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Facebook Auto-Play: Arguing with Results

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Facebook-autoplay-videoDo you hate Facebook video auto-play? I can’t decide if I do. Of course there’s the argument that it’s invasive, annoying, and unstoppable. I can commiserate, Dad. The forward-thinking, tech-oriented, idiephile is mumbling “Why are you still on Facebook? It’s 2015,” as she takes a drag from her American Spirit. But the reality is that Facebook has over 890 million daily users. That’s a huge social network. Rather, that’s a huge social marketplace.

An explosion of outrage tends to follow each tweak to the Facebook system: layout, privacy policy, messenger requirements. The introduction of auto-play followed the prototypical 4 Stages of Facebook Backlash: people hated it, then they resented it, then they begrudgingly accepted it, then they zoned out...

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Web Design Can Make or Break Your Image

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“The times, they are-a changin.” Bob Dylan, of course, was referring to the way one presents one’s self in the Information Age. Now they say 57 is the new 48.5, and that the website has superseded the power suit. That’s right Mad Men, the tie and the cufflinks are being replaced by the tabs and the font scheme. Your avatar is your identity. People work from home; I’ve got a corner office, and it’s in the basement. I’m not saying everything has changed (I still have a 9 A.M. scotch each day), but certainly web presentation has become at least as important as attire when it comes to professional image.

This being the case, I need to put together a site of my own. I want to like the way I look, but alas, tracking down the Men’s Warehouse of web production has not been easy...

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Black Friday is for Black Friday, Not Thanksgiving

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black friday sales shoppers standing in line for retail dealsRemember the olden days? When Thanksgiving was for, well, giving thanks? Where relatives travel for miles around in order to see those who are most important in their lives. Spending the day with family and friends, eating, playing cards, or whatever other types of traditions you save on this tasty Thursday.

It’s a tradition that’s been going on for centuries in order to celebrate our country’s origins.

But somewhere along the line, we started shopping the next morning. (Yes, I’m already getting emails.) Extremely early, where there’s plenty of sales were to be had. And it’s become a way to boost the Christmas shopping season just as soon as the previous holiday has come to a close...

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To Own a Phone

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You have a cell phone don’t you? Yeah, we all have phones. Twenty years ago that would have seemed insane. I remember the kid that had a cell phone at age 13. What a legend. Now, not only can we all call people from anywhere, but we can use the Internet too. The world rests at our blunt fingertips. Using maps, self-publishing, online banking — infinite possibilities. How inspiring.

Having a smart phone is incredible. Yes, you can do almost anything with a mobile device and a credit card. However, actually using the phone is pretty unspectacular. You stare into the box and poke and swipe with your extremities. That’s just what owning a phone is. It’s like sitting alone at a bus stop. It’s not, despite Sprint’s interpretation, like riding a surfboard while wearing a shirt and tie...

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The Blogging Sweet Spot: How Often Should you Post?

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sweet spot sucker digital designEver website owner struggles with the practice of blogging. While it may be easy (allegedly anyway), it’s a task that doesn’t always bring instant results, or even direct ones. Rather, it’s a practice that informs and educates readers, allowing them to circle back to a business over time. The unsung hero of the Internet world. Additionally, actually setting aside the time to write, schedule, and share a blog can sound like more trouble than it’s worth. (Even us professional bloggers don’t always find the time to write our own content.)

However, failing to do so can also cause you to miss out on incredible opportunities, such as increased traffic, word of mouth, and more. Not to mention increased website clout and continual web bot crawling...

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