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B-Sides: When the CAPTCHA Challenge is Too Tough

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by Bethaney Wallace

With everything good in this world, there is a bandit out to disturb what should be enjoyed openly. The Hamburglar challenged Ronald McDonald in his quest to share unhealthy yet delicious foods. Darth Vader and Two Face turned evil after receiving unfortunate face injuries. And almost any character who owned a mask meddled in episodes of Scooby Doo. But the modern day villain, one who is nearly impossible to catch, are Internet bots, stealers of information and hackers of computers.

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B-Sides: Online Communication Now for Purchasing Drugs

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by Bethaney Wallace

Over the years the Internet has worked as a segue for many people. It combines schedules, brings old acquaintances together, helps sell unwanted goods. But, according to several news reports, the websites are taking it a step further and helping those of all moral standards. They’re acting as a medium for illegal narcotics to be marketed and exchanged. Or more specifically, they’re helping head shops hustle their merch. No more alley lurking and telephone booth squatting; now drugs change hands through a simple web message.

But, what’s even more noteworthy than this upcoming practice (after all, there was the Craigslist killer, are we really surprised by drugs?) is that the media is having a heyday. Constant reports, articles, grilling politicians about law restrictions – it’s as though the reporters think the social media drug trade is government funded. Why is the public surprised when technology lives up to its capabilities?

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B-Sides: I’m Kind of a Mac

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by Bethaney Wallace

About two months ago, I went from slowly tipping my toes into the edges of a pool to jumping in – a full on giant-splashing cannon ball. I got an iPhone. A few B-sides posts ago I shared how I finally purchased a Mac, that after years of being cheap and angry, I wrote the big check and started closing Word tabs from the left. Now, just a few months later, I bought my second Apple product and became a card-carrying member.

It wasn’t some revelation that made me betray my former PC ways. I was never for either side – Macs and PCs just floated through my life idly and unaware. I was just too cheap to justify buying Apple products. But, once electronics became my livelihood (I spend roughly 7 hours a day on the computer), I gave Macs a second look.

Then, once it was time to give up my two-year stint with a phone that had clicking buttons and no internet access, buying a phone of the same brand just made sense. Rather than having to mix and match PC brands or products, I ordered my iPhone knowing it was not only compatible with my constant sidekick (my MacBook Pro), but that they were made for each other. They automatically sync. My iTunes (both music and work-related apps) takes care of itself. The chargers don’t have to be checked for compatibility. And in an extremely petty comparison, their cords are color-coded for easy locating.


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B-Sides: Why Writers Shouldn’t Send Custom Samples

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by Bethaney Wallace

I am a writer; I put words together and people pay me for it. But like any web writer, or at least one who is still in the beginning stages of their career, finding new work is sometimes easier than others. Some days I can’t keep up, working into the morning to meet deadlines, and others I’m spending the day reading blogs and painting my nails. The inconsistencies though, are also part of what makes me love the job.

During my slower...

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B-Sides: Need a Flashlight? There’s an App for That.

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Although some think it's the best idea since selling beer on Sundays, some people (like me) think it's more of a cult.Read More