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Pokemon Go Explodes Into Existence

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PokemonI played Pokemon religiously growing up. I got a Gameboy Pocket for Christmas when I was seven or eight years old. I drained countless pairs of double A’s on Red Version. I watched the Pokemon cartoon in the afternoons when I got home from school. As I grew up, so did Pokemon — releasing more and more editions of the game. I’d add to my collection all summer. When my parents told me to go outside, I’d take my Gameboy with me and play there. I had books that included maps of the various regions — Johto, Kanto — and complete lists of the Pokemon and all of their abilities. I bought the last Pokemon game I have purchased my freshman year of college, more than ten years after my first game. I still play through them once in awhile.

I don’t play Pokemon Go.

Niantic Labs released t...

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New Technology Advertising on Old Media

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Apps Advertising on RadioDuring the drive home from Fort Worth Tuesday night, we came to a complete stop on I-30. Some police vehicles were blocking the road, which had already been trimmed to one lane for construction. As we sat for 10 minutes, I flipped through the radio presets in search of some entertainment. The most interesting thing I heard was an advertisement.

I listen to the radio a lot now. My Pontiac Vibe doesn’t have a jack connection for my phone, so terrestrial broadcasts are my only option during trips around the city. I hear plenty of ridiculous ads and readers for local law firms and payday loan companies (imagine this but on the radio). The advertisement I heard on Tuesday didn’t stick out because of an over-the-top gimmick though.

It was an ad for Lyft, the ride-sharing service...

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How to Improve Mobile App Privacy

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How to Improve Mobile App Privacy

Identify signs of trust

Before you download any mobile app, go through the consumer reviews posted by people who have used the app. This will provide you with information regarding the performance of the app and will help you to identify apps that are considered to be a spam or scam before you download them. These reviews will be available in the mobile app store or the app market place.

App Privacy Policy

Almost all apps will have a privacy policy. Some apps will have it inbuilt in the app, whereas some will have a link to an external policy. The privacy policy of apps will contain information about the data that is collected by the app and what that data is used for. Some apps will access your contact information or social networking information...

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