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How the Kim Davis Story Continues to Grow

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Kentucky County Clerk Defies Supreme Court Ruling And Refuses To Issue Same Sex Marriage LicensesThere are some interesting conversations to be had about states’ rights, religious freedom, and civil disobedience in modern America. The incarceration of Kim Davis is not a great spring board for any of those conversations however. Furthermore, the countless social media posts related to this story do not serve their constructive intent.

Contributing to a discussion’s volume is rarely the way to steer its narrative. Of course in an argument, the goal is to tilt perception in your favor. Through the Facebook posts, memes, and tweets regarding Kim Davis, no one is convincing anyone to think differently than they already do. No one has won or lost because this was never a battle. Some middle men will pick up checks for brokering the ensuing book deal and made-for-TV movie...

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Audience Fractionalization Creates Mini Echo Chambers

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facebook-echo-chamberAudience fractionalization is the Internet inevitability that has radically changed media in the last ten years. With so many outlets vying for your time, you must choose a nucleus. A core group of bookmarks you visit each day. Fractionalization forces platforms to cater to their audiences. It allows for niche content markets and supports a variety of interests. It’s digital competition, which is good. However, some side effects hamper this unabashed freedom.

The splintering of the marketplace accelerated with the 24-hour news cycle. Cable stations offered audiences more voices and a variety of ways to consume the news throughout the day. The stories didn’t change, but the personalities and commentaries acted like plastic wrap, keeping content fresh for longer...

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Facebook Friendship: An Argument for Holding On

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Screen-shot-2013-01-24-at-16.44.54A few weeks ago, Danny wrote this blog about wishing Facebook friends happy birthday. How, if you’re not willing to do it, you shouldn’t be “friends” with them at all. But mostly you should be willing to do it. And today, you’re in for a real treat. Because I’m about to write out all the reasons he is wrong.

First off, Facebook friendship shouldn’t come with an obligation. It’s online, impersonal, and has seriously changed the way we view someone as a “friend.” Unfortunately, Zuckerberg didn’t have the foresight to call the connections “acquaintances” and now we’re stuck with the term. (Though, in all likelihood, he probably thought we would actually be friends with the people we associate with online, leaving his intentions intact – he just underestimated his own reach.)

Anyway, even if...

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Facebook Friendship and Making Cuts

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Delete-Facebook-friendWishing someone happy birthday is a polite gesture that — with the exception of parents and significant others — no one is really obligated to perform. It’s a social courtesy. There might be cake. Hats occasionally play a role. Someone mentions the fact that it’s Amber’s biiiiirthday today! And then you say, “oh, happy birthday!” in a mostly genuine fashion. Had no one pointed out the significance of these twenty-four hours to Amber, they would fall to the floor as just another page of the withering calendar. And that version of “happy birthday” is the hard one.

I refute Extreme’s postulate. It can be difficult enough to say words to a person. The band’s 1990 smash hit comes before the social media era...

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Facebook Auto-Play: Arguing with Results

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Facebook-autoplay-videoDo you hate Facebook video auto-play? I can’t decide if I do. Of course there’s the argument that it’s invasive, annoying, and unstoppable. I can commiserate, Dad. The forward-thinking, tech-oriented, idiephile is mumbling “Why are you still on Facebook? It’s 2015,” as she takes a drag from her American Spirit. But the reality is that Facebook has over 890 million daily users. That’s a huge social network. Rather, that’s a huge social marketplace.

An explosion of outrage tends to follow each tweak to the Facebook system: layout, privacy policy, messenger requirements. The introduction of auto-play followed the prototypical 4 Stages of Facebook Backlash: people hated it, then they resented it, then they begrudgingly accepted it, then they zoned out...

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