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Cartoon of the Month

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social media friends cartoon

Bethaney Wallace

Bethaney Wallace

Bethaney Wallace is a tea drinking, Amazon loving writer and editor. When she's not working on TSR or her personal blog, she loves reading and looking for new DIY projects.

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The Missing Link: How Entrepreneurs Should Use LinkedIn

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Global human resources business people work teamEntrepreneurs take advantage of their surroundings, finding opportunities in the most mundane happenings. Where many see LinkedIn as an idle way to find a job, entrepreneurs use it for all of LinkedIn’s potential. For all the budding entrepreneurs, here’s how to use LinkedIn to begin your ascension to the top.

Role Models

Everyone needs a role model for aspiration. These role models are often people who dared to dream. They’re the CEOs, the innovators, the shapers of the future — all people who crafted their dreams into reality. Where would you like to be in your career? What job do you want?

Track these successful people using LinkedIn and other social networking platforms. If they’re active users, their words will provide inspiration and education as you work to fulfill your goals...

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The Five Hottest Social Media Jobs

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Guest post by Clarissa Wilson

The social media skills are today among the most demanded qualities on the labor market. This can be considered a good thing by anyone who’s searching for a job, because it opens a truly wide area of different possibilities to enter almost every industry that exists. If you are social media and online savvy, maybe you would want to reconsider your current career choices:

Social Strategist: If you ever wandered who are the people who decide the “big picture” of the whole social media communication of a particular company, here’s your answer – social strategists are the ones who decide the entire framework of the organization’s social media efforts as well as deciding upon the budget for the campaigns, types of outlets to be pursued in each campaign, etc.

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How to Create a Great LinkedIn Bio

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Enjoy this guest post by Kerry Butters while we are at SMX East!

As many of you will already know, LinkedIn is the choice of professionals when it comes to social networking. Whilst Facebook and Twitter are a great marketing tool, LinkedIn is a professional networking tool where you can find like-minded people within your industry, as well as search for jobs and connections which are valuable to your working life.

With around 150 million users, the demographics on LinkedIn are very different to the ones you will see on other social media sites and is predominantly used by males between the ages of 25 and 57 years, although this is something that is changing.

What isn’t changing though, is the ethos of the site and so if you really want your profile to make a professional impact, then it’s worth spending some time on your bio. This will ensure that you show up in search results and you can really use the site as a platform for showcasing your professional interests.

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Where to Find Online & Offline Discussion Groups For Marketers

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By Kelsey Jones


I recently read an article in one of my magazines I subscribe to about this goal-setting women’s group that met once a week. They would bring their goal list, have a scone, and check up on everyone else to make sure they were completing their goals.

The idea of a goal-setting, discussion, or mastermind group work on the same principle—that working with a group of like-minded people to share ideas, get feedback, and provide support can be invaluable to marketers and other working professionals.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has tons of great, active groups to participate in. Many can give you feedback and advice within 24-48 hours, once you post a new discussion. There are groups that cover several different areas that may be of interest to marketers, including groups specific to your local area, Social Media Marketing, SEO, etc.

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