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5 Signs Your Startup is Set for Smooth Sailing to Success

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Post by Dave Landry

It takes a real risk-taker and adventurer to take the journey as an entrepreneur and start a new business. Unfortunately, according to Forbes, 9 out of 10 startups go out of business because they fail to prepare themselves for the multiple challenges that lie ahead.

While starting a completely new venture in this economy can be tough, there is no denying that we have seen a lot of success tumble out of businesses that started out in their own garages. Amazon, Apple, Google, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft — all started in a garage.

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Bad timing might be one reason for the failure of a small business or new product, but there are numerous reasons why some ventures are unsuccessful...

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3 Ways To Finance Business Growth

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man climbing bar chart with telescopeThe University of Louisville athletic department has been highly successful in the two biggest revenue-generating sports, football and basketball. The Cardinals football team, led by NFL 1st round pick Teddy Bridgewater, defeated the perennial powerhouse Florida Gators in the 2012 Sugar Bowl. The basketball team went to the Final Four in 2012, and beat Michigan in the Championship Game the following year.

The university recently hired Johnson Consulting of Chicago to conduct a feasibility study on expanding Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. The firm will not only determine potential costs of further expansion, but also whether the project will ultimately pay for itself as the Cardinals transition to big conference football in the ACC in 2014...

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Blogging is Underrated

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Content is important. It’s a standard website staple that tells visitors who a company is, what they do, and what it is about them that makes them important. And that’s only the beginning. Yet, despite those perks (or rather, basic website protocol), content is regularly overlooked by companies of all sizes. Whether they simply don’t understand the value, or don’t have the know-how to keep an impressive operation up and running, content is one of the most cost-friendly ways to bring in traffic and inform users. Yet it’s continually botched. Sometimes even on and blogging cartoon

Why the Hesitation?

For most businesses, tactics are measured in dollars. If something isn’t benefitting the ROI – or return on investment – it’s placed on the back burner while other options are explored...

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Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Online Marketing Pros

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share and not to share social media signWith the incredible growth of social media and infinite amount of advertising that comes with it, taking advantage of these outlets has become a no-brainer. The difficult part, however, is knowing how to best implement these online standards. From social media management, to blogging, to SEO services, the untrained eye can have a hard time deciphering these Internet-based phrases. Which is exactly why many opt to hire a professional instead. Whether full time or on a freelance basis (ideal for smaller companies), asking a pro can allow you to take advantage of important online tactics without sacrificing on quality. (Or any other work tasks that are being pushed aside in the process.)

But with so many online marketing professionals available, how do you find the right one?

First off, remem...

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Make 2014 the Year Social Media Grows Your Business

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Post by Carla Martin

media illustrationThis is the year that mobile and media come together to become the top marketing priorities for any business, Social Media Today predicts. Don’t ignore this important niche of consumers. Keep yourself in the game with social media campaigns that connect with mobile consumers. Your competition may have a head start, but these tips will move you in the right direction:

Mobile is the New Gateway

Tailor your message to the mobile user, and make your website mobile-ready. Responsive design techniques make websites display correctly no matter what kind of devices are being used. To tap into this world of mobile consumers even more, consider developing your own mobile app, suggests Entrepreneur.

Apps are designed for mobile devices...

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