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Grammar Matters: Why A Single Space is the Only Space

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grammar matters urkelOne space or two? One space or two? This is a question many writers go through within their career. To do as you’ve always done, and include two spaces after each sentence-finalizing punctuation (a teaching practice that baffles me to this day), or join the modern world and stick to one single space – which is the answer? But more importantly comes the decision to be right, or to purposefully be wrong (the second space).

When I first read this article – a groundbreaking blog on the sheer foolishness of two spaces – I too was a guilty party. In fact, I was somewhat angry Farhad, the writer, was so bluntly rude about it. But the more I wrote, the more one space made sense (and the more people I saw doing it)...

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Tips for Setting Up a Freelancing Business

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bookAs anybody who is a freelancer knows quite well, branching out into the world of freelance work is a very exciting decision. From writers who create articles for a variety of publications and photographers who capture special moments at weddings, to the many other types of work that is available, freelancing can be a wonderful way to make a living.

Becoming a freelancer also takes a certain amount of pre-planning that can help keep things organized and prevent any issues from occurring later on. People who are thinking about becoming a freelancer should consider the following topics ahead of time, before they get too deep in their new line of work:


Keep your business finances separate from your personal expenses. Pinnacle Financial warns that the Internal Revenue Service is very ...

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Easing the World into Freelancing

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colorful question marksTo many, the idea of writing or marketing online for pay is a new prospect. People can write and they can market, but can they do it all from their home office? And make a living off of it? Yes, we can. Thanks to the Internet and an “I can do anything you can do” attitude, millions of freelancers across the country are making a viable career out of writing from home.

This may mean an inconsistent schedule, paying for health insurance out of pocket, forever explaining what it is “we do,” but that doesn’t make it any less of a career. And like any Pinocchio fan will tell you, just because something is real doesn’t mean there aren’t skeptics. The more times you explain, “It’s a real job, it’s a real job,” the more times shady circus managers are after your skillz.

You Do...

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7 Traffic Generating Tips for Small Business Blogs

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guy in blindfoldA blog can prove to be a valuable tool for generating new business, but to be successful you’ve got to attract an audience. Here are a few tips that will increase your small business blog with minimal effort on your part. And none of them require a great deal of technical know-how, computer savvy, or hours in the day.

“These tips are so easy, I could do them blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back.”
Image courtesy of: sparkieg via photopin cc

Make your blog time well spent

Many people perceive computer time as an indulgence just another vice that they need to curb and only do in their spare time. Your readers must reap a reward for visiting your blog. This means two things.

First, your blog posts should not read like sales pitches...

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Where’s the Space?

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teaching keyboardAn ongoing company trend – one that I despise – is a lack of space. Instead of, like the English language taught us to, putting a blank space between each word, companies opt to shove them all together, likethis. Whether it’s the hashtag that’s pushing this trend or some other unknown cause, it’s one putting copy editors and Word spellchecks on high alert.

Well-known culprits:

  • FedEx
  • TechCrunch
  • FeedBurner
  • SocialText
  • YouTube
  • TechMeme
  • LinkedIn
  • MySpace
  • SimplyHired
  • StumbleUpon

and the list goes on.

So what is it about this lack of space that calls in web entrepreneurs? Is it the designers pushing for this conglomeration of words? Or just the fact that everyone else is doing it? It’s not like the Internet is running out of room.

But whatever the draw, it could actually work against...

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