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Is Pinterest the Best Search Engine?

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In a recent BuzzFeed article (well, not-so-recent in online terms), one writer praised Pinterest for its streamlined results and easy of use. As a long-time Pinterest lover, I tend to agree. The site allows users to quickly and efficiently search any topic, and, so long as it exists on the site, it shows up. Spam is a rare fine, and relevant searches always pop up. Unlink Google, Bing, and other search engines, Pinterest actually shows viewers what they want. And best of all, it has giant, clear pictures to help show us what’s clickable and what isn’t.

pinterest summer searchSo what is it that makes Pinterest’s results “better” than the other guys’? Sure it’s more colorful and picture-heavy, but what about the efficiency of each search? In all but one of the author’s tests, Pinterest searches showed more va...

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Very PINteresting: Facts you Need to Know About Pinterest (Infographic)

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Featured image courtesy Pink Sherbert Photography; infographic from AdverBlog

Bethaney Wallace

Bethaney Wallace

Bethaney Wallace is a tea drinking, Amazon loving writer and editor. When she's not working on TSR or her personal blog, she loves reading and looking for new DIY projects.

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Social Media Faux Pas: Recipes are for Pinterest

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cookingwithfacebookBefore Facebook there was MySpace, and before MySpace, there was, well nothing. But since the boom that is social media, users have an entire array of platforms to choose from. Platforms that are best for sharing photos (Instagram), those that are best for staying in touch (Facebook), and platforms for gaining new ideas (Pinterest). Each does a little something different, and they do it well.

In the same way you wouldn’t go to Applebee’s when you have a hankering for Greek food, you wouldn’t log into Facebook when you’re searching for recipes.

But some seem to have missed the memo.

Despite social media protocol, there are still users posting recipes to Facebook, Twitter, or all of the above...

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Why Pinterest Might Be Amazing for Your Business

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pinterest marketing

pinterest marketing

Guest Post by Vincent Clarke

Pinterest is a digital pin board where users upload and share images that they find particularly engaging or beautiful. In less than three years it has become the third largest social network with over 10 million users. If you’re interested and engaged with the aesthetic side of marketing, Pinterest can be a huge source of referral traffic, high quality leads, conversions, and repeat sales if approached correctly.

In the last few months I’ve been very aggressive with Pinterest and the results have handily exceeded my expectations. Here I’ll be discussing some very quick tips on how your business can leverage Pinterest to generate traffic, increase your social outreach, and get conversions as a result.

Marketing yourself on Pinterest

The most important c...

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A List of Social Media Metric Resources

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social media metrics

social media metricsSocial media metrics, much like Google analytics for websites, help you see if your efforts and what you’re doing online will translate into a positive ROI or great customer engagement.

Luckily for us, there’re a lot of great social media metric sites that offer free or affordable data plans when it comes to analyzing your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account. For larger companies, it may be worthwhile to go with a paid service especially if you’re doing with a large amount of data that deserves to be analyzed deeper than some of the free services offer (That of course depends on how strict your company leaders are on seeing data and the overall marketing budget).

Below are some of the free and paid services you can use to get social media metrics from your company’s profiles.


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