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Is Grammar Dead?

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Between changes in educational laws, curriculum, technology, and coursework, it can be argued that grammar is becoming less and less important. Or rather, less taught. Between all the standardized tests that must bet met and growing sources of electronics, teachers (and their students) have little time to think about whether or not the Oxford is the only comma. After all, there are grants at stake and texts to be sent. Who has time to consider spelling and sentence structure when school years are lengthened along with requirements?

Somewhere in the past few years, English courses took a strict turn, where aspects such as cursive writing, sentence structure, and grammar saw a great trim down within public schools. Other aspects, such as texting – which is often done with improper spelling and numbers – auto-correct, and spell check also take away from proper English.

As for public signs, menus, and social media – it’s as though grammar never even existed. Apostrophes have gotten a serious promotion – they’re used twice as often as they should be, as are quotation marks, double and single, and ellipses – synonyms are often confused, and does no one read their posts out loud? It’s enough to make grammar enthusiasts scream.

It’s even been suggested that certain grammar rules should be ignored altogether. By everyone except the Brits.

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4 Steps for Building Blog Credibility

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Many people use their blogs as a means to earn a little extra cash. With advertisements and reviews, bloggers can monetize their blogs. But be careful not to lose credibility by randomly plastering ads on pages or demanding money from companies you promote. A blog that is credible, searchable, influential and brimming with quality content that will bring in that green.

Domain Name & Host Services

Build credibility by designing an aesthetic homepage that attracts visitors. Also, establish your domain name, which should clearly indicate that your blog is independently hosted and not just one tiny subdomain of some larger entity. Even if you have to switch from a free host to paying for your own hosting services, the credibility is worth the cost. According to, web hos...

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Guest Blogging Is Dead. Long Live Guest Blogging

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Consider, if you will, the following scenario. You and your neighbors have been subjected to insane motorists who go roaring down your quiet residential street late at night at ungodly speeds, blaring their stereos. In response to complaints, the local police department sets up a speed trap and BAM!, they start nabbing these miscreants. One day, you’re driving home, delighting in how the bad guys were taken down, when suddenly you see flashing lights in your rear view mirror. Turns out you were going 37mph in a 30mph zone. Busted!

You were pulled over for suspicion of creation and distribution of questionable content
By the same token, Google’s Penguin and Panda updates have made strides in filtering out spam sites, and hey, how come the links to your content aren’t showing up either? Turn...

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Saying No: How to Manage Take-a-Mile Clients

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construction hatThere’s an old term about being a pushover, one who lets people do as they please, no matter the request or effort to make it happen. Known as a “yes man,” these agreeable folk come in all genders, ages, and sizes. They go to too many present-buying functions, they often have their items borrowed indefinitely, and they put themselves in questionable situations just to make others happy. They are regularly taken advantage of.

Yes men, it’s time to say no.

It’s important to be helpful or agreeable, but when it’s constant and self-sacrificing, the “yes” answering has to stop. Especially when you own a business.

Finding a Solution

As writers, editors, or whatever other type of freelancer, clients will try to take advantage of your services on a regular basis...

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5 Ways You’re Not Fully Utilizing Twitter as a Blogger

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keyboardUtilizing social media websites effectively can make or break a blogging career. With a reported 500 million registered users, Twitter should be one of the platforms any blogger depends on to get the word out about their work. According to Twitter, almost 40% of its users don’t even Tweet – they use the website as a news feed and to keep track of things they are passionate about.  With these kinds of numbers, you should be using Twitter to promote your blog aggressively. Here are some common mistakes bloggers make when it comes to getting the most out of their Twitter experience:

  1. Not adding tweet buttons to your posts: Can you think of an easier way to get people to share your blog posts? If you are not giving your current readers the easy and fast option to share your posts, you’re ...
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