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Protect Your Company From Social Media Commerce Security Threats

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Post by Carla Martin

thumbs down facebook stock photoThe inevitable integration of e-commerce with social media has given businesses an easier way to reach their targeted audience. A 2013 study by Mobstac–compiled into this infographic — found that 75 percent of e-commerce sales came from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest alone. With millions of consumers relying on social media to guide their purchases, it’s more important than ever to be aware of social commerce security threats. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your company from online criminals with the following proactive solutions.

Decrease the Risk of Internal Security Breaches

Although it’s easier to believe that security breaches occur at the hands of external hackers, oftentimes the company’s employees are actually to blame...

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No, I Don’t Have Instagram: This is Why

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instagram logo photoPretty much every time I’m with my friends, the term “I’m going to put this on Instagram” comes up. Then they start typing away on their phones, give me a look of disgust, then keep typing. This look of disgust is because I don’t have an account and therefore, they can’t tag me. Like that is somehow affecting their profile. (Are there points involved? Do they get downgraded for not tagging everyone in the pic?) Or whatever it’s called on Instagram – linking? grabbing? Forcefully outing for doing unattractive things? Despite their pleas, however, I’ve remained strong. Even as a somewhat tech-y, online marketer who regularly blogs about social media.

Does this make me a hypocrite? Probably. But it’s also not making me create an account.

Why? Because it’s too much social m...

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Social Media isn’t so Black and White: The Fading Concept of Privacy

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Post by Layla Davis

black and white social media iconsBecause of its ability to put you in contact with millions of interesting (and not so interesting) people from around the world, social media is fun and enlightening.

Our uses of social media aren’t so black and white …

The Light Side

We have all made blunders when using the web. Sometimes we share too much information. It can be embarrassing, but for the most part, we write it off as just being silly.

Tongue-in-cheek websites such as provide readers with entertaining pieces about individuals sharing their phone numbers and information. The individuals are then trolled via text messaging...

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Internet safety for kids: What parents in 2014 have to know.

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Guest post by Scott Todd of Mobi Data

keyboardThe Internet, while being one of the most useful tools available, can also pose potential dangers to our children when used carelessly. As parents we want to ensure our children are safe while they do research for school projects online or enjoy multiplayer games but in order to achieve this parents have to be in a knowledgeable themselves regarding computers and the web.

Parents versus the challenges of the internet

The online community of the parenting forum “” have been voicing their concern about e-safety for their kids, and rightly so. A parent’s quest to keep kids safe online is futile when kids know more about the Internet than parents, who should know as much about the online world and its “cheats” as their children...

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Snooping 101 — How to be Your Own PI [INFOGRAPHIC]

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As a lover of Sue Grafton novels and a life-long fan of Harriet the Spy, to me, the idea of self-sleuthing is an exciting one. For curiosities of all levels, look to the following to snoop your way through any situation.snooping101

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