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The Top 5 SEO Tips from Google

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Guest Post by Claudia Somerfield

SEO-tips-from-googleYou can see lots of evolution taking place in SEO techniques. If you do not keep abreast with the SEO updates surfacing frequently, your site would lag behind in terms of ranking over search engines. To have a consistent ranking of your website or blog over Google and other search engines, adapting these SEO updates are a must. Among the various sources of updates, the best resource for SEO updates can be none other than Google. The reasons are obvious; Google is a giant in search market and can be the best source to guide in SEO techniques. The below mentioned is the top five SEO tips from the source of Google itself.

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Get an Organic Traffic Adrenaline Boost with Keyword Research

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Guest Post By Shelly Harrison

Generating reliable and consistent traffic is one of the biggest challenges faced by blogs, websites, and content publishers. Having a great idea for a story or article is one thing, but getting people to actually read it is another. Of course we all know about the usual channels: social media distribution, RSS feeds, and so on. But there are several different ways to give your content the best chance of being read, and one of the best ones is the right keyword research.

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An Easy Guide to PPC Traffic Remarketing

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salePPC campaigns can be big traffic drivers to a website; however, what makes that eventual click into a conversion is making sure that the content on the website is targeted to the user. This means that whatever the user was looking for when they clicked to a website, the content and information needs to be there. Having relevant information increases trust in a website and can increase user loyalty (e.g. unique return traffic and page views). For instance, if an ad is offering Free Shipping, then users expect to get free shipping once they click into the website.

However, even though users may find exactly what the PPC ad promised, it doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed to complete a sale. For whatever reason, they may leave the website without completing the final conversion step (whether that is purchasing a product, filling out a contact form, or signing up for an email newsletter). This is why company marketers need to set up a remarketing strategy, especially when it comes to PPC. The great thing about PPC is that many programs allow for additional tracking and remarketing opportunities, such as ads on websites hosting Google Network ads from companies whose websites the user has visited in the past. These banner and image ads are based on cookies via the Google Search Network or via other portals and attempt to drive previous traffic back to a company’s website, completing the conversion and bringing it all full-circle.


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