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5 Apps to Turbo Charge Your Social Media Efforts

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iphone2Are you using the best apps to boost your social media efforts for the purpose of increasing marketing for your business? Listed below are 5 mobile apps that can be used on your smartphone or tablet while you are going about your busy day, and they can go a long way in helping you to connect with others and benefit your social media marketing.

1. Google+
Here is an app that includes a number of helpful features. The interface is appealing, and with the Google Hangouts feature, you will have the ability to chat with a number of friends at the same time. This is a great way to make use of your valuable time by connecting with others. The menu button allows you to see everything in your menu at once.

2. Postling

You might be interested in a free app that will allow you to manage more than one...

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5 Apps That Save You Money

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money saving apps the social robotWith modern day inflation and economic pressures it’s really important to make wise buying decisions. Mobile apps can help: you install some money saving apps on your smartphone and they make shopping easier. As a result you save a few bucks on various items. If you start saving $2 on every item from your shopping list it can make a difference. You could buy more stuff within the same budget or just save that money. These apps inform you about the various deals available on a product or service, show you price comparisons and so on. Here is the list of some amazing money saving mobile apps:

This amazing app has over two million downloads. RedLaser is a very useful app which helps you make smart buying decisions. This app is absolutely free for iPhone, Android and Windows...

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3 Great To-Do Apps for the New Year

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todist productivty

By Kelsey Jones

Those that know me in IRL know that I love a good To-Do app. Lists help me stay on track and avoid the pitfalls of time-sucking sites like BuzzFeed and Bloglovin. Below are 3 to-do apps or websites that I’ve found this year that I really enjoy.

teuxdeux to-do list

TeuxDeuxTeuxDeux supposedly has an app, but the reviews alone made me stay far away and use the web-based version, both on my computer and iPhone. I like that when an item isn’t accomplished one day, it is moved the next day. You can also easily move the tasks on your own. TeuxDeux is free (but the app isn’t). One major thing I don’t like about TeuxDeux is that you can’t modify something that you’ve added to your list; you have to cross it off, delete it, then add something new...

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Best Practices for Instagram Marketing

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By Kelsey Jones

Instagram is the hottest thing to hit social media since…the last hottest thing, and as social media marketers it is important to take advantage of any popular online platform that you can.

First and foremost, it is important to remember that Instagram is based on photographs, not texts in an image promoting your products or services. Being successful online means taking full advantage of what each separate platform is meant for and why users actually use it.

Show the Personal Side of the Company

Use Instagram to showcase employees, new products or products in development, company events (like conference booths or the company picnic), or other personal moments that would be better captured via an image rather than a lengthy, unappealing blog post or news item. Be sure to have a succinct but descriptive caption to the photo and use filters that help enhance the photo, not make it cheesy or harder to decipher (For instance, if you want to promote your new purple sport performance leggings, you wouldn’t use a sepia or black and white filter).

Engage User...

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Do You Pay For Apps?

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By Kelsey Jones

draw-somethingAs a new iPhone owner (made the switch last week after my HTC Evo speaker was going in and out and got into some shady malware apps), I was eager to download all the existing apps I had on my Android, as well as finally download all the games and apps clients, friends, and business colleagues are telling me to check out. I’ve been sucked into Draw Something and Scramble With Friends makes my heart happy.

All my app downloads made me start thinking, “When does a person love an app enough to buy it?” I have never bought an app, rather preferring to exit out of ad screens or closing my browser quickly when I accidentally do click on a banner ad. But this minor inconvenience has never bothered me enough to actually purchase the paid version.

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