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Rice: Not Just for Eating

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by Bethaney Wallace

While almost everyone enjoys a good helping of rice – fried, white, brown, or whatever else hits the spot – not everyone understand the extent to which rice can help. Sure it can feed us, provide a great side dish for thousands of meals, and assist children in art projects, but did you know rice can also help you learn trivia? Just by heading to, users can answer questions – oh and did I mention the site helps feed others?

The website’s main goal, an admirable one, is donating grains of rice – 10 per correct answer – to the hungry. No sign up needed, although users can create an account for shared giving and tiered rice-giving levels.

For the most part, these questions are real no-brainers: “Scream means: hide, yell, make better, or shut...

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2012 Cans for Comments Drive

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feeding america cans for comments food drive

feeding america cans for comments food driveBy Kelsey Jones

It’s that time of year again for The Social Robot to give back. We participate in the cans for comments  initiative to make sure that our fellow Americans have enough to eat as the weather gets colder.

This year, we are raising money for Feeding America, a national non-profit that gives its time and resources to food banks across the United States. Just donating $1 to this organization is the equivalent to 8 meals!

With over 50 million people going hungry in the United States (1 in 6), we need to continue working to make food available to those who need it. 

Here’s how it works:

Just as with our other ‘Cans for Comments’ drives, comments can either be on this post or any other post on The Social Robot...

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Free Courseware Opportunities for Writers and Bloggers

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Guest Post by Samantha Gray

Today, everything is online and mobile. We’ve entered a time where living without a smartphone is baffling and living without the internet is completely unimaginable. We have social media at the palms of our hands at all times, major professional opportunities relying totally on online entities, and educational degrees being earned in the online classroom — the internet world is pretty much just the world these days.

As online education has grown in popularity and stature in the past several years, so too has the concept of free widely accessible education opportunities. Open courseware classes are offered by some of the top rated universities in the country to any individual with internet access. But, what does this have to do with blogging or content writing?

These ...

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Apple Technology in Schools on the Rise

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by Bethaney Wallace

Remember back in elementary school when it was time for math and you sat around doing the work by hand? An eraser, a number 2 pencil, and lined notebook paper was advanced as it got. Calculators may have been found on those bulky wristwatches, but after the age of 8 our fingers outgrew the tiny buttons that controlled them. Other subjects fared the same: anything battery operated was on a strict checkout basis. And the one piece of technology that stayed constant – the roll-out projector – was a constant source of loud humming, burned out light bulbs, and burned fingers.

Now days though, the game has changed. (The “game” being school.) In fact, two whole years ago, 97 percent of schools in the U.S. had Internet access, according to the Federal Communications Commission. In 2010, a lower percentage had high-speed access. But since the enactment of the National Broadband Plan, more schools have both gained online access and speed.

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How Internet Searches Can Raise Money for Charity

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by Bethaney Wallace

When it comes to web browsers, I’m rarely willing to compromise. Internet Explorer has caused more headaches than I can count, and Bing ranks in the top 10 of things I hate most in the world. While once swearing by Safari, ever since the invention of Chrome, I’ve been using it every day and often. There is the occasional site that forces me to convert back to Safari or use the Fox, or when I’m doing research Blekko is handy, but Chrome is still my go-to browser. Google rarely lets me down, and, if I’m being completely honest, sometimes I’ve just too lazy to switch from the search bar to the address-typing bar; Chrome combines these features into one, convenient place.

BUT, I recently came across a completely new type of browser. One that donates money to charities every time you search. Even those searches for “discount designer shoes” or “how to braid” – this outlet allows users to do good even when being completely selfish.

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