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3 iOS Aps to Help Make Writing Easier

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By now, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that there’s an app for absolutely everything. Even those that we’ll never get to because they’re so beyond our understanding in any particular subject (or just beyond our phone’s storage capacity). But when it comes to writing (like any other subject of apps), there are those that are better than others. In order to get the most out of your keyboard strokes (or lack thereof), test out these voted faves.

ULYSSES III writing app

Ulysses III

Ready for an all-in-one writing platform? Look no further. It costs, but Ulysses III is far worth the fees ($1 for phones and $20 for iPads). Docs are stored in a simple-to-use lineup so users can scroll and click with ease. Writers can also take notes on documents and gain easy access to their keyboard...

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What’s the Average Computer Age?

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oldcomputerThis June, my MacBook Pro turns four. An age that seems, in electronic ages, like an antique. Four entire years of service, during which it’s used eight-plus hours per weekday and sometimes on weekends. Because of Netflix.

In its many years, however, sketchy things have begun to happen. Sometimes it turns itself off. Before which, lights and colors flash in warning. Other times the screen just goes black. Once I opened it for the day only to have 50+ word documents open themselves up, with no ability to click or close the program. However, once the computer turns back on, it works great. Word loads, Chrome pops up at my disposal, and so on. Except it also clears its own cache. (I love a good and used cache! Who wants to search terms or type in entire URLs when they don’t have to?)

My b...

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When Social Media Titles Have Morphed into Interesting-Sounding Lies

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pinnochio nose growingSomething new has started happening online. And it’s making me want to stay off of the Internet all together. It keeps me from clicking on links, liking posts, or even trusting online friends’ judgment. No longer can I rest at ease with their web-based decisions. Why? Because there’s an abundance of crap. Articles that promise you’ll “never believe” what comes next, or that something “amazing,” “incredible,” and “absolutely breathtaking,” is about to be seen. Only the content – video or blog – is never any of those things.

It sucks in comparison to their titles.

The first few times, of course, curiosity got the best of you. You clicked. We all did. Only to be disappointed...

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Degrees in a Modern Setting: Pros and Cons

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images (3)Years ago, obtaining a degree was an absolute necessity. Unless you were working in a position of labor or planning on being a stay-at-home something or other, obtaining an education was imperative. It’s just what people did; very few questioned the process. But in today’s terms, are those same requirements absolutely necessary? Schools have changed, and so do the ways we take on careers and specialties. As well as the types of specialties that are available.

Students are no longer required to attended in-person classes six days a week. (Yep, college used to be on Saturdays, too.) They can take online classes, attend votech colleges, apply for internships or apprenticeships. Some even earn on-the-job credits...

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Can You Afford to Avoid Reputation Management?

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Guest post by Dave Landry, Jr.

In the modern age of social media, it can be very important to maintain a strong and positive reputation. We live in a world where viral content often determines success or failure for online and offline businesses. If you’re not prepared to present your company accurately and effectively in this digital landscape, there could be trouble on the horizon. In order to avoid sending the wrong message, you might want to consider the benefits of reputation management.

Specifically, because the Internet gives everyone the power to speak out about negative experiences, and that negativity has the power to reach millions of eyes...

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