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YouTube Heroes: Internet Vigilante Justice

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YouTube HeroesYouTube recently made the move to get more social.

Under the still-in-Beta “community” tab, content creators (the artist inside me just shuddered) will have the ability to post text, images, GIFs, all the usual social tropes. Users can like and comment on the items in this stream, giving them a way to connect with the channel operators they most enjoy.

Sarah Perez points out that this is Google’s latest attempt to rejigger its social presence. (Any Google+ users in the house?) Social media is snatching up Internet ground like it’s post-WWII Eastern Europe. But is it necessarily a positive that YouTube is becoming more social? More social features theoretically mean more engagement, which means more advertising — so yes, as a business decision it makes sense.

But have you been to ...

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What Social Media Profiles Does Your Company Need?

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By Kelsey Jones

Believe it or not, not every company needs a profile on every single social media or social bookmarking site. But focusing on social networking sites that can offer the best engagement results for your industry and business, you can cut down on the stress and energy it would take to try to keep updated profiles on 10 or 15 sites, all at once.

linkedin_logoLinkedIn: LinkedIn pages usually best for B2B businesses, especially since it is a professional networking site. It is also a great resource for human resources departments to recruit talent, post jobs, and check out profiles. LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect industry professionals or enthusiasts. Additionally, LinkedIn Answers can help employees provide their company with a more reputable business image.

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