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What Social Media Profiles Does Your Company Need?

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By Kelsey Jones

Believe it or not, not every company needs a profile on every single social media or social bookmarking site. But focusing on social networking sites that can offer the best engagement results for your industry and business, you can cut down on the stress and energy it would take to try to keep updated profiles on 10 or 15 sites, all at once.

linkedin_logoLinkedIn: LinkedIn pages usually best for B2B businesses, especially since it is a professional networking site. It is also a great resource for human resources departments to recruit talent, post jobs, and check out profiles. LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect industry professionals or enthusiasts. Additionally, LinkedIn Answers can help employees provide their company with a more reputable business image.

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Different social network, different content

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This guest post is brought to you by Charlie Davidson, a UK-based blogger focused on internet technology and sharing thoughts on films and novels.

I’m often asked about social networks and the relationship between them. People ask how they fit together and what’s the best way to sync your accounts together –allowing one update to be shared through multiple social network sites. I myself have tied Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn together; surely one update is easier than three, right?

While in theory it makes sense, this isn’t always a good tactic. While on Facebook, I recently saw a friend’s comment that made me chuckle, and gives a perfect explanation as to why.

Was just told man’s ...

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Weekly Link Round-Up Febuary 22, 2010

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Social Media: Why Should You Care?

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I did a presentation at my full-time job last week about the importance of social media and what it means to our business, a marketing agency (BIGSHOT). Everyone thought it was a great and informative presentation and I thought I’d share what I offered.

Here’s the video I showed as an introduction:

Free micro-blogging website where users can only post updates (or “tweets”) of 140 characters or less. Good for promoting website links, coupons, and specials. Has grown from 1.6m to 32.1m users just in the last year.

The most popular social networking/media site, where anyone with a valid email address can join for free...

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