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Do You Pay For Apps?

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By Kelsey Jones

draw-somethingAs a new iPhone owner (made the switch last week after my HTC Evo speaker was going in and out and got into some shady malware apps), I was eager to download all the existing apps I had on my Android, as well as finally download all the games and apps clients, friends, and business colleagues are telling me to check out. I’ve been sucked into Draw Something and Scramble With Friends makes my heart happy.

All my app downloads made me start thinking, “When does a person love an app enough to buy it?” I have never bought an app, rather preferring to exit out of ad screens or closing my browser quickly when I accidentally do click on a banner ad. But this minor inconvenience has never bothered me enough to actually purchase the paid version.

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The Social Robot’s Favorite Things: iPhone Apps

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By Bethaney Wallace

In honor of Oprah – who invented sharing favorites through media – I’ve decided to write a blog post listing my most-handy iPhone applications. Whether work related or just for fun, my phone helps me get through the day with a sense of ease that pre-smartphone me never knew could exist. Google searches are at my fingertips, songs can be identified with a single tap, and I always know the chances of rain.

Unlike Oprah, I’m not going to provide you with your own copy. But I’ll list out the links so any interested parties can download a version for themselves. And the best perk of all: every one of them is free.

First up, Viggle

Viggle is a Shazam-type application that allows users to earn free things while watching TV. (Take a few seconds to reread that if you must; I did when I first stumbled upon their website.) All you have to do is watch TV – “check in” by letting the phone record a few seconds of each program – and collect points. More rewards are given for featured shows (listed on the app’s home page), and users can then redeem rewards. Choose from gift cards, restaurant dollars, movie tickets, and donations to a featured charity. It’s the version of an arcade childhood me always wanted.

Easy Writer

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Wedding Crashing: There’s an App for That

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by Bethaney Wallace

For those who enjoy watching comedies – or those who are occasionally roped into watching a flick they didn’t choose – you’ve undoubtedly seen Wedding Crashers, a 2005 film starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. The two characters, friends since childhood, are skilled wedding “crashers,” meaning they attend post-nuptial parties – sans invitation – for the sole intention of meeting women. And it works. But, chances are the rest of us don’t have the same smooth-talking skills (and when I say “smooth talking” I mean “ability to lie”), or the same access to wedding schedules that the magic that Hollywood scripts can provide. Well, fret no more. Thanks to the ever-growing creativity of app writers, there is now a way to find pre-crashed weddings via technology.

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SEO for Mobile Applications

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By Kelsey Jones

Although it is a fairly new platform, mobile applications are growing in the thousands every year, most with free and/or paid versions. The free versions usually have ads to cover the development costs and eventually produce a revenue.

Even though mobile applications can bring in thousands in revenue for developers and companies, the thought of using SEO for application descriptions seems very rudimentary and even “Black Hat” when compared to the traditional online SEO applications that we use for websites. Many application descriptions include keywords at the end:

Screenshot Taken 12/22/2011


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How to Protect Yourself on Mobile Check-In Applications

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By Kelsey Jones

foursquareMobile check-in and geo-location applications like Gowalla, Foursquare, Yelp, and Facebook Places can be great for finding out where friends are, gathering badges, and even earning specials. However, for people who aren’t careful, mobile check-in applications can pose a risk, especially if the person in danger of being followed (e.g. via an ex-boyfriend).

However, there are several things a user can do to still take advantage of mobile check-in application perks while being safe and aware of what they are posting online.

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