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This Captcha Alternative is a Million Times Better than Alphabet Soup

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captcha game alternativeIn the past, I’ve made no secret about my hatred toward captchas. They’re awkward, confusing, and half the time, absolutely impossible to solve. It’s as if the search engine wants you to fail. And even though Google seems to think I’m half spam-bot (I get at least one Google-prompted captcha per working day, which I’ll take as a compliment), I’m still not accustomed to their difficult nature.

Which is why I was super pumped to hear about a growing captcha alternative. One that lets you play games (games!) instead of muddling your way through unrecognizable letters. Just match the correct food items or play a single hole of put-put golf and you’re on your way to the next web destination. Without having to deal with retrys or angry pops up.

The Captcha Solution

Known as Are You...

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Google to Update Rankings – it’s Just as Obscure as Always

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panda eating bambooRecently, Google announced it was – yet again – making adjustments to the way it ranks pages. Specifically, by making its latest update, Panda, less severe for certain websites. The announcement came from Google’s Matt Curtis, and was given at the last installment of SMX West (or Search Marketing Expo), and is slated to help small businesses.

While this may sound like great news to small business owners everywhere (yours truly included), it also comes with the same layers of mystery Google always dishes up. Because they don’t want their methods to be beaten or hacked on even the smallest of levels, the public gains little information about the changes...

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How To Get A Good Reputation When You Have None

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Guest post by Dana Rasmussen

whispering newsStarting a business of any kind is difficult, but what’s perhaps even more difficult is establishing a reputation, especially a good one, when the general public and target demographic are not fully aware of what you can do, who you are, what it means to them, etc.

So how does one establish a good reputation from the ground up? First, take a look at what makes up one’s background.

Thanks to the Internet, a reputation can be broadcast far and wide – great for businesses with a good one, but horrible for those with a bad (deserving of the status or not).

Take a look at some facts about how much the Internet, especially social media, plays a role in reputation management here.

As you can see by the link, 70% of people hear about a consumer’s experience online...

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Recipe for a Viral Twitter Account

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spreading virusIn an online marketer’s ideal world, social media would follow a simple recipe. With a dash of work, a helping of new followers, and an appropriate amount of baking time, each account would grow and prosper. Sure they’d need maintenance to continue to thrive – much like wine, cheese, or an extremely long-term version of bread – but said maintenance would also make the outcome that much better. After all, it’s a recipe; follow the directions and the final product will be a favorable one.

IRL, however, social media recipes are more of a hodgepodge of knowledge and tasks. In general, what works works, but some profiles might need more – or at least different – tweaking than others...

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The Best Social Media Marketing Services Pricing Guide for Small Businesses

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A roundup of affordable social media marketing services for small businesses

guideIt’s no surprise that online marketing – especially that of social media – in an important aspect of running a business these days. Anymore, telling a small business they “need to utilize social media” is like saying, “Cereal tastes better with milk,” or “Fonzie never should have jumped the shark.” With it’s incredible pull, outreach, and cost-effective methods, failing to host social media campaigns might just be the worst mistake a business can make. Small or otherwise.

To get the most out of this social endeavor without breaking the bank, look to these budget friendly options...

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