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How to Use the Internet to Make a Difference

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By Kelsey Jones

If you haven’t watched the short film Caine’s Arcade, drop what you’re doing and do so now:

Caine’s Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.


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Social Media Without Borders: UN Promotes Human Rights Day Online

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by Bethaney Wallace

Last week we discussed (yet again) the ever-growing popularity of all that is social media. First it was the presidential candidates wanting to get in on the action – they’ve seen what a frenzy teenagers with access to internet phones can cause. (Examples Rebecca Black, Angry Birds, and #BreakingDawn.) Why not politics as well, they thought. But, it seems as though it wasn’t just the Oval Office hopefuls that have seen the potential that social media can bring. In just a few weeks, the United Nations will join the list of government entities to join the social media trend.

On December ...

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UPDATE: Comment to Donate $1 To SAFEHOME, A Domestic Violence Shelter

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UPDATE: After tallying the totals, I will be donating $30 to SAFEHOME. Thanks for everyone for participating!
Every year on my blogs I do a charity drive called Cans for Comments. Many blogs donate cans of food to food banks, but last year I mixed it up a bit and did something more along the lines of “pounds of dog food for comments”. I donated the equivalent amount of money it would take to donate a certain amount of dog food to Kansas City’s largest no-kill shelter, Wayside Waifs. I try to donate to a local non-profit organization that makes a big difference in my area.This year, I’m please to announce that I will be donating all my ‘comments’ to SAFEHOME, a domestic violence shelter in my town of Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City...
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Have You Been Using Chrome For a Cause?

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Chrome For a CauseIf you use Chrome regularly, you should have downloaded the Chrome For a Cause browsing extension, available from December 15-19.  This extension counts how many tabs you use and then based on that number, you can choose to donate your “tabs” to several different charities, including The Nature Conservancy and Room to Read.

The number of tabs translates into vaccines, water, books, shelter, or trees. Whenever you start your browser for the day, it tells you how many tabs you accumulated the day before and then lets you choose who to donate them to. I never realized how many tabs I used in my browsers until I started donating them!

A friend did tell me that the tabs max out at 250 per day. Ten tabs equals 1 book or 1 tree planted, according to Google...

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Cash for Comments:

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UPDATE: Thanks to this week’s side deal on Groupon, I was able to donate $200 to! The Groupon basically allows you to purchase a gift certificate to for 50% off. I bought a $100 coupon, which is what this campaign has earned, was able to double my money! However, in order for the Groupon to be active, 500 people must purchase gift certificates. So if you’re in the giving mood, join Groupon and make a purchase!

Thank you to everyone for your support!

Back around the holiday season I did a post for ‘Cans for Comments‘ for a local animal shelter. And now that I’ve stumbled about the online charity organization DonorsChoose, I feel like I need to do it again. allows teachers from around the United States to post a list of things they need for a special project or classroom. They include a price list of what is needed and individuals can contribute or “pitch in” to raise enough money to fund the project.

I’ve already donated to a teach that wants to bring Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse 5 to her students, but I want to do more. That’s why, for every comment on The Social Robot between now and May 2010, I will donate $1 to a project on DonorsChoose.

So, as a recap:

Just as with December 2009’s ‘Cans for Com...

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