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How to Use Social Media to Elevate Your Subscription Business

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tablet with floating iconsThe software as a service (SaaS) market grew from $12.2 billion in revenue in 2011 with an expected $21.3 billion by 2015, according to E-Founders. While those numbers are enticing for startups looking to get in on the revenue, it doesn’t give clues for how to build your SaaS empire. Start with a relatively low cost marketing tool like social media to boost subscription sales and recurring revenue. Here’s a roundup of how to break the code on social media marketing and get more signups.

Launch a Webinar on LinkedIn

Tap into the power of webinars to sell subscriptions. Spend a few weeks building up your LinkedIn contacts and your email list before announcing your webinar directly on your LinkedIn account. Solve a problem for your clients in the webinar...

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How to Deal With Social Media Complainers [Infographic]

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In the world that is social media, we’ve all dealt with an array of customer types, good or bad. Follow this infographic the next time you come across a difficult customer for an easy fix to almost any type of situation.

How to Deal With Social Media Complainers [INFOGRAPHIC] - An Infographic from Pardot

Embedded from Pardot

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Why you Shouldn’t Accept “You Can Pitch This Elsewhere” as a Payment Term

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chasing moneyAs a writer, online marketer, or full time freelancer of any kind, it can be hard to get others to understand your value. Even though a company hired you, even though you’re providing a quality service, even though results are being seen (even minuscule ones), importance may not be understood. For whatever reason, companies still don’t see just how valuable Internet marketing can be – and because results are built, not seen overnight, it seems like an easy expense to cut.

But from the freelancing side, it’s important to protect yourself.

Companies responding with payment upon acceptance or “you can pitch this elsewhere if we don’t like it,” likely don’t have plans to pay. Unless you can fit into their impossible terms of perfect, that is...

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How to Not Suck as a Business – 4 Actions You should be Taking

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failing bar chartGuest post by Layla Davis

Some businesses just suck at what they do – either because they got something wrong with their visions from the get-go, or somewhere along the line their leadership began to crackle. Business really just comes down to providing a great product along with great support. Everything else piles on afterward, which will lead to increased profits.

So, have a look at these four items you should be doing if you don’t want your business to suck:

1. Customer Service Matters More than Ever

Your customer service needs to be top-notch even if you’re operating with a very small team.

Why? Because great customer service keeps people coming back for more, they’ll tell their friends/family/followers, and it can defuse irate customers.

The cost of angering a customer...

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Saying No: How to Manage Take-a-Mile Clients

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construction hatThere’s an old term about being a pushover, one who lets people do as they please, no matter the request or effort to make it happen. Known as a “yes man,” these agreeable folk come in all genders, ages, and sizes. They go to too many present-buying functions, they often have their items borrowed indefinitely, and they put themselves in questionable situations just to make others happy. They are regularly taken advantage of.

Yes men, it’s time to say no.

It’s important to be helpful or agreeable, but when it’s constant and self-sacrificing, the “yes” answering has to stop. Especially when you own a business.

Finding a Solution

As writers, editors, or whatever other type of freelancer, clients will try to take advantage of your services on a regular basis...

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