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Social Media = Free Entertainment

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the social robot piracy lawsIn our constant state of internet making life better, more and more websites are offering illegal activities with the slickest of ease. Whether you need to sample an upcoming CD, check out the debut episode of a to-be-aired series, or find where to purchase the cheapest cable cord keepers, it can all be done through the help of the interweb. Rights aside, these websites find a niche, and they help bring the past and status quo into one, easily accessible place.

And now that websites can be accessed via game consul and/or TV, even more are finding free entertainment in the comfort of their own living rooms.

Despite former hand slaps given out to Napster users and providers, these questionably-legal practices seem to be flourishing more than ever.

Are classic Disney Channel original movies y...

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How to Find Blogs That Allow DoFollow Comments

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Guest Post by Claudia Somerfield

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a great role in internet marketing. It includes various tools like blog posting, commenting, tagging, bookmarking, blog submissions, content writing, press releases, and more. The SEO experts work on both off-page optimization and on-page optimization techniques to help the client website appear in first page of the search engines. The search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Firefox) acts as a fast crawling machine. Posting regular blogs to a low or nil traffic website, will attract the search engines to crawl and to consider the blog in its ranking parameters.

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Drowning in the Internet: The Curse of Technology

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by Bethaney Wallace

Each time I set down to get some work done, I run into the same problem: I get distracted. I might find an interesting blog to read, get lost in the glorious site that is Etsy, or I could be 11 pages deep into my guilty pleasure, The point is, no matter how good my intentions or how motivated I am, something more interesting always comes up. This, of course, is probably a testament to my inability to focus. I was never officially diagnosed with ADD, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be on Ridalin like thousands of other hyper American children (… but that is a rant for another day). I could blame my unpreparedness, my being easily distracted. But in all reality, the internet is just an overwhelming place. Where else can you start looking up shoe sales and end on Shark Week viewing statistics? Never, other than on the internet, have I spent hours jumping between Wikipedia links, learning facts that would only be useful in an intense game of trivia.

Because my ...

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Weekly Link Round-Up March 10, 2010

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Weekly Link Round-Up March 2, 2010

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