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Facebook News Needs Journalistic Integrity

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Facebook news image Who do you consider the ultimate news authority? The way the 2016 presidential election has unfolded begs the question. Perhaps the rational answer is that no news outlet should be considered the end-all-be-all when it comes to journalistic clout. Only with a variety of sources and perspectives can you form a well-rounded opinion.

Throughout the last sixteen months though, even institutions like The New York Times and Associated Press have made some mistakes in an effort to publish quickly. I’ve called attention to the consequences of a 24-hour news cycle before — it has no doubt changed the way news is produced and consumed. We’re starting to see a shift in journalistic trust that tends more toward the chaotic.

Where do you go for news? If you’re a moderately affluent adult in 2016...

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Citizens Are Shaping Baltimore Coverage

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The events taking place in Baltimore garner attention for obvious reasons. The instances of police brutality undeniably have been at the forefront of national conversation for the better part of a year now. Just as it did in Ferguson, public response has raised questions and commentary from those participating and those thousands of miles away. The wrinkles formed by the duality of protesting and rioting are being ironed out with the blunt instrument of point-of-view. Through all of the commotion, an interesting phenomenon is occurring at the ground level, and it’s all thanks to social media.

Baltimore_Fox News_JournalismFor the first time in the case of a large-scale American public protest, it feels as though the people are shaping the narrative as much as major media outlets...

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