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Is It Possible to Decline Invasive Privacy Policies?

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privacy-policy-1Virtually every time we sign up for a new service, compliance is required. It might be agreeing to a new iTunes update, letting Snapchat inform you of ongoing privacy policies (or lack thereof), or signing your life rights away your bank pin number. About every time we sign up for something new – or update our current services – we’re pretty much listing our names on the dotted line. If only metaphorically.

The problem, however, is that we’re rarely aware of what we’re actually signing. What rights we’re waiving and what can (legally) be done with personal information. Because, more often than not, we’re actually agreeing to terms that are above and beyond “normal” personal boundaries...

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I’ll Never Get Facebook Messenger

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Facebook-Messenger-Application-PhoneIf you’re using the Facebook Messenger app, you’re making a huge mistake! Since asking its users to download the mobile app in order to message on the go, Facebook has revamped its permissions policy. The sinister mobile messaging app now has complete control over your phone. Facebook can access all of your valuable information. It even demands use of your camera and microphone. Espionage! Wire tapping! This manipulative service is part of a devious plot to mine data and track your every move! Unless it’s not.

That’s right, it turns out the permissions policy is virtually the same as it was before the great migration. In fact, it asks for the same permissions as the standard Facebook application. This is another classic case of consumer overreaction based on inaccurate media reports...

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Photography via Smartphone: How the Game is Changing

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by Bethaney Wallace

Several years and camera models ago, taking a quality picture took equipment, knowhow, and a few tricks up one’s sleeve. Whether the lighting needed adjusting, props helped enhance the photo, or some professional background was used, photography wasn’t just for the layman. It took experience and several loads worth of equipment.

With today’s technology, however, a quality photograph is just a new gadget away – smartphones. Even more threatening, these electronics are portable … and the majority of the population has them. Now, a phone with a decent camera can create vintage, specialty, and customized photos from their mobile devices. No professionalism needed.

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Why Ecommerce Design is Essential to Business

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by Bethaney Wallace

Online shopping is a practice that is continuing to grow in popularity. Not only are companies advertising online, offering coupons, deals, and free shipping – customers are cashing in. More online sales are taking place this year than ever, especially when it comes to gift-giving holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Hanukah, and Christmas (come this winter, we’ll see if this current trend holds true).

In 2010 alone, more than 142 billion dollars were spent online in the U.S. That number is expected to nearly double by 2015 – a tight three year deadline. But with a current 140 million online shoppers, which is expected jump to 170 million by the deadline, that number is far from out of reach

But when it comes to ecommerce, there’s some who get it right, and some whose skills have much to be desired. For every smooth flowing website, unfortunately, there’s 10 more who lack flow and provide no clear instructions. These blurps are ones that can cause companies greatly over time, especially when not offering customized products. Where would you rather shop, at a company that tells you exactly where to put your money, or one that leads you on a wild goose hunt?

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Apple Technology in Schools on the Rise

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by Bethaney Wallace

Remember back in elementary school when it was time for math and you sat around doing the work by hand? An eraser, a number 2 pencil, and lined notebook paper was advanced as it got. Calculators may have been found on those bulky wristwatches, but after the age of 8 our fingers outgrew the tiny buttons that controlled them. Other subjects fared the same: anything battery operated was on a strict checkout basis. And the one piece of technology that stayed constant – the roll-out projector – was a constant source of loud humming, burned out light bulbs, and burned fingers.

Now days though, the game has changed. (The “game” being school.) In fact, two whole years ago, 97 percent of schools in the U.S. had Internet access, according to the Federal Communications Commission. In 2010, a lower percentage had high-speed access. But since the enactment of the National Broadband Plan, more schools have both gained online access and speed.

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