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Wifi Proliferation is a Super First World Problem

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First-World-Problems“First world problems” has been a quip, a hashtag, and a general attitude that found its legs on the Internet. Having more food than you can eat or your insurance premium going up because you got a new car, what a tough life. However, as the income gap increases both nationally and globally, the ease with which the privileged (including myself, big time) can be inconvenienced inflates dramatically.

I walked into a restaurant to kill some time and write this article. I asked if they had wifi. They said “no.” I was disgusted. #FirstWorldProblems didn’t do that situation justice. It was more like #ProblemsThatDidntExist5YearsAgoAndOnlyApplyToWhinyJerks. I don’t think that’s gonna stick though.

Free wifi has become such a standard feature of the modern world that it can genuinely...

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Social Media as the New Age of Customer Service

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CustomerServiceWith seemingly constant access to the Internet, communication is more prevalent than ever. We can call and text anyone within our phone books, at any time, and we can share our opinions on companies. For all to see. Within a few seconds, we can give an opinion and get it out into the world – forever searchable by the interwebs. Which also means we have more ways to reach companies, and a quicker access at feedback. Companies are looking for those who mention their names, while customers are looking for any outlet possible in which they can talk to a business.

This is a new norm that allows for an efficient line of communication. Where customers can reach out (and vice versa) in real time. Where they don’t have to be put on hold or wait for days at a time for an email response...

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Free is Temporary, the Internet is Forever

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paywall-imageEveryone loves free stuff, right? Coupons, buy-one-get-one-free, it comes in many forms. The Internet has been the great purvayor of “free” since its origins. Open-source contributions built what we know and love today. YouTube allows one to stream trillions of hours of content for no charge. WordPress offers free accounts to construct personal websites and blogs.

In fact, because “free” is the standard, it takes a rather immaculate product to get consumers to open their digital check books. For $8/month, Netflix presents mountains of high-quality TV shows and movies, and even its own original programming.

Part of what helped the streaming service succeed was its early adoption paywall. A paywall, for those who are unfamiliar, is essentially a barrier to content...

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Facebook Friendship: An Argument for Holding On

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Screen-shot-2013-01-24-at-16.44.54A few weeks ago, Danny wrote this blog about wishing Facebook friends happy birthday. How, if you’re not willing to do it, you shouldn’t be “friends” with them at all. But mostly you should be willing to do it. And today, you’re in for a real treat. Because I’m about to write out all the reasons he is wrong.

First off, Facebook friendship shouldn’t come with an obligation. It’s online, impersonal, and has seriously changed the way we view someone as a “friend.” Unfortunately, Zuckerberg didn’t have the foresight to call the connections “acquaintances” and now we’re stuck with the term. (Though, in all likelihood, he probably thought we would actually be friends with the people we associate with online, leaving his intentions intact – he just underestimated his own reach.)

Anyway, even if...

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Different Ways we Use the Internet Today

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Internet icons search enginesThe advent of the Internet is a common concept in modern life. It has changed the way that we see and live in the world today. No matter what you do, the chances are that you use the Internet in at least some aspect of your life – from increasing your productivity at work to connecting with friends who are all over the map.

Social Media

By making communication with people from across the globe easier than ever before, social media has effectively made our planet smaller than ever. With social media, businesses can expand their target market and seek out audiences that they may never have been able to access before...

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