated through my life idly and unaware. I was just too cheap to justify buying Apple products. But, once electronics became my livelihood (I spend roughly 7 hours a day on the computer), I gave Macs a second look.

Then, once it was time to give up my two-year stint with a phone that had clicking buttons and no internet access, buying a phone of the same brand just made sense. Rather than having to mix and match PC brands or products, I ordered my iPhone knowing it was not only compatible with my constant sidekick (my MacBook Pro), but that they were made for each other. They automatically sync. My iTunes (both music and work-related apps) takes care of itself. The chargers don’t have to be checked for compatibility. And in an extremely petty comparison, their cords are color-coded for easy locating.


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How to Protect Yourself on Mobile Check-In Applications

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By Kelsey Jones

foursquareMobile check-in and geo-location applications like Gowalla, Foursquare, Yelp, and Facebook Places can be great for finding out where friends are, gathering badges, and even earning specials. However, for people who aren’t careful, mobile check-in applications can pose a risk, especially if the person in danger of being followed (e.g. via an ex-boyfriend).

However, there are several things a user can do to still take advantage of mobile check-in application perks while being safe and aware of what they are posting online.

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Social Media Brings Sports Fans Together

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by Bethaney Wallace

For today’s blog, like usual, I had a specific topic planned out – to share information on a new piece of technology or website. But after logging into my Facebook and Twitter profiles, looking at the timeline, and seeing that they’d been blowing up with sports news for the past 32 hours, I went for a change of pace.

For those who aren’t familiar with my TV watching practices, I know minimal information about sports. I understand the theory of football – that placement of the ball makes all the difference in number of points scored – but it’s the stipulations that make it difficult. Collars aren’t to be grabbed, the clock only sometimes gets stopped, and the term “quarterback” has nothing to do with receiving change. I’ve angered my share of sports writers asking for the definition of “three and out”or a list of synonyms for “Heisman-worthy.” And I find the best part about College Game Day to be the clever signs in the background.

But, when I do watch football, I spe...

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Holiday Gift Ideas for That Loveable Geek in Your Life

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By Kelsey Jones

We all know one—for some of us, it is ourselves (me included) – a geek who laughs at binary jokes and complains when someone doesn’t set up their FTP host correctly for uploading. OK, so maybe these are my #geekproblems, but that hasn’t stopped me from coming up with some super awesome geeky toys that I know your inner geek will appreciate.

The iCade: iPad Arcade Cabinet: $79.99 currently on

This makes me want to get an iPad, and I’m a total android user. Hook your iPad into the cradle, and it connects to the iCade via Bluetooth to allow users to play classic Atari games, such as Asteroid. If the words “bluetooth” and “Atari” are foreign to you, just know that this is super awesome if your Geek has an iPad.


Air Swimmer...

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