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B-Sides: Why Writers Shouldn’t Send Custom Samples

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by Bethaney Wallace

I am a writer; I put words together and people pay me for it. But like any web writer, or at least one who is still in the beginning stages of their career, finding new work is sometimes easier than others. Some days I can’t keep up, working into the morning to meet deadlines, and others I’m spending the day reading blogs and painting my nails. The inconsistencies though, are also part of what makes me love the job.

During my slower...

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Maintain Your Online Presence With a Website

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Just because you aren’t a website designer, it doesn’t mean that you can’t build your own website. A basic website with 1-5 pages is pretty simple and easy to implement. Of course we here at The Social Robot can always build it for you on WordPress (contact us at contact [at] to learn more), but if you are bent on doing it yourself with a free website builder, the following is a list of pages we recommend should always be on a website.

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How to Get Your Website Listed on Google News

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You’ve already got a great news site. Now all you need is more readers for those informative and topical articles you and your writers regularly put out. Getting your news site listed on Google News is great way to attract readers, but how do you get into their database?

The good news is, being included on Google News is totally free.

Just send them your URL, cross your fingers, and hope they like what they see when they review your blog or website. If you aren’t sure your site will pass muster with Google News, there are some ways to ensure that it will.

Before being considered, there are a number of formatting issues your site must adhere to...

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